Follow this tutorial to get the look more cool in the summer

If you want to get a look that’s fresh, appealing and colorful you follow these simple steps.

Coral, apricot, fuchsia, and purple… Enjoy the colours of summer! The time of festivals, parties, beach and night endless is the best to experiment with the colors more bold. Whatever your destination this summer, we had the help of blogger Laura Sanchez who has given us his best tips to get the look summer perfect. Follow their steps!

The first thing is to hydrate well the lips, who will be the protagonists of the look. While the lip balm takes effect you can start by applying the eyebrow pencil, creating a line beneath the brow that after difuminarás to your liking.

Follow this tutorial to get the look more cool in the summer


Continue by applying concealer on the upper lid, which will also serve as a basis for setting more shadows. “Applied earth colors, soft and sexy,” he explains.

As always, apply the softer color in the inner corner of the eye and the darker from the middle to the outer corner of the eyes. A color pigments shimmering in the center get also that the eyes appear larger and more open.

If yours is the contouring, ponte hands to the work, but if you prefer the skin to the natural and play with only the color continues to the next step in which the makeup artist recommended to complete the makeup effect of smoky eyes in shades of pink by applying a touch of shade pink under the lower lash line.

“In regards to the lips which I like, ultimately, is to fill well the lip down [color] and the top almost, but mist it and finish profiling with a brush,” he explains. “That makes you see the lips more chubs and a finish less rough”.

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