How to do makeup at home: tips make-up artist. Makeup Essentials at home: day, evening, business

How to do makeup at home: tips make-up artist. Makeup Essentials at home: day, evening, business
Every woman strives for perfection in his image. And make it unique helps make up. Unfortunately, not every woman can afford a visit to the beauty salon, so come to the aid tips, how to do makeup at home.

How to do makeup at home: select the image

Incorrect is the view that one and the same makeup suitable for all occasions. For each case there are different images. The most common can be considered a day (everyday) evening, business, natural (light) makeup. The names are already you can easily tell which one is what is intended.
“To catch in 10 minutes!” — the motto of busy modern women. In the morning before work or school occurs a difficult task – quickly to freshen up. Eliminate fatigue on the face, lack of sleep, under eye circles, skin imperfections, etc. will help correct day makeup. To make daily makeup at home, should adhere to the following rules:
• First you need to clean face with a special tonic, which will give the face a matte finish.
• Next, apply the face cream. It is important to remember that the cream is best applied just before makeup. In this case, the makeup is applied evenly and stays on the face longer
. • Application of Foundation is a special process. The tone needs to be chosen correctly and consistent with the tone of the skin. If there is a deviation in color, you will have to apply tinted moisturizer on the skin of the neck and the neckline.
• To correct minor defects in the form of pimples use concealer.
• You can then apply the powder. It will keep the makeup on all day, without adding to the face. • When the daytime makeup you can use blush, but the shades better to choose honey or bronze, applying and blending them direct to the cheeks.
• Eyeshadow is also necessary to take honey-coloured, but to make it look more attractive, you can use an eyeliner (the main thing not to overdo it with the line).
• Mascara in everyday makeup, or black, or brown. Other colors are not welcome.
• Lipstick should be natural color, and it is best to use lip gloss.
So, dealing day makeup at home, do not need to resort to the bright shades and rich colors. Better to give preference for neutral tones and bright make it appropriate for the evening out in the light. By the way, after the work day is over, the skin will not prevent the rest. Therefore, it is imperative to make cosmetic facial massage.
Correctly will go from talking about the daytime makeup to create a natural image. They are somewhat similar but however there are differences.
To create a natural look by yourself, keep in mind that this makeup no bright accents, and there is not eye or lip. All the makeup – it’s natural. To achieve this, use tone means the color of the skin, concealers for removal of small imperfections, powder, blush and neutral shades, tools for brows are used only for the correction (to extend the line to finish hairs), ink either black or brown (important – do not apply mascara in several layers, just a light flick), it is better to use a colorless lip gloss or pale pink lipstick.
Purposeful working women a not unimportant role withdrawn appearance. And in addition to well-chosen clothes must be flawless and makeup. Quality business makeover can be done at home. If the right to choose the means for its application. Here we must remember three basic rules: naturalness, practicality and presentability.
The person must be pretentious and flashy colors, forget about eyeliner and pearlescent shades. But the business does not says that the face should be pale and inconspicuous. You just need to emphasize his dignity and hide flaws. For this approach low-key colors and pastel shades. The emphasis may be placed on the eyebrows, summing up their pencil in natural tone or a little darker. Lipstick can be beige or pale peach.
How to do makeup at home: tips make-up artist. Makeup Essentials at home: day, evening, business
To completely abandon it is not necessary, otherwise the whole business makeup will come to naught.
As the working day lasts more than one hour, you should be cosmetic and decorative instruments of beauty to frequency of “correct beauty”. The practicality of business make is to feel comfort on my face all day.
Women need to remember that clothes make the man. In this regard, a competent business makeup executed at home, the best weapon in the fight against competitors. Private and well maintained exterior will cheer up not only its owner, but and colleagues.
And now it is time to release the imagination at will. The time is evening makeup. How is it different from the rest? It is colorful, extravagant and attractive. When applied, every woman can afford to make a bright accent on the eyes or on the lips. To do evening makeup at home, you must:
• Choose liquid Foundation. Depending on the shape of the face, can be used as a toner the color of the skin, and different shades to soften the facial features.
• After applying Foundation, you should proceed to the choice of shadows. The color palette depends on color type women. Brown-eyed and dark-haired will suit the shade of bright shades, blue-eyed and blond, you can try muted tones. Important! To the shadows rested longer, before their application to the eyelids is a little makeup. In addition, when using fairly bright colors, do not forget about accessories. The color palette should be the same.
• For a more intense look you can use black eyeliner.
• Mascara is applied in several layers, but the eyelashes should be well brushed to avoid lumps. • Rouge is better not to overdo it. No one do not want to be a doll…
• And the final touch is the lips. They should be bright. Here come to the aid of lipstick red, coral or any other bright color. And the lips looked even more spectacular, you can use transparent lip gloss.

