Eye makeup : how to apply makeup to the eyes according to their colour


Know the makeup of his eyes according to their colour : an essential step for a beauty look perfect ! Regardless of the color of your eyes, bring a glow to your face with our beauty tips and tricks. Green eyes, brown, blue, grey or black, learn to choose the products you need for a successful make.

Technique of eye makeup

It is recommended to make up your eyes according to their colour and tailor your mascara, your eye shadow and pencils, the technical make-up are all the same. It is important to know where to ask the right colors ! The technique of the ” banana “, is the most widespread. In order to achieve it, place the eye shadow as dark as arises on the eyelid and towards the outer corner of the eye. Then, apply the eye shadow the lightest on the inner corner of the eye. This technique awakens the eyes, the opens and the sublime !

How to makeup their eyes according to their colour

Makeup for brown eyes

Before you dwell on the technique, start by identifying the hues that highlight the brown eyes. The colors preferred for your eyeshadow or the pencil eyes are beige, brown, dark brown, khaki, gold, taupe, purple and black. In summary : you can afford lots of colours ! The pastel shades are only to be avoided. Banish, therefore, the white, pink, blue, or green clear, little flattering to your brown eyes, especially if you have dull skin. And yes, your skin tone has importance in the choice of the colors : a color gold add a touch to the skins caramel while for light skin with brown eyes, prefer the tones colder.

Darker skin can lead to pigments with high coverage to bring out the hue of their brown eyes. The shadows translucent are to forget. For you, the shades are ideal for the golden, copper and orange. Skins more, clear brown eyes, will head to the purple or taupe, that’ll the brightness of the iris without ever tarnishing their carnation.

Next to mascara, stick to black, brown or plum. The brown eyes often have a hint of yellow or shades of green which can have a burst amazing with these colors. Colours sober, however, they are ideal for that the color hazel to your eyes comes out to perfection. Mascara night blue may also be an option : it provides an ideal contrast between the white of the eye and the iris very dark.

In daily life, to highlight your brown eyes, pair of brown with hints of gold or copper, or a dark blue with gray. Add a dash of kohl black on the inside of your eyes for an intense look. And in the evening, why not opt for shadows with metallic effect or glitter ? Play with the textures, everything goes with your brown eyes.

makeup brown eyes

Makeup for blue eyes

It will perhaps surprise you, but the complementary color to blue is… orange ! To bring out your blue eyes, focus on pigments, which contain this colour without necessarily giving a look of “halloweenesque” to your look. The makeup palette can include apricot, brown, or even brown. By opening the color field, you will see that a multitude of shadows on offer to you. Beside colors, you can choose among the bronze, toffee, beige, abricoté or shades of fisheries. The cool shades that bring out blue eyes, include, they, pink, coral or purple. Just remember to use in moderation !

Blue eyes should immediately be banished… the blue. And yes, there’s nothing like a fade than apply a shade too close to your eyes. The green is also to forget, under penalty of creating a visual shock, the two do not flatter not at all. Side mascara, you don’t have to make tons ! Blue eyes find the black or brown to intensify the rendering sooty. Not to mention a black pencil for a more in-depth look.

Makeup for your blue eyes can vary depending on the size of your eyes. Those who have small blue eyes will work with a eyeshadow brown halo, above and below the eye. Thus, the eye appears more open and seems to be gaining some ten millimeters. Your eyelid fixed you seems smaller than the upper eyelid ? Use the technique of “banana” with makeup brown. However, if your blue eyes are very big or particularly round, apply kohl, also brown, to the inside of the eye. Nothing like it to lengthen it and give it an “almond” is sublime.

During the day, the blue eyes have a certain advantage : they do not need a lot of makeup to stand out. A good amount of mascara and a touch of kohl, may be sufficient. In the evening or for a special occasion, make a smoky eye or eyes sparkly ! Hem your blue eyes black pencil that you “flouterez” with the finger to make it look sooty, then intensify your look with a painted matte black. Finally, the festive touch can be given by a veil of copper superimposed over the black. For blue eyes intense !

makeup blue eyes

Makeup for green eyes

As for each color, use the color circle of colors for the complementary colors of green. For green eyes, it will be necessary to build on the tones close to the red when the make-up. You look in lilac, pink, purple, dark purple, eggplant, cranberry, or purple. However, forget the colors too close to your iris. The green or the blue would only tarnish your look. Whatever color you choose, always apply a base clear or off-white to enlarge your eyes.

