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Makeup nude has become a must-see: the try it is to adopt. Natural, refined, sophisticated and elegant, it enhances any face. But as always, what seems easy to achieve is never really. We will reveal all the secrets of this makeup as well as our tips for success.

What is the trend nude

Makeup nude aims to sublimate the beauty of a person using textures, light, and sweet neutrals. This style has the advantage of associating with any outfit, saving time-guaranteed! Discreet, but developed at once, it is suitable for any type of occasion. However, despite the simplicity that it exudes, this type of makeup is not so simple to achieve.

In addition to the choice of products and their textures, it is essential to take good care of their skin on a daily basis and adopting a beauty routine suited to your skin type. Why? Because the complexion perfect is the most important step in a makeup nude successful.

The products that are essential to a beautiful makeup nude

A few key products will help you succeed in your make-up: hand dyed, bet instead on a BB or CC cream because of their light texture unifies the complexion in a discrete way and natural. If you have a lot of imperfections to hide, you can still refer you to a foundation with a little more coverage. Depending on your skin type, you will also need a powder mattifying, applied sparingly. The’anti-dark circles is a product that is practical, versatile and essential: it will allow you to improve the appearance of the contour of your eye, giving it the brilliance and freshness as well as hide any pimples or scars too visible. Always for the complexion, the blush is required for a healthy glow.

For the eyes, choose a palette nude, which is logical! It will have the advantage of containing a panel of colors that are easy to associate them in shades to suit this style.

To enhance your lips, look for a lipstick one or two shades above your natural color, with a matte finish in a day and a shiny effect and bright in the evening.

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How to make a makeup nude

Step 1 : Prepare the face

For a make-up nude is successful, it is necessary to have flawless skin, free of blemishes, dead skin, with a fresh look and défatigué. To do this, prepare your face to receive the make-up you make-up remover completely (with water or milk). This ritual must take place EVERY night, even when one is exhausted. Once past this stage, moisturize the face and apply a gel decongestant for the eyes, to clear the pockets. Finish by moisturizing the lips with a balm.

Step 2 : Work the complexion

Mix a dab of the illuminator of complexion to your BB/CC/foundation, and then apply the mixture to the brush. The embellishing will help reflect light and give brightness to the complexion and the product of skin tone that you have selected, to cover the imperfections and unify the skin. We finish with a concealer that is put in the corner of the eye and under the eye. It is useful to put on, even if it was not really dark circles under the eyes, to erase the imperfections and to better draw the eye. The best foundation is one that is not seen: no delineation between the neck and the face, skin texture is refined and blurry.

Step 3 : Give a good mine

After having unified the complexion and giving him to shine, he’s almost perfect. It is now necessary for him to bring relief and give him a good look. For this, it is necessary to combine the bronzing powder the blush. Apply a very light terracotta with a flat brush on the parts of the advanced face: nose, forehead, chin. Then give the freshness and pep to the complexion with the blush, that you will apply to the level of the cheekbones. Finally, use a round brush to melt the whole.

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Step 4 : (Re)draw the eyebrow

We begin now the eye makeup, starting with the eyebrows, that it will only brush only if they are sufficiently supplied and drawn. On the contrary case, we will work with a pencil of the same color, or a powder, and a brush/bottle brush.

Step 5 : eye makeup

Before you start the real painting of the eyes, you can correct small defects of the eyelids with a makeup base eyeshadow, or a base specifically designed for it. This will promote even more the performance of your makeup.

Then, apply a light beige on the entire eyelid mobile. Then attach a pencil dark brown flush with the upper eyelashes. It will allow the eye shadow dark brown that will then be installed in the same place as the pencil, to adhere better.

To have a bright look, use a blush golden beige in the inner corner of the eye, along with the eyelash. The meeting between the light to the inside of the eye and the dark outside will shape and open the eye and give him intensity.

Step 6 : mascara

To finish off her makeup nude perfect, it brings a light touch of black mascara, on the base of the lashes. All of the makeup is light and is bare. It is successful.

How to make a makeup mouth nude?

Modest, delicate and sophisticated, the make-up nude in all seasons, adapts to all outfits, all occasions, all skin types, and all hair colors. You will have understood, the principle is to stay natural while being masked. It is the same for the mouth. This style you will wear red lipstick on a daily basis. The secret to a mouth-up that gives the impression of not to be is to promote the soft hues, pastel and natural: the color nude tends, therefore, towards the beige, slightly pink, or even brown. Choose a lipstick one or two shades above your natural color. You will put your lips in value without necessarily draw the eye to your mouth. But attention, lips that are too pale might dull your complexion and ruin all your work, farewell the effect good-looking if the red is too dull.

Choose the right texture

In addition to the hue, you will also need to choose the texture and finish of your lipstick. A lustrous will have the advantage to illuminate your face and enhance the entire make-up. It will be particularly suitable if your mouth is fine, since it will give him the volume. Theeffect glossy is a perfect choice to bring a healthy glow in all circumstances.

Very fashionable, the matte lipstick is worn easily in everyday life, it brings a velvet effect. Caution, however, if your lips have a few cracks or are very dry because this type of red will tend to accentuate these defects. Thinking of doing a mild scrub prior to application if you really want.

Perfect Application

To improve the fit and comfort of the red that you have selected, begin by applying a base that will hide any fine lines and smoothen the appearance of the lips.

Then using a pencil, flesh-colored, the same color as your lipstick, go around and hachures the lips. This step will improve the performance of your gloss and lipstick. Matte or glossy, apply gently to the finger for a better hold.

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