How to do makeup at home

How to make a nice beautiful makeup at home? Do you think this is unrealistic and high-quality makeup can be done only in beauty salons? Nothing of the kind, you just need to have a bit of experience and adhere to certain rules and you will definitely succeed.

How to do makeup at home

  • 1. Relax your eyes before applying makeup. Lie down for a few minutes with cucumber rings on each eye. This will help smooth the skin.
  • 2. Choose a makeup base shade closest to your skin tone. Even if you think you are doing the right thing, applying a darker or lighter tone. When buying, contact the store employee for help or bring a girlfriend who can appreciate you from the outside. And then you will not have to be surprised, looking at your photo, where you will see your bright white face and huge dark lines under your chin.
  • 3. Do not be afraid to keep eyeliner pencils in the refrigerator. Then the lines and kennels will be clear and even. Before sharpening a pencil, it must also be cooled.
  • 4. Use white eyeliner to align the lower lash line. A white line on the lower eyelid will make your eyes brighter. Apply the line carefully so as not to damage the eye.
  • 5. Use the corrector to hide dark circles under the eyes.
How to do makeup at home
  • 6. To make the look more expressive, there is no need to use the shadows and liner of all colors of the rainbow. Do not use too bright makeup shadows, such as cyan or magenta. It will make you look like a clown. Try to keep natural shades, such as brown or even black. You can draw eyes with a thin blue pencil or an electrician.
  • 7. For “cat eyes”, try a liquid eyeliner on the upper line of the eyelashes. Start with a thin line from the inside corner, drastically thickening from the center of the eye outward, and a wing outside the eye. Draw wide lines up at the outer corner of each eye. If you have rare and inconspicuous eyelashes, then just the right makeup is quite difficult to do. You can use artificial and false eyelashes, means allowing to increase the visual volume. However, this is a rather laborious and financially overhead task. It is best of course to achieve the volume and length of your own eyelashes in a natural way. This can help special means for growth and volume.
  • 8. For the first half of the day, use brown and neutral eyeshadow. Pink and peach shades of shadows are also appropriate, but they should not be too bright and shocking. For evening makeup, bright shadows, color mascara and a brighter aggressive eyeliner are appropriate.
  • 9. Use shades of metallic shades for a glamor effect. Light shimmering shadows on the upper eyelid will be appropriate during the day. To look a bit glamorous in the evening, you can use gold, silver or bright metal shadows.
  • 10. Care for the eyebrows and correctly shape the eyebrows. You can simply comb them up and trim with tiny scissors if they are naughty. Expressive eyebrows help your eyes look bigger and give your face a fresh look.
  • 11. Do not overdo it with blush. Using blush you can adjust and model the shape of the face, so make sure that you use the blush correctly.
  • 12. Try not to use false eyelashes. Use mascara that will increase your eyelashes, make them more voluminous and thick. False eyelashes are usually very noticeable and you will look fake.
How to do makeup at home
  • 13. Combine eyelashes after applying mascara. Keep clean, dry eyelash brushes on hand. Separate the eyelashes after each application of mascara.
  • 14. If you decide to use lipstick, or a deep shade of lip gloss, do not forget to blot your lips with a damp cloth. After that, you can apply lipstick again.
  • 15. If you put on make-up for an evening event, then, no matter how silly it may sound, gently spray hairspray on your face (with eyes closed). This will help your makeup stay in place throughout the night.
  • 16. Try to use only organic products. Many people do not know that makeup products often consist of aggressive chemicals. When buying a particular product (eye shadow, lipstick, etc.), carefully read the annotation and consult with the seller.
  • 17. Always remove makeup before bedtime. Maybe you come home very tired, and you have enough strength only to get to the bed. And in the morning you will be surprised to find a bunch of acne on your face. So do not be lazy and take the time to clean your face and skin. Following these simple rules you can easily make a beautiful makeup at home.

PS: The word “beautiful” is usually associated with appearance. But in fact, the concept is very broad and very relative. It is not enough just to have the right features. Do not forget about such an important component as inner beauty. If you treat other people badly, physical attractiveness cannot make you beautiful.

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