Bet on an eyeshadow which sublimates your complexion. Darker skin will reveal their green eyes with warm tones to the image of the brown, brown or golden. The dyed lighter, with blond hair or light brown will look to cooler colors : purple, gray, pink or violet. To finish your eye make up green, don’t forget the mascara-brown preferably. It blends perfectly with the green ! You dare not mascara colorful ? Stay on the black, classic and glamour.

When you have the green eyes and are a fan of the shades-plum, make sure you conceal your dark circles under the penalty of the make out with such a color on your eyelids ! Next to pencil, the black and the dark green define the look. Apply these shades to the ras of the lashes to give the illusion that you are the supplement. Side eyeliner, the green of your eyes will be revived by the purple or brown.

You can find your green eyes small ? Choose the gradient horizontal. Apply the darkest color on the outside of the eye and the eye shadow clear to the inside. Kohl, him, affix flush to the eyelash line for a maximum opening of the eye. For green eyes round, do not mark the crease of the eyelid to the excess. Apply the darkest color to the edge of the lashes and go up to the crease of the eyelid you maquillerez of a lighter hue. Emphasize your eyes with a black pencil inside the eye, you will have the impression that your green eyes are smaller.

In the evenings, choose dark colors or metallic to bring out your green eyes. Coppery or golden, they sublimeront the green color of your eyes because your iris contain often sequins natural that beg to be highlighted. Finally, apply a black pencil or purple to enhance your beauty-look festive !

green eyes makeup

Makeup for grey eyes

The grey eyes are part of the rare colors, therefore, it is not obvious to put them into beauty with the right products. They often feature warm tones and cold, so they can be sublimated using a make-up rather “dark” black. Sometimes, you just need hemming your look with a dash of liner or black kohl to enhance the beauty of your grey eyes.

You prefer to apply the color on your eyes ? Opt for shades such as the plum, purple or khaki. If your grey pulls on the blue, please do not hesitate to capitalize on a stroke of kohl navy blue. As for the other colors of eyes, avoid the tone-on-tone. Do not choose a products of make-up grey that would only tarnish your grey eyes. You can also forget about the pastel shades, which will bring nothing more to your eyes. Side mascara, opt for the classic : the black is the one that will best bring out your eye colour.

In the evening, once again : bet on black ! The essential smoky eye is achieved with the darker shades. However, you can also consider applying hues to the plum, either matte or metallic. Whatever it is, focus on the “sooty” to give an intensity that is perfect with your grey eyes. For festive occasions, on your eye-shadow black, choose to apply glitter gold or copper. Anything to bring out the unique hue of your grey eyes !

makeup grey eyes

Maquiller les yeux noirs

Makeup for her black eyes pass by a multitude of colors ! If the black is sure to bring out your dark eyes, you can also go towards warm tones, including brown, copper and golden. Finally, you should also be aware that the emerald green or sapphire blue, all two deep, will go perfectly with your black eyes, especially when you do — disguise it for a night out. During the day, however, think pastel colours such as pink, grey or purple. In summary, the dark eyes can afford a lot of follies ! However, keep in mind that pastel colors will have to be applied by small keys or a slight gradient. Applied on the entire eyelid, it would only lose its savour your black eyes.

In the evening, build your makeup around an eye shadow brown or black base. Apply the brush to the outer corner of the eye by the applicant in the form of a V. On the inner corner of the eye, apply blue or green and blend everything using a brush, this avoids the need to harden your features. Then, place a bet on a line of kohl flush to the eyelash line. Apply a thick line to blur, then to the top, with a fine brush. When applying your mascara, to insist especially on the root of the eyelashes, which will create a perfect contrast with the color of the shadow behind. You look mesmerizing !

In the choice of the materials, forget the material is too dull, or too much liquid, which will tend to darken or weigh down your eyes dark.

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