10 make-up secrets to enlarge eyes that are too small


 10 make-up secrets to enlarge eyes that are too smallYour eyes are too small and you dream of big eyes? No need to worry about simple make-up techniques to enlarge the look. Stars like Eva Longoria, Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian use and abuse it, so why not us! 10 secrets for day and evening make-up to enlarge the eyes and make the look bright and glamorous as you wish.

Secret 1: Perfectly designed eyebrows to open and rejuvenate the eyes

10 make-up secrets to enlarge eyes that are too smallEyebrows, too thick, bushy, too thin are to be banished for the little eyes. It is necessary to “open” the eyes with a well drawn eyebrow line which, in addition to giving the illusion of a younger look, will give the illusion of larger eyes. For perfect eyebrows, consult the Che Beauté: Success every time you wax and make-up your eyebrows (in drawings)

Secret 2: Correct dark circles and unify the eyelid to “open” the eyes

10 make-up secrets to enlarge eyes that are too smallApply your concealer by lightly tapping on the coloured area of the dark circles (see How to apply your concealer). Nailing dark circles is essential (especially when they are dark), because they darken the eyes and make them smaller. Apply an eye shadow base from the moving eyelid to the eyebrows.This base not only allows the eye shadow to be xed for the whole day without it getting into the small folds of the eyelid, but also illuminates the eyelid and thus opens the eyes.Tip: If you don’t have an eye shadow base, apply your concealer instead. But if your eye shadow has a tendency to drool, invest in a base with an eye shadow base, you won’t regret it!it! They are available at very affordable prices (for example, the brands: Kiko, Essence, elf)

Secret 3: How to apply and choose eye shadow to enlarge and stretch your eyes

10 make-up secrets to enlarge eyes that are too small
Always choose pearly or iridescent eye shadows that are the allies of the little eyes.(1) Apply a light pearly or iridescent eye shadow (beige, pinkish beige, sand, golden beige) to the moving eyelid to illuminate and open the eyes.(2) Apply a much darker shade (brown, purple, copper) from half of the eye, starting from the hollow of the eyelid and stretching outwards. Add a tip of the same eye shadow to the outer corner of the moving eyelid(3), always stretching outwards. If you have no or few dark circles or if you have camouflaged them well, apply a light eye shadow under the first half of the eye(4) and dark under the second half(5), your eyes will look even bigger (technique used by Jessica Alba).Use a uy brush on and under the eyelids to “melt” the eyeshadows.

Secret 4: Draw a line of eyeliner or dark kohl pencil

10 make-up secrets to enlarge eyes that are too small
On the eyelid, draw a line of kohl pencil or eyeliner of a dark color (black, dark grey, navy blue, dark purple, etc.) flush with the eyelashes. The line is very n at the beginning of the lash line and then thickens gradually. To enlarge the eye and give it a nice almond shape, draw what are called “wings”.Consult the Beauty cheek: How to draw your eyeliner line. A little advice: For all those who have trouble with the eyeliner line (and there are many!), opt instead for a kohl pencil line that you can blur by gently tapping with a cotton swab. The line drawn with the eyeliner requires a certain dexterity and more practice

Secret 5: Draw a white or beige pencil line inside the eye

10 make-up secrets to enlarge eyes that are too smallTo enlarge eyes that are too small, a trick is to draw a white or flesh-coloured pencil line for light skin tones and beige for dull skin tones inside the eye.

Step 6: Draw a dark kohl pencil line along the lower lashes

10 make-up secrets to enlarge eyes that are too smallOn the underside of the eye, draw a line of dark kohl pencil (black, dark grey, navy blue, dark purple, etc.) following the lower lash line, but only on the outer half of the eye so as not to “close” the eye. The line is n then thickens by stretching outwards. To “outer” the kohl pencil line, tap it gently with a cotton swab.

Secret 7: The “radiance touch” to open and “glamorize” the eyes

10 make-up secrets to enlarge eyes that are too smallEssential, the brightness touch really makes the difference! Apply a touch of pearly white pearly eye shadow for light complexions or pearly beige for matte complexions under the eyebrows and in the inner corners of your eyes. Eet Glam’ guaranteed!A little tip: You can also invest in an illuminator (also called a bright button or a light button). In the form of a pen, they are very easy to apply.

Secret 8: Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler before applying your mascara

10 make-up secrets to enlarge eyes that are too smallBefore applying your mascara, curl your lashes with an eyelash curler for 10 seconds. The eyelashes thus hemmed give the impression of “wide open” eyes and therefore larger. For those who don’t know, he knew how to pinch your eyelashes in this clip (which is a little scary at first but doesn’t hurt at all!) for a few seconds and that’s it!Apply your mascara generously to the upper lashes, and, more lightly, using the tip of your mascara’s brush tip on the lower lashes. Use the eyelash brush to avoid “packages”. (if you don’t have an eyelash brush, use an old mascara that you have washed well)

We stop there for the daytime makeup of the little eyes. For holiday or evening makeup, continue with the following two steps that enlarge the eyes while making them glamorous

Secret 9: Draw a thin line of liquid glitter liner under the eye

10 make-up secrets to enlarge eyes that are too smallDraw an n line of liquid eyeliner with silver or gold glitter flush with the lower lashes (1) or under the line of kohl pencil previously drawn (2). Once again, the light gives the illusion of bigger eyes . In addition to enlarging the eyes, this technique (2) used in Lebanese make-up is the most beautiful!

Secret 10: In the evening, dare to use false eyelashes!

10 make-up secrets to enlarge eyes that are too smallTo apply your false eyelash fringe, consult the che Beauté: How to apply false eyelashes. A simpler solution for beginners is to apply just a small “toue” of false eyelashes to the tips of the lashes. They are sold in small “toues” of false eyelashes (I know the term “toue” is not the most graceful, but I couldn’t find anything better ?) You can associate its secrets with each other as you wish
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