How to apply makeup on the face


The ability to choose the palette for your color type is only half of success, the second part is the knowledge of correct makeup application on the face. Quality make-up is a science. We will help you to explore it and get a little closer to world experts of sponge and brushes.

Basic rules

No theory anywhere, so you need to delve into the basic, learn all about makeup and how to apply it properly at home.

  1. Clean skin is an axiom. Without purified, clean and beautiful dermis anywhere. Tons of Foundation and powder hide the obvious shortcomings, but in most cases, if you apply makeup, you look ridiculous and aging for several decades. So before you makeup be sure to clean the face lotions and tonics. In addition, never go to sleep wearing makeup.
  2. Quality cosmetics. Shadows purchased on the market for 10 rubles will not fall on the skin as well as Max Factor or Mabelin, and even allergies can cause. Use quality cosmetics. We do not insist on professional, but also to indulge in the lipstick or toner, bought in the spontaneous market does not need.
  3. Keep in mind your own complexion and face shape. Any disadvantage the person has a certain technique of applying makeup: in case of strabismus, skin problems or nose-potatoes. Do not ignore them.

Applying Foundation

How to apply makeup on the face

No let’s talk about the makeup styles. Before to apply makeup, think carefully  whether it is appropriate he is. The perfect everyday make-up  – discreet, light. It is a natural color, pale lipstick, brown mascara. It can be used as night or working.

Towards evening the woman need to do evening makeup. That means you need to use eyeliner and brush to give the face expression.

How to apply makeup on the face

Photo makeup

Depending on lifestyle, the informal preferences and other characteristics of the person, allocate other fixed types and forms of makeup:

  • Gothic or night, in black and white tones, with bright painted eyes and lips. Be sure to use white powder and black eyeliner;
  • Anowski, not far removed from the Gothic, all the same are summed up thick black line of eye bright and black lips. Many informal groups is recommended to try lenses to complete the image;
  • The French, in the style of Audrey Tautou. Low-key yes and lips, concealer, natural color and brown shades. Great for full ladies. There is another option, do not use the shadows and draw arrows;
  • Greek makeup and lots of arrows and bright colors.

From theory to practice

Invisible or natural makeup – style pattern, but need to know how to apply a natural color. Professional make-up – ideal. Use liquid tone of the right color (color should either be suitable in the context of the image or color type, ideally, both). How to learn to correctly apply the natural palette of colors and suitable for this makeup?

Apply lipstick

How to apply makeup on the face

Increasingly, fashion houses demonstrate at their shows blonde models with arrows and soft colors of lipstick. This can be called a modern trend.

We suggest you review the lessons that made us famous stylists:

  • Narrow eyes (Council of the Asian, the Korean and Kazakh), need to paint in the style of smoky eyes. This technique is quite possible at home;
  • Emphasize the cheekbones so the face becomes more expressive, it is the advice of makeup artist Angelina Jolie;
  • Buy hypoallergenic cosmetics, especially if you do makeup of the eyes. The most well-known firms – the representatives of the: Amway, oriflamme, lisse, clarins, mary kay (Mary Kay);
  • In summer, do not use fatty-based or cream under tone (this is not correct) – it is better not to apply makeup on a sweaty face;
  • Strachowice scattered shadows under the eyes dry sponge or simply blow on the face.

How to apply make-up for brunettes, so he’s not geeky? For starters, limit the use of dramatic colors. Focus only on one thing: the eyes or the lips. Much more effective in conquering the expressive feline sight, therefore, learn to paint eyes.

Clean the skin, align the face. To do this, take a concealer and powder, although the latter is not desirable for young or problem skin. Now apply the base, use powder to remove the Shine and to hide circles under the eyes. Emphasize cheekbones blush.

How to apply makeup on the face

Photos How to apply blush

A great romance will work if apply blush not only on the contour but also lightly sprinkle them in the corners of the eyes from the inside.

Darkening the inner corner of the eyes – a godsend when the eyes are deep set and omitting the century.

Further, we offer makeup in its sole discretion, but considering the style of the image.

How to apply makeup on the face

Photos – Applying lipstick

How to apply everyday makeup for blondes, and what shade suitable for blue eyes – will tell you step by step. A smoky look is a popular trend at the moment. For its realization on light skin color type Summer and Spring we need:

  • Natural base;
  • Pastel colors of eye shadows;
  • Brown ink and pencil.

The girl with light skin, need special care to straighten it. But if you don’t use blush, the face will become flat and expressionless. Our instructions are simple: in the spring, paint the face of soft pastel tones, close to natural beauty. To conceal flaws use a correction pen and liquid eyeliner is applied just under the shade.

How to apply day makeup for eye color

How to do makeup for green eyes? The desired warm range. This is particularly by the way in the fall, when everywhere gold hues. Although the beauty of green eyes is also well highlighted by the purple and blue shadows.

Cheeks the color type autumn need to paint the colors of the bricks, but the lip – preferably in the same colors that the eye.

How to apply makeup on the face

Photo – eye shadow

A bit lighter and brown-haired brunettes with brown eyes. Recommend the use of ash-gray color type Winter loves it. Stress hair color scarlet lipstick – it should pick up individually.

For red ladies perfect color eye shadow – green, so the girl Regence need to actively use fashion makeup smoke in all pf green (bog, bright, green, turquoise).  

Useful secrets:

  • Before applying lipstick on her lips or the eye shadow, aligh the skin, then the paint will lay down easier and smoother, and makeup will look neater;
  • If you want to learn how to apply makeup on Oriental eyes, use eyeliner with a firm brush and purple shadows;
  • It is important to paint the eyebrows and then combed it. To do this, take the special brush. Be sure to take extra, protruding hairs, wipe bright lines;
  • Old ladies and teenagers are strongly advised not to apply bright makeup, which features red lipstick or the same eye shadow.

Makeup in Oriental style

All have seen on the streets and The Internet girls anime. This is a new trend in makeup, which is called “Japanese style”. For its realization you need to brighten your face and emphasize your eyes. The mulatto and girls who suffer from hyperpigmentation are difficult to whiten the skin, so may be some deviations from the classic anime make-up. The scheme is as follows:

Lighten the skin, apply powder, blush not used. If you look at the pictures, we can see that it’s still the same Smokey eyes, only more intense.

Lips do not dye or lighten. Get the perfect club or Christmas sample makeup for teenage girls.

How to apply makeup on the face

Photo – the Application of turquoise eye shadow

Practical recommendations

  • Use the brushes made of natural materials;
  • Be sure to watch our photo and video;
  • Colorful wedding Bridal make-up is done to ensure that nice work on the photos, so it needs to apply pearlescent paint;
  • Apply festive make-up based on face type, eye shape and lips.

Share your ideas or variants of festive make-up, to show their own beauty images in the comments to the article.

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