Easy makeup for every day for brown, green, blue eyes. Step by step instructions beautiful make up for beginners.


The desire to attract attention often leads to the creation of a defiant image, not combined with the requirements of the day make-up. Makeup for every day easy and natural, invisible, but hides flaws, emphasizes the advantages, but not causing. Creating this perfection does not take much time every day, if you follow some rules.

What cosmetics will need for easy make-up?

Creating the desired image involves the use of the following list of cosmetics:

  • Base — primer — makeup base — prepares the skin for the application of subsequent cosmetics and keeps makeup for a long time. It is applied after skin care products. Provides additional power, evens the skin, smooths wrinkles, etc skin Type affect the functionality: matting pores, moisturizing, etc. For each zone entity separate database. Applied with fingertips. In day easy make-up is not required.
  • Foundation (powder) — creates a balanced shade without standing out. Acts as a protector of negative external factors. The Foundation and the color of the skin on the wrist should match. Failure to comply with this rule leads to unnatural image. Yellowness in the base will hide the redness of the skin. Important! The shade of Foundation depends on the season. Store the product in the refrigerator.
  • Concealer — concealer — camouflages redness, pimples and dark circles under the eyes.
  • Powder reduces Shine, sets makeup. Available in granules, pressed and crumbly. Loose powder — for the house, pressed safer to wear in a handbag and not be afraid to scatter. Easy makeup for every day is easy to do, having the necessary materials and tools.
Easy makeup for every day for brown, green, blue eyes. Step by step instructions beautiful make up for beginners.
Easy makeup for every day is not difficult to do, having the necessary materials and tools.
  • Blush — refresh your face. There are pressed, crumbly and granules. Important! Do not overdo it in quantity.
  • Pencils — outlining the eyes, eyebrows and lips. For eyes, use hard-soft option for sharper lines and protect the skin. Replace the eyeliner, which makes a thin and clear line. Eyebrow pencils are used hard. Paint on the hairs of the eyebrow, highlighting color. For the contour of the lips — bold, but hard pencil.
  • Eye shadow — the layer is applied exactly square brush to the shadows are not showered and rolled. Important! The liquid format is not for oily skin.
  • Mascara — emphasize the brightness of the eyes. The desired effect determines the effect of mascara: lengthening, volume, Curling eyelashes. Lipstick for lips. It is preferable to choose stable. Replace with lip gloss.

Skin preparation: cleansing and moisturizing

Cleansing and moisturizing every day precede the application of light makeup. Clean according to skin type.


Tonics are aimed at the requirements of the skin. Oily skin tone tonic with matting effect. Combination skin is characterized by the degree of fat on the face. Toning provides the necessary balance. Requires moisturizing dry skin and calming sensitive

Easy makeup for every day for brown, green, blue eyes. Step by step instructions beautiful make up for beginners.

Any type of skin after tonic requires moisture. This is done with a moisturizer. Different creams compositions depending on the type of skin and the desired goals: matting, nutrition, hydration, pore constriction, etc.

The even skin tone: makeup base, Foundation and concealer tools

Primer — makeup base, which gives it stability, makes the surface of the skin smooth, hides pores and wrinkles. Foundation coating and thin naturally falls on the primer.

Base options:

  • without color or having color;
  • matting and moisturizing effect;
  • make the tone lighter or highlighting the tan.


Types of correctors:

  • concealer-base — primer for the whole face;
  • concealer is a cream to clear skin imperfections;
  • pencil, etc.

Correctors vary in color.

Everyone is responsible for a specific problem: age spots, bruises, allergies, etc.:

  • white — dark skin and freckles, for light skin or accentuation of bulges;
  • the lavender color is not yellow or green color face, bruises on the final stage;
  • blue with purple hue — pigmentation, outgoing bronzer;
  • green — hides skin rashes with redness, allergic;
  • pink — universal color: dark circles under the eyes, veins, pigmentation, etc., suitable for artificial lighting;
  • apricot with red shade — complements the freshness of the age skin with gray or olive tint;
  • orange — bright bruises on dark skin;
  • yellow — for purple tints on the skin: bruises, circles under the eyes, etc., used in sunlight;
  • beige — an additional layer of correction on top of neutralizing colors;
  • blue — bright tan.

It is important to carefully blend any makeup, including concealer. Apply with fingers or brushes. It depends on personal preference. Dark circles under the eyes remove the concealers. With the disguise of other skin imperfections will not help. For bruises use yellow shades means.


Reflective particles illuminate the necessary area. Concealers are applied to the tonal basis and shade the boundaries. When the disguise imperfections concealer is applied with a Pat on Foundation and powder oneself.

Eyebrow shaping

Eyebrow design is an important aspect of any kind of makeup, including light day makeup. Before registration pluck overgrown eyebrows, make a correction.

The following rules will help you to carry out the procedure yourself:

  • Do not pull out your eyebrows before makeup.
  • Carry out the procedure in bright light.
  • Pull out and do not break off the hair can only quality tweezers.
  • Mandatory disinfection of skin and tools.
  • Pulling out hairs on growth prevents ingrowth.
  • The outline of the eyebrow shape will ensure the creation of the desired image.
  • The thickness of the eyebrows is not wide and not narrow, equal in length reduction from the bend to the end.
  • Long hairs are cut with an indentation of 1 mm.
Easy makeup for every day for brown, green, blue eyes. Step by step instructions beautiful make up for beginners.

Eyebrow makeup techniques:

  • Bottom eyebrow is drawn a wide line with a pencil beige pink.
  • Above the line, the eyebrow is painted with a pencil or special shadows.
  • The thickness of the eyebrows is not changed to the bend, then narrowed.
  • The naturalness of the image is achieved by shading with a hard brush without breaking the outlined boundaries.
  • Use a cotton swab to smooth the edges of the pink line.
  • Colored or colorless eyebrow gel fixes makeup.

