5 looks Mary Kay party makeup looks step by step


Do you have everything ready for the celebration of the New Year? Today I bring you five party makeups to inspire you. There are five proposals from professional Mary Kay makeup artists and the products they have used.

They are explained step by step so you can easily do it yourself.

They have been carried out with the trend colors and the Mary Kay fashion products so that you are perfect in all your celebrations. I hope you like them.

To begin, do not forget to do your skin care routine before putting on makeup. If you want to remember the series of steps of makeup that I recommend doing to get a look easily and quickly visit the entry: Do you want to remember the steps to make up correctly?

And now the party makeup for a special night :

# Look Date Night

Do not miss this video tutorial of makeup artist Mildred Treviño for Mary Kay Mexico on a very glamorous look for an evening event with great tricks to perfect your makeup.

# Look Fiesta in Rosa

It is a fresh look with touches of pink in the eyes and on the lips.

5 looks Mary Kay party makeup looks step by step
  1. Apply the Mineral Ballerina Pink Eye Shadow  on the upper eyelid to the crease. Then apply the Moonstone Mineral Eye Shadow on the lacrimal to illuminate.
  2. Line the top line of the lashes with the Black Eye Liquid Eyeliner . Lengthen the line outwards and slightly upwards, creating a marked outline.
  3. To finish the eye, apply a layer of the  Lash Love® Lash Mask in the tone I ♡ Black.
  4. Apply the Sunny Spice Mineral Blush in the center of the cheeks and blow it out.
  5. To finish this look, apply the Powerful Pink Semi-Matte Lipstick and give it a bright touch with the NouriShine Plus® Silver Moon Lip Gloss 

# Look Emerald Eyes

It is a very luminous look with a beautiful smoky emerald green in the eye.

5 looks Mary Kay party makeup looks step by step
  1. Apply Black Eyeliner on the upper line of the lashes. With the Brush Set beveled brush , apply the Emerald Mineral Eye Shadow on top for a luminous finish.
  2. Apply the Emerald shadow with the brush to apply color throughout the fixed eyelid and in the line of the lower lashes. Then, add the Coal Mineral Eye Shadow  in the crease area, at the end of the eye and in the lower line of the eyelashes to create an outline. Remember to blend well with the brush to blur the Brush Set. Finish the look with the Crystalline Mineral Eye Shadow in the lacrimal area.
  3. Apply a touch of Lash Intensity ™ Lash Mask .
  4. Apply the Sunny Spice Mineral Blush on the center of the cheeks and diffuse it outwards.
  5. To finish, apply the Always Apricot Semi-Matt Gel Lip Pencil and a little NouriShine Plus® Pink Sateen Lip Gloss.

Tip : To see how to make a smoky eye makeup step by step visit the entrance: Make-up smoked eyes step by step.

# Look Appel Berry

look with a great prominence of the lips.

5 looks Mary Kay party makeup looks step by step
  1. Apply the Antique Rose Mineral Eye Shadow on the mobile eyelid and blend into the bone of your eyebrow with the brush to blur. Also apply a bit of the same tone on the bottom line of your lashes. Then line your eye with the Coal Mineral Eye Shadow with the help of the bevelled brush.
  2. Apply a layer of Lash Love® Waterproof Eyelash Mask.
  3. Get perfect eyebrows with the Eyebrow Eyeliner in a shade a little lighter than your hair.
  4. Add color to your cheeks by applying the Bold Berry Mineral Blush in the center and gently blow it out.
  5. For eye-catching lips, apply the Apple Berry Semi-Shine Gel Lip Pencil .

# Look Scarlett Red.

If you prefer a more natural look with a soft touch of red for the night, this is your look.

5 looks Mary Kay party makeup looks step by step
  1. Apply the Rose Gold Mineral Eye Shadow to the mobile eyelid and blend into the brow bone.
  2. Apply the Black Eyeliner and gently blot it out and up with the bevelled brush. Delineates again after blurring.
  3. Next, give your look an impact with a layer of the Ultimate ™ Eyelash Mask.
  4. Apply Strawberry Cream Mineral Blush to bring warmth to your face.
  5. Apply a layer of Semi-Shine Scarlet Red Lipstick to your lips in the center of the lips and blur the color towards the ends.

What do you think of these ideas for party makeup? Which one did you like the most? I have decided on the last one of them. Tell me how your look will be for these parties in the comments a little below and do not forget to share the entry in your social networks.

Remember that you can try all of these party makeup ideas in the Mary Kay® Virtual Makeup Application . Have you already downloaded it?

You can find more ideas for party makeup in this blog post: 4 fantastic Mary Kay ideas for a holiday make-up and end of the year

If you want you can try the products or practice these makeups in an automaquillaje session consult with your Beauty Consultant or visit my Mary Kay Page.

Wish you enjoy a lot and have a great time in all your events and celebrations …


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