6 interesting facts about makeup

Without makeup it’s hard to imagine the life of modern women. However, few know when and where originated the now popular tools and used to cook them at different times. Tell about the interesting facts.


It was there that arose the profession of the beautician. However, then the specialist was called “COSM”.

6 interesting facts about makeup

He prescribed women creams and different treatments, and also helped to mask the imperfections, it has largely served as not only a cosmetologist, but makeup artist.


Mesopotamia is considered the birthplace of lipstick . Before our era, it was made with beeswax, oil and pigment. The word “lipstick” comes from the Latin word “pomum” which means Apple. This fruit is also commonly added to the lipstick as one of the ingredients. Cosmetics, which was used by women in Mesopotamia, was the most expensive in the world. The fact is that to obtain the desired shade used worn in the dust of precious stones.

6 interesting facts about makeup

By the way, in the middle ages in many countries women could not use lipstick and other cosmetics. But the court men often used it to focus on lips, that might get lost amid the beard.


Here came the nail Polish . Invented it in 30 century BC.

6 interesting facts about makeup

By the way, long nails for quite a long period, could afford only representatives of the upper classes — thus, they have demonstrated that they do not need to engage in the hard work. In addition, the nails were considered a kind of talisman against evil spells. And the first nail polishes were received from a mixture of resin, egg whites, beeswax and colored powder.

6 interesting facts about makeup


One of the earliest references about cosmetics can be found in the Egyptian papyri. According to information found in ancient manuscripts, many millennia ago, the Egyptians used tools like blush, eye shadow, pencils for eyebrows and powder. In addition, draw arrows and clear the skin using the pumice stone and crushed stone.

6 interesting facts about makeup

Egypt modern cosmetology obliged and popular oils. However, in those days they were used rather to neutralize unpleasant odors. Chamomile, lavender, thyme and rosemary is very good at it.

6 interesting facts about makeup

However, not all funds popular in Ancient Egypt, was safe. In addition to ochre, Egyptian women often used instead of the ink for eyes eyeliner and antimony. And only after many centuries it became clear that the antimony refers to toxic trace elements, and its dust and fumes cause nosebleeds, can affect the skin and cause abnormalities of the vital functions of the body. So what is beauty-the solution has often been the cause of health problems.


Traditional makeup with a bleached face is rooted in the Heian period. To get the ideal white skin (which was considered the standard of beauty) used rice powder that is mixed with water, after which the resulting paste was applied on the face. This makeup was very popular not only in theatre but also in the nation, though a natural it can not be called.

6 interesting facts about makeup


The Roman Empire gave us the prototype of the modern cosmetics. In a kind of box resembling a accessory of the artist, Roman women kept wine yeast, which replaced them blush, and legumes or wheat flour as powder. There was keeping the charcoal and soot makeup and correction of eyelashes and eyebrows.

6 interesting facts about makeup
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