How to do makeup at home: the necessary tools

Make beautiful and most importantly appropriate make-up, a single image selection is not enough. You need to have in their Arsenal all the necessary tools for applying makeup and various cosmetics.

What should be in each “magic” briefcase?

1. Makeup base. This tool evens out skin texture, conceals irregularities and roughness. The Foundation is a preparatory stage for applying makeup.

2. Concealer and highlighter. The first tool camouflages small imperfections in the form of pimples or redness. The second refreshes the complexion.

3. Tone means. They protect the skin from negative environmental influences and evens the complexion.

4. Powder. Stage fixing makeup. If you use powder at home fit loose powder.

5. Blush. Their use will freshen up the face, accentuate or correct oval face, hide flaws.
6. Pencils or eyebrow powder. The color of the data means selects the color of the hair or one tone darker.

7. Eyeliners and eyeliner. Which tool to use is an individual choice of women. Someone can not imagine my life without black eyeliner, and someone who likes colored pencils.

8. Pencil sharpener.

9. Mascara. In the Arsenal may be several varieties of mascara, but don’t abuse this, because mascara tends to dry out.

10. Eyeshadow. It is better to have the whole palette of colors for any image.

How to do makeup at home: tips make-up artist. Makeup Essentials at home: day, evening, business

1. Pencils for lips. This tool perfectly emphasizes the contour of the lips, and with a pencil you can visually increase the size of lips.

12. Lipstick, gloss. In stock you can have as several of your favorite bright shades, and neutral colors. Must be a transparent lip gloss.

13. A set of brushes. For best results when applying makeup at home, better use of special brushes. It is a great brush for powder and blush, flat brush for eye shadow, brushes for shading, brush for applying lipstick and concealer.

14. Sponges. These little helpers will remove all excess makeup from the face.

15. For a cleanser and makeup remover, and tools for cosmetic facial massage.
How to help skin after your makeup at home

After the skin is long use of cosmetics can be dry, rough, can appear wrinkles, pimples, etc. as much as possible to prevent these negative factors, and just give the skin to relax, and you need to carry out the cosmetic massage of the face.

What this includes? A cleansing, steaming, application of the cream for massage.

The choice of means for cosmetic massage of the face should be approached seriously, because it depends on future condition of the skin. After preparation of the skin massage. It is traditionally divided into three successive phases:

1. Stroking. This action slightly accelerates the blood flow and prepares the skin for intense effect.

2. Rubbing. Is performed with light pressure.

3. Kneading. This action is working the facial muscles and deep layers of the skin.

4. Vibration. This action is performed, or the whole palm, or fingers, without moving the skin.

5. Tapping. The final stage of cosmetic facial massage, which relaxes muscles and increases blood flow.

6. Stroking. The final stage, soothing the skin.

Important! All phases of cosmetic facial massage is conducted strictly along the massage lines. These lines are vertical (through the center of the forehead, nose and lips) to the temples. Near the eyes the lines go from the inner corner to the outer (upper eyelid), in the region of the lower eyelid movement is reversed.
Be beautiful and happy!

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