How to disguise her luscious mouth ?

By Chloe Henry

Texture, color of lipstick… some of Our tips to sublimate your lips.

You have the chance to have a nice body in the mouth ? Our steps to follow for the make-up.

Step 1 : make a scrub express to smooth your mouth

First of all, it is essential to get rid of the small dead skin on the lips to get a smooth surface. For this, it should make a scrub express. Just apply a balm, a nourishing, leave it to dry, and then rub his lips with a handkerchief. Thus, on your lips hydrated and smooth, red lips will highlight any imperfection and will take longer.

Step 2 : go for a matt texture

When you have a luscious mouth, no need to make it tons for that note. It is then advisable to choose lipsticks mats that will make your lips plump with discretion and simplicity. Exit the red lip gloss, or gloss that would attract too much attention to your mouth. These are, to the reverse, perfect to plump thin lips.

How to disguise her luscious mouth ?

Step 3 : use correctly the lip pencil

Contrary to popular belief, the lips plump can also allow the lip pencil to redraw or structure the shape of the mouth. But on the condition that it is applied properly : at the edge of the lip without overflowing, since the mouth does not need to win in volume. Also, for more discretion, the colour of the pencil should match the lipstick.

Step 4 : opt for classic colors

The lips can afford a lot of colour, but it is better to turn to the soft hues and classic like pink or even red in order not to fall into excess or ” too much “.

How to disguise her luscious mouth ?

Step 5 : blend the result with a handkerchief

So that the result is not too bright and gaudy, a little trick is simple and fast : dab a tissue on your lips, which will absorb the excess lipstick. The result will then be dimmed.

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