How to do face makeup step by step and how to follow the scheme


The correct execution of the makeover involves a sequence of actions to be followed. This will help You better navigate the variety of cosmetic tools and techniques used when applying make-up. This approach can save you from many errors, allowing You to act calmly and methodically.

How to do face makeup step by step and how to follow the scheme

Knowing some rules will help You execute the right face makeup

The execution order of makeup depends on many factors, the main of which are the type and features of Your appearance. But regardless of this his General scheme remains the same.

The General scheme

Is painted step by step diagram of actions when performing make-up looks like this:

  • Surface cleaning the face lotion or cosmetic milk.
  • The application of a tonal framework, which occurs in stages:
How to do face makeup step by step and how to follow the scheme

Before applying Foundation you should moisturize the skinFirst day cream.Once it is absorbed, apply concealer.Then, if necessary, corrector or concealer to mask small defects of the surface of the face.The consolidation of the fundamental tone using the powder.

  • Correction of an oval face blush and powder.
  • Eye makeup. The process of eye makeup is also done in stages. These steps include:

Adjusting the shape of eyebrows and color them.Age toning of the shadows.Painting, if required, eye pencil or eyeliner.Combing the eyelashes and their color.

How to do face makeup step by step and how to follow the scheme

The final touch in a makeover is correctly matched lipstick

  • Makeup lips. Graded lip makeup looks like this:

Draw the lip contour pencil.Applying lipstick.Remove excess lipstick, if necessary, a dusting of lips.Application of glitter.

Let us consider the main stages of applying makeup.


To properly do makeup, you need to apply Foundation. Makeup artists recommend to do it, focusing on lines under a traditional facial massage. And apply concealer from the top down, beginning with the forehead and finishing with the chin.

How to do face makeup step by step and how to follow the scheme

Properly applied concealer — the key to long lasting make-up

Do it best with a sponge or with fingertips by making light movements from the middle of the face toward the edges. At the same time that the face does not look frozen, the pressure on the surface when approaching the edges must be weakened.

To properly apply Foundation will allow you to respect some rules:

  • To the basis of good contact with the skin, the face must be cleaned first.
  • To properly apply concealer, you need a thin, even layer.
  • Should not be used to disguise major blemishes, such as scars, scars, or bruising.
How to do face makeup step by step and how to follow the scheme

In the eye area, use a slightly lighter concealer

  • On eyelids, under eyes and T-zone, apply a concealer that is slightly lighter than the Foundation used for finishing the rest of the surface of the face.
  • After applying Foundation, if necessary, is performed masking small imperfections. This should be done with a pencil-corrector, which, due to the high content of the coloring pigment is able to hide defects. After applying the concealer to blend with your fingertips or a sponge.
  • For redness and capillaries oozed apply green corrector.
  • Against the blue under the eyes will help the orange corrector.


After applying tone and corrector, face powder with a wide brush. But given the fact that the powder is of three types – loose, compact or cream, the consistency application may vary. Gradually write out some rules that are recommended to observe:

  • The brush should move from the top down, from forehead to chin.
  • The powder should be half shades lighter than your Foundation.
  • For skin with enlarged pores powder should not be used.
How to do face makeup step by step and how to follow the scheme

Depending on the consistency of the powder can be applied in various ways

  • Also it is not necessary to powder the areas under the eyes because the skin there will lose its luster and the face will look older.
  • Creamy powder Foundation can be used without Foundation. Pressed powder should be applied on top of it.


Apply blush need in stages, following a certain sequence. Moreover, this sequence can vary depending on what type of blush and powder is used and for what purpose. So, if you have used compact powder, blusher is best applied on top of it. If applied cream powder blush applied over it, but then they should be powder.

How to do face makeup step by step and how to follow the scheme

Apply blush better on powdered skin

To make blush look natural, they should be very carefully shaded.

However, their coat is thinner closer to the edges of the blush. The application area of Rouge is largely determined by the shape of the face, as they are often used for its correction. In the distribution of tone necessary to ensure that the greatest richness were convex space zone applying the blush.

Eye makeup

Is painted step by step eye makeup consists of the following items:Coloring and correction of eyebrows.Toning the eyelids.Stroke eyes.

How to do face makeup step by step and how to follow the scheme

Makeup will look more attractive with a properly adjusted eyebrows

Coloring of eyebrows and form correction, in a sense, sets the General pattern of the image, determining how will be applied to the shadows. In turn, the correction of the shape of the eyebrows depends on the shape of the face with which it should harmonize. The painting is done with a special pencil.

When choosing pencil should know in advance how it would react to moisture. This requirement is especially true for the summer season, when the paint can be diluted by sweat or rain drops. In the selection of its hue must proceed from the fact that it needs to match the tone of the hair.

Age toning of the shadows a small brush, starting from the outer corner of the eye towards the inner corners. When you feather the hand must move from the bottom up to the eyebrows. Moreover, the closer to the eyebrows, the less intense should be the tone. Often the most convex space between the eyebrow and line the base of upper eyelashes generally don’t cover shadows.

How to do face makeup step by step and how to follow the scheme

To make the eyes more expressive, apply the eye shadow

To visually enlarge the eyes along the base of upper lashes hold a thin line, the tone of which is chosen so that it was slightly darker shadow superimposed on the eyelid. On the crease and outer corners of the eyes gets shadows the darkest tones. For internal corners are selected a lighter shade.

The eye rim should be aylaynerom or liquid eyeliner, specially designed for coloring the eyelids. Its use requires some skill. Therefore, if necessary, can be replaced with a special pencil or crayon.

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