It is important to observe the natural individuality, including the shape of the eyebrow without a strong change. The color of the pencil is selected according to the color of the shadows or mascara.

Eye makeup: eye shadow, pencil, mascara

Eye color and skin tone — the basis of the choice of color shadows, which corrects the shape of the eyes, emphasize the color and expressiveness. Important contrast color shadows with eye color, the coincidence does not emphasize the brightness of the eyes.

Types of shadows:

  • dry — apply the applicator and lie flat on the skin to create a brighter color — wet;
  • pencil is easy for beginners;
  • liquid — resistant, used as eyeliner, suitable for professionals;
  • cream — quickly roll down.
Easy makeup for every day for brown, green, blue eyes. Step by step instructions beautiful make up for beginners.

Recommendations for the colours of shadows:

  • light — visually enlarge eyes;
  • dark — for naturally expressed eyes, when wearing glasses;
  • black, red, neon — for parties;
  • beige, Golden, pale lilac — daily makeup.


The durability of makeup is achieved by dusting each layer of shadows.

Technique “smoky eyes” allows you to make expressive eyes. Smoky makeup does not mean using only black and gray shadows. In this technique, apply shadows of any color.

It is important to observe the basic techniques — enveloping the eyes with shadows haze:

  • the lightest color is on the upper eyelid,
  • dark at the lash line; smudge;
  • light shadow on the inner corner of the eye
Easy makeup for every day for brown, green, blue eyes. Step by step instructions beautiful make up for beginners.

Easy makeup for every day does not accept black and graphite shadows in smoky technique. With the help of a pencil and formed the shape of the eye is emphasized more expressive look. In contrast to the eyeliner mistakes in drawing with pencil, easily corrected with a cotton swab. P

otvodka will facilitate the implementation of the arrow. The smoothness of the arrow is important, otherwise the makeup looks careless. Pencil hands get softer, more mysterious look.

With the help of mascara creates the final design of the look. Depending on the wishes of mascara increases the length, volume, splendor of eyelashes. Presented a large palette of colors. Apply the mascara in zigzags. It lifts and fixes them.

Highlighting the cheekbones

Allocation of cheekbones is achieved by creating a light effect on the face. For this purpose, and blackout Drapes / vysvetluje funds.

Selection methods:

  • blush — creates a natural skin tone;
  • highlighter and bronzer — highlighting or additional tan on the skin;
  • concealer dark shade — creates the contour of the face;
  • powder — a darker shade under the cheekbone will create a visual highlight;
  • tint — used instead of blush.
Easy makeup for every day for brown, green, blue eyes. Step by step instructions beautiful make up for beginners.

Rules for selecting cheekbones:

  • no glitter in the concealer;
  • for each cosmetic separate brush;
  • beauty blender is a teardrop-shaped sponge for applying makeup;
  • the color of the bronzer is 1.5 tones darker than the skin color, close to the color of the tan;
  • the optimal color of blush corresponds to the color of redness of the skin.

Lip makeup

Lips — complex phase make-up. Contour pencil and lipstick change the shape of the lips, their attractiveness. No makeup look is finished.

Rules for the allocation of the lips:

  • matching the color of the pencil and lipstick or pencil is a little darker;
  • white pencil adds visual volume,
  • Nude — for shape correction;
  • light lipstick visually increases lip,
  • dark — reduces;
  • pink color reflects the shortcomings of the skin, the color of the gums will help to Orient with pink;
  • the contour line is applied more easily heated in the hands of a pencil, the naturalness is achieved by shading;
  • gloss visually makes lips plump; prioritize makeup: eyes or lips, both accents are not allowed at the same time;
  • matte lipstick is not acceptable for thin lips.
Easy makeup for every day for brown, green, blue eyes. Step by step instructions beautiful make up for beginners.

Lip makeup depending on the shape:

  • plump lips — do not draw the contour, rich shades with mother-of-pearl are acceptable in the evening make-up, during the day the glitter of natural colors is used;
  • thin lips — give up cold dark tones, limit matte lipsticks, apply pink and beige glosses and lipsticks, pencil and lipstick color — match;
  • lips of small size — the use of reflective particles, the rejection of dark lipsticks in favor of bright pearl shades.

Quick makeup for every day

Stages of easy makeup for every day:

  1. Masking dark circles under the eyes — the use of concealer after moisturizer.
  2. Primer — a basic tool for the subsequent simplification of the application of cosmetics. Convenient tool — pencil: lines are drawn on the cheekbones, along the bridge of the nose and on top of the eyebrows. Blend with fingers. Moisturizing cream on the fingers will facilitate feathering base.
  3. Corrector or concealer to mask small flaws. Powdering the concealer will ensure the duration of makeup preservation.
  4. A minimal amount of blush is applied on top of the cheeks while smiling.
  5. Shimmering shades of pastel shade mask not removed the hairs on the eyebrows.
  6. For owners of light hair are relevant light, silvery and greenish shades of shadows, dark-pink, pearl, gold.
  7. The base on the cleansed oily skin will keep the shadows on the eyelids longer.
  8. White or light shadows in the inner corner of the eye will visually open the eye.
  9. Shadows under the eyebrow lift the eye and add depth to the look.
  10. Brown pencil — a universal tool to emphasize the eyes in the daytime makeup. Exception — burning brunette.
  11. Lower lashes to dye is optional.
  12. The color of the eyebrow pencil matches the hair tone.
Easy makeup for every day for brown, green, blue eyes. Step by step instructions beautiful make up for beginners.
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