10 important rules of Facials, which can not be neglected after thirty


Important moments in makeup and self care after 30.

Important moments in makeup and self care after 30.
Perhaps, each woman dreams for as long as possible to prolong their youth. When you are twenty, you thought about skin care face somehow does not occur, and when they turn thirty – then you need to take yourself seriously. Today we have collected the most important rules of the Facials and makeup that you need to follow after thirty.

1. Eyebrows

Уход за бровями.

Eyebrow care.
Modern women know how important all the players eyebrows. Unfortunately, few can boast a dense and manicured eyebrows, but with age they tend to thin out. Therefore, stepped 30-year milestone, it is worth carefully to the correction of eyebrows with tweezers, visibily only the excess hairs. The primary means for care of eyebrows should be castor oil. Massage movements apply it to the hair to strengthen them and improve blood flow. Makeup and painting is to abandon the sharp lines and unnatural curved arcs. Perfect eyebrows for girls after 30 should be of medium width and has a natural shade.

2. Eyelashes

Ресницы и эффект распахнутых глаз.

Eyelashes and the effect of open eyes
All women dream of long, fluffy eyelashes, but it is not necessary for this to apply mascara in three layers. It’ll probably just rolled up and crumble the lumps, and the cilia become similar to legs of a tarantula. In today’s world there are lots of options that can improve the situation. For example, you can turn to a professional and make a lamination or build-up. As home care, it is good to use all the same castor oil, but to hide the slightly drooping eyelids and make your eyes look wide open will help tongs for Curling eyelashes. 

3. Hydration

Hydration - the key to youth.

Hydration – the key to youth.
Even expensive salon treatments will not give the desired effect if you do not moisturize the skin. Dehydrated skin quickly fade, has an unhealthy hue, and inclined to wrinkles. To moisturize her needs from an early age, but with age to approach this question needs more serious. Therefore, if you are determined to prolong their adolescence, first and foremost, drink plenty of water. Remember that coffee and cigarettes pull moisture, which means each drunk a Cup or cigarette you smoke must be offset by additional glass of water. And of course, don’t neglect a good creams, oils and serums. At least once a week, pamper your skin with a good mask and don’t forget to use protection in cold and hot weather.

4. Forever

Care for the delicate eyelid skin.

Care for delicate eyelid skin
Eyelid skin is very delicate and thin. No wonder that under the eyes first wrinkles appear, as well as impact all of our bad habits. Of course it is this area of the face needs special attention. Therefore, when applying the cream to the face, don’t forget to put it under the eyes. Remember that distribute cosmetic products in this area from the outer corner to the inner. It is also worth to acquire an additional care. Superfluous to be fashionable now patches, restorative serums and specialized tools designed specifically for the eyelids.

5. Lights 

Естественное сияние кожи.

Natural skin radiance.
Makeup for women “30+” should not disguise flaws, and create illusions of freshness of the skin. For this makeup artists use a moisturizing serum, cream, light BB cream, liquid luminizer, tint and highlighter. Using these tools, you can achieve the shimmering luster and the effect of moist skin. 

6. Concealer

Выбор тонального крема.

Selection of foundation.
Don’t be surprised that the Foundation of a tool that suited you at 20 may not completely satisfy 25. Our skin is changing and unfortunately not for the better. Therefore, for women after 30 is best to choose a Foundation with moisturizing effect. Another mistake many ladies create on the face a tight mask of tonal resources in attempts to disguise wrinkles. Remember, no cream can not cope with this task. Moreover, it will only aggravate the situation. Once all the layers of Foundation will dry all the folds and creases on your face will be visible. So, don’t try to “toned” all the wrinkles, focus on smooth healthy complexion, and maximum hydration.

7. Eyeliner

Eyeliner eye.

Eyeliner eye.
Never sum up the upper and lower eyelids, one clear line of black pencil. It looks awful no matter how old you are. This makeup greatly reduces the eye and draws attention to the wrinkles on the eyelids. As for makeup, 30+, fail the upper eyelid as you like, and lower – not more than half. In addition, a line of eyeliner of the lower eyelid must be well feathered towards the outer corner of the eye.

8. The contour of the lips

Features of lip makeup.

Features of lip makeup.
Don’t make the mistake that many women do not let the lips above their path. It looks unnatural and puts you age. Moreover, such makeup has been in fashion in the ‘ 90s, and now it’s 2018! So, in order to avoid errors, remember, if a pencil, it is only in the color of the lipstick. If you want to visually enlarge the lips, use two shades of lipstick: darker and lighter. Dark apply in the corners and center of the lip paint mascara on light.

9. Blush

Pink blush is a must have in the purse.

Pink blush is a must have in the purse.
The wrong shade of blush can easily throw 10 years. But winning you the tone, is easy to erase from the face for several years. Remember, if you overstepped the mark 30, dark brick red and shades of taboo for you. It is best to choose the appropriate to your complexion pink or peach blush. They are great to refresh the face and create the effect of natural color inherent in young skin.

10. Powder

Excess powder is a big mistake.

Excess powder is a big mistake.
Matte shades are already several years out of fashion, if we are talking about the skin. 30 years – this is the time when we have to finally stop the hated Matt T-zone, applying a powder layer by layer. Girls after 25 are generally better to abandon the powder. It tends to accentuate even tiny wrinkles, not to mention deep. In addition, the powder more and mercilessly dry the skin and clog pores, which is unacceptable for those who want to extend their youth.

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