How to choose eye makeup brushes?


To do a perfect eye makeup, you can use just three brushes. Which ones?

What brushes are needed for eye makeup? On this question the makeup artists respond differently, and meanwhile beautyholics’ cosmetic bags fill up with new and new specimens. We urge you to limit yourself to the necessary minimum and keep handy only three brushes.

Brushes for dry shadows should be made of natural pile or high-tech artificial one, which completely repeats the features of natural villi (as, for example, in the new collection of brushes by Urban Decay). This is due to the fact it is easy to gain dry texture with natural fur, easy to “give” them to the skin and easy to shade them softly as much as possible.

  • A flat eye shadow brush.

It’s the main tool in eye makeup. It is useful in order to distribute the shadows on the moving eyelid quickly. The pile in it is usually packed very tightly, and the brush has a rectangular shape with sharp or slightly beveled edges.

  • A pencil brush

This brush is useful for beginners and professional makeup artists. Pencil is ideal for shading shadows on the orbital line. The principle of working with such a brush is as follows: type the shadows on the brush, shake off the excess, apply the brush to the fold of the upper eyelid and, moving from the outer corner of the eye to the inner, distribute the shadows in the fold along the entire length of the eye.

As a rule, the brush  has a small size, so using it, you do not run the risk of making smoky ice to the eyebrows. The pencil brush will limit your shading area folds of the eyelid, and make-up will be harmonious and neat.

  • Fluffy blending eye shadow brush

With this brush you will have access to all the beauty of soft, “smoky” shading. In order to soften the lines after using other brushes, take a fluffy brush and walk several times along the contour of applying shadows to blend all the borders.

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