Eyebrows like Kim: revealing the secrets of correction, sprouting, staining and care

Eyebrows like Kim: revealing the secrets of correction, sprouting, staining and care

Passion, storm extravaganza! They fell in love, intrigue, and fascinate! And it will be not about the deep eyes, or the passionate lips… it’s all in the eyebrows. Modern trends in the beauty industry eyebrows have turned into a kind of fetish. Now to the beauty to leave the house, do not have lipstick, the main thing — to emphasize the eyebrows. After all, they determine at least 50% of your beauty. If the eyes are the mirror of the soul, then eyebrows are doors into the soul. So let’s open those doors wide open. Edition MAKEUP have prepared a lot of interesting and useful tips on caring for eyebrows.

Eyebrows like Brezhnev… or Rihanna’s Vogue cover

Eyebrows like Kim: revealing the secrets of correction, sprouting, staining and care

The Brou-masters, there are 3 categories of customers: Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev, provocative Rihanna and those who came not the first time. At the stylist heart bleeds when they see running out of eyebrows. But much worse, if they are similar to strings, or wire. Often girls chasing trends, rush from one extreme to another. Or, let’s be honest, just “score” on your eyebrows. Brezhnev has a chance for salvation. Running eyebrow master can easily lead to a correction.

Those beauties who take care of themselves, their appearance, must pay attention to their eyebrows. And of course, what we see in the first place is the appearance. Naturally, beautiful eyebrows should be correct and proportionate. More on this …

Eyebrow shape is selected depending on the shape of the face. There are, however, general rules that everyone should adhere to, so let’s start with them:

The clear shape of the eyebrows gives the image completeness, and the upper border of the is not taken out. Symmetrical adorn the face, asymmetrical – “distort” it. By the end, the eyebrows should be smoothly thinned, the rule: “the larger the eyes, the wider the eyebrows” has not let anyone down yet, just the same “the thicker the lips are, the wider the eyebrows”. The color should not differ much from the hair color: it is better for blondes to tint eyebrows with a brush using dark shadows. Strongly made eyebrows are vulgar. Too dark eyebrows can lighten, too thick can be thinned out (they give the face a stern expression). Down eyebrows are best adjusted to avoid sad facial expressions.

Eyebrow shaping

Eyebrows like Kim: revealing the secrets of correction, sprouting, staining and care

In the salon you can offer 3 type of correction: trending, remove hair using wax or tweezers. Trading, or eyebrow thread will delete the excess hairs with root and grow they will start only after 2-3 weeks. It is worth considering that this is a rather painful procedure. Still painful eyebrow shaping using wax. But this technique allows you to attend the master up to 1.5 months. It is also easily possible to correct the shape of the eyebrows with wax and home. 
Timeless classics — correction with tweezers. The main thing is to choose a professional tool. There’s a life hack: to shape eyebrows better after two o’clock in the afternoon, because at this time the pain threshold is maximum.

Regrow thick eyebrows

Eyebrows like Kim: revealing the secrets of correction, sprouting, staining and care

But if you overdid it with the correction and your eyebrows are too narrow, the wizard can even to them and not to touch. Competent brow lightning sends you to grow healthy eyebrows. Remember, a real Brou-specialist will not “be” your pleas to paint too rare hairs. All because the master must “canvas” for creativity, that is, your regrown hair. And on the “threads” bald spots will still be visible — it can be compared to as if you painted the walls cracked, first they are not aligning. The best remedy for eyebrow growth is coconut oil. Hairs will grow, by leaps and bounds. But not only the coconut extract is able to effectively cope with this task. There are various activators of growth, serum and even whole complexes of the oils which can do wonders with your eyebrows. To stimulate hair growth also helps them brushing and gentle massage of the skin. This is best done morning and evening for 2-3 minutes using a special brush. Keep in mind the fact that eyebrows grow two times slower than the hair on his head. Plucked hair fully grows for 3-4 months.

Eyebrow massage
To enhance the growth of hair on the eyebrows, you can massage them with vibrating movements of the index fingers from the nose to the temples. You can also use acupressure (when separate points are burned with a finger over the entire surface of the eyebrow), or pinch massage. To enhance the effect, you can use a special massage oil or eyebrow care oil – olive or castor.

Compresses and masks
Folk recipes are not spared and eyebrows. Mother Nature has prepared many natural eyebrow care products.

Compress for strengthening and growth of eyebrows

To strengthen the hairs and enhance their growth, you can make a compress by heating the vegetable oil. Soak 2 small cotton swabs in it and place them on the eyebrows. Cover with strips of parchment and a warm napkin. After 20 minutes, you can rinse with warm water or wipe with a damp cloth.

Eyebrow Care Mask

Dried figs to boil in milk, put in cheesecloth, make flagella in the shape of the eyebrows. Put them on the eyebrows, top cover with compress paper, then with a warm napkin or towel. After an hour you can flush.

How to care for colored eyebrow

Eyebrows like Kim: revealing the secrets of correction, sprouting, staining and care

And now, when you have already grown luxurious eyebrows (or at least filled empty lots), it’s time to paint. Can make it as a master, and you own the house. The only thing you need to decide — paint or henna. Eyebrow henna is a great alternative to chemical pigments. She paints well not only the hair but also the skin, while not injuring her. The palette of colors is no less rich than other means of staining. To improve the penetration of the pigment henna, before the procedure, use a scrub. After care for permanent make-up eyebrows using a variety of oils is better castor, olive or almond. 

In that case, if your choice fell on the paint, then immediately after the procedure, apply on the eyebrows burdock oil. This natural product protects the hair from fading and will maintain stability of pigment after colouring. In addition, it is worth considering that within a day after application (dependent, henna or paint) it is impossible to prevent the ingress of moisture on the eyebrow, the color was fixed. Some cosmetic products also need to put waterproof means. We cannot allow the face exposed to the steam, so the steam bath and sauna it is better to wait.

Shaping eyebrows

Eyebrows like Kim: revealing the secrets of correction, sprouting, staining and care

One painting is not enough to make the eyebrows look more attractive, and the view became passionate and inviting. Every day we need to lay them down. Come to the aid of the gel retainer. I love this trick of makeup artists and models of all kinds — combed up and fixed with a special tool, the hairs of the eyebrows to visually “lift” the eyelids and make the eyes look more open. If you notice that the eyebrows are in need of easy correction, then in any case not tweeze them looking in a magnifying mirror. You may think that you need to pluck more and more. Don’t forget to use the oil even after it grew my eyebrows. They need during not less than the skin or hair.

Eyebrows like Kim: revealing the secrets of correction, sprouting, staining and care

And finally, we have prepared for you another life hack. Provocative arrange a test drive — come to brovista absolutely no makeup. Only in this case you will see what is the role of the “right” eyebrow. And don’t forget about the perfect formula: well-groomed eyebrows competent make = admiring glances.

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