How to apply makeup correctly


  1. 1. How to learn how to do makeup in stages
  2. 1.1. How to apply Foundation and concealer
  3. 1.2. Learn to make beautiful eyebrows
  4. 1.3. The application of eyeshadow on the eyes
  5. 1.4. How to apply lipstick
  6. 2. What to consider for proper make-up
  7. 2.1. Eye color
  8. 2.2. Hair color
  9. 3. Video tutorials on creating perfect makeup
  10. 3.1. How to make an evening make-up smoky eyes
  11. 3.2. Day MEK up for the impending century
  12. 3.3. Damp (or wet) eye makeup

To make a beautiful makeup, it is not enough to have a set of professional-quality cosmetics, you need to know the basic rules of its creation and be able to apply them in practice. Neat make-up always looks spectacular, attracting the attention of others. Girl who knows the technique of its application, can easily be transformed, stressing its advantages and prompting enthusiastic compliments. In this article, we’ll show you how to apply makeup correctly because it’s an art to learn which is not too difficult, if you follow the main rules.Related articles

How to learn how to do makeup in stages

Makeup can be of two types – simple and complex. First necessary to give freshness to the woman’s face, with the second carefully out skin imperfections (moles, scars). Regardless of the type of the selected make-up, you have to go through the same stages of application: toning and dusting leather, eyeliner, eyebrow, eyes, blush and lips with a lipstick or gloss.


If the selected type of makeup involves the presence of a bright accent on lips or eyes, then the sequence of applying cosmetics can be changed. Be sure to consider the time of day and the basis of color, choosing colors and the intensity of application of cosmetics. The most important rule before you start creating any make-up is a thorough cleansing and hydration of the skin. To do this, use toning lotion or lotion based cream.

How to apply Foundation and concealer on the steps

  1. Apply database. Before you apply Foundation, you need to prepare the skin. For this you will need a special base under makeup. Girls with oily or combination skin should stay on with a matte effect, for normal or dry skin suitable nourishing, moisturizing base.Such funds effectively evens the complexion, refresh. After applying the base to hide the circles, swelling under eye with concealer. It is worth doing with fingertips in soft circular motions.
  2. Apply tonal basis. It should be covered with sharp boundaries on faces to flatten them, making her face more soft, gentle. Walk along your cheekbones, bridge of nose, forehead, cheeks.
  3. Apply the concealer. Do not write on the face too thick a layer of tone, because even the most high-quality and expensive cosmetic products in excess can give your face an unnatural appearance. Squeeze a little cream on the inner side of the palm and gently apply it with a brush, moving from boundary face to its center. Thoroughly blend tool across the skin. A little powder a layer of Foundation using a soft brush – this will give the face a natural.
Нанесение тонального крема и основы

When creating makeup it is important to choose the right color Foundation and concealer.Overly bright colors will make the face of a doll, lifeless. Dark is able to create an unnatural contrast with the neck and other exposed parts of the body. Choosing the tone, apply it on the inner side of the brush, the tool must be identical in color to this area of the hand. To correct face shape, use two shades of Foundation – your natural and darker. First to apply on entire face with a thin flat layer. Overlaps the second zone, depending on the type of person.

The choice of makeup for face shape
  • The owners of square shaped face it is recommended to apply the light tone to the middle of the forehead, tip of chin and under eye area. Dark remedy is to treat the area from the hairline, the corners of the jaw and temples. The border crossings must be carefully feathered.
  • A round face should be covered with a light Foundation, and using dark means to visually narrow it down, darkening the cheeks and temples.
  • Girls with triangular face should apply a lighter tone on the forehead, chin and under eyes so you focus attention on the center of the face. A dark tone top line, cheeks, forehead.
  • When the extended type of person you need to darken the lower part of the chin – this will visually shorten the face. Do not regret blush for cheeks, because this focus also helps bring attention to the middle of the face.
  • On pear-shaped face (narrow top, full bottom) light tone should highlight the area of the forehead, under the eyes and tip of chin. A darker tone is applied to the cheeks and jaw is visually makes them more narrow.

Learn to make beautiful eyebrows from scratch

How to give the correct shape eyebrows

To give the eyebrows a beautiful shape, with a pencil or eyeshadow of a suitable colour carefully move the curve of the eyebrow and the end – these parts must have clear outlines.The main part of the eyebrows gently blend the selected cosmetics. Start the eyeliner should be in the middle and bend. Note that the tip and the curve of the eyebrow should be slightly elevated, with the help of this method you will make the eyes look more open and expressive.

The application of eyeshadow on the eyes

Step-by-step application of eyeshadow

How to apply makeup on eyes? The first thing you need to take into account the novice – what type of makeup needs to be done. For daytime make-up should use a few shades of eye shadow and a pencil dark brown or black. The soft movement of a pencil stroke, the lashes and the lining of the upper eyelid. Visual the eyelashes will look thick and eyes will become expressive, beautiful form.

The shadows apply with a circular applicator or brush. If you do not know what tone suits you, you can use the universal colors – they are considered grey and brown tones. To increase the eyes, apply a light shade on the inner side of the eyes, dark on the outer. Look natural matte shadow in pastel colours. This makeup can be used in everyday life. For evening makeup choose pearl warm or cool colors. The final stage will be the application of mascara on the lashes.

How to apply lipstick

The technique of applying the lipstick

To highlight the natural beauty of the lips, choose a bright, but not very pale colors. Fresh shades are ideal for summer makeup or light makeup on every day. Choose a light coral, transparent berry, peach or pink lipstick. In the end, lips should not be bright, but expressive.No matter what will choose a lipstick or a gloss, both funds are permitted to create a classic makeup. If she prefers to use the lipstick to get an even layer and clear contour, it should be applied with a brush.

How to apply makeup correctlyLearn tips for beginners, how to make a beautiful day or evening makeup with red lipstick.

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