How to do perfect makeup for prom

Prom is a long awaited and significant event in the life of any young girl. It is a special day that will never happen again! That is why you should prepare for this event carefully (better to have had a month, and sometimes more than one), selecting the dress, hairstyle and make-up to make a single image. Today we will talk about how to do makeup for prom, how to choose it to dress and what trends in the actual make-up in 2017.

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•The cornerstone
•The ins and out of choosing makeup for eye color
•Makeup prom hair color
•Components of success
•Win-win options
•Coaching: learn step by step
oLight, airy make-up
oRetro makeup
oMakeup in the style of rock

The cornerstone

Before to start doing makeup for prom, you need to thoroughly clean your face with a soft scrub and moisturize the skin non-greasy cream.

After that you can take for the Foundation application. Young skin will approach a light texture concealer, perfect match to the tone of the face to prevent the mask effect. It will be enough a small amount of money, which can be applied with a sponge, a special brush or your fingers, carefully shading the boundaries of the application. On top of your Foundation and apply powder feather-light, weightless texture.

For problematic skin, which often happens in adolescents, you will need a concealer to spot cover acne and inflammation.

Lovely girl, You are young and beautiful! Remember that your face should be fresh and young, so don’t get carried away bronzer means and bronzer.

The ins and out of choosing makeup for eye color

Future graduates need to know how to choose the right shades of makeup based on eye color and hair.

Future graduates need to know how to choose the right shades of makeup based on eye color and hair.

Makeup for prom for brown eyes

Makeup for brown eyes

You fit beige and brown, gold, silver, soft pink, light green, and the swamp of shadows. Very impressive look of smoky eyes. With caution should be treated to blue and blue to the shadows and abandon the use of the orange range. Eyeliner is better to choose classic black. But the mascara can be black for burning brunettes and brown for ladies with lighter hair color. Bright option is also ink blue, which will emphasize the richness of brown eyes, but makeup, made with such ink, must necessarily come under your dress, hairstyle and accessories.

Makeup for prom for blue eyes

Makeup for blue eyes

The perfect solution for You are turquoise, purple, pale pink, gold and silver. Try to do without the brown shadow, which can give your face a tired look. Be careful when choosing light blue shadows, they can blend in with the color of the eyes. Eyeliner use a brown or gray.

Gentle makeup for prom for green eyes

Makeup for green eyes

Warm brown, violet, grey and emerald-green tones will suit You perfectly. Instead of black eyeliner try using gray-black or brown. Purple eyeliner will focus on the unusual color of your eyes.

Makeup for prom for green eyes

Makeup for gray eyes

Grey eyes appropriate to do pink, light green, blue and silver shadows. Should do without black eyeliner – it would add to the image. Lashes can be colored with black or gray ink.

Beautiful makeup for blue eyes for prom

Makeup for blue eyes

In Your case I advise you to use all shades of blue and silver. Will be a good shade of pinkish-beige, Golden and purple tones. Copper, turquoise, emerald and yellowish shade will give gray-blue eyes a greenish sheen. Eyeliner, choose a dark grey or brown, and the ink is black or blue.

MACIAR prom hair color

Prom makeup for blondes
  • Blondes need to try to avoid flashy colors in makeup for Proms, replacing them with pastel counterparts. Choose Golden brown eye shadow and light pink blush, if you have ashy hair. Girls with Golden hair you can experiment with darker shades, for example Magenta, and blush use pink or peach. Evening make-up smoky eyes would also be appropriate, but not in black, but brown or dark grey.
Prom makeup for brunettes
  • Brunettes can choose the shade of blue, purple, gray, silver colors. Importantly, the color was rich and newsclip. Fit blush coral, dark peach, reddish-pink with brownish undertones.
Makeup for prom for redheads
  • The shade Golden and copper shades – the choice is redheaded. Very interesting will look cool shades of lilac, plum and turquoise shades. While very light skin is better to use dark brown mascara. Coral, apricot or peach blush will complete the look.
Makeup for prom for blonde girls
  • Girls with brown hair you can recommend brown, gray-beige, gray-blue, lilac or olive shadows. Eyeliner can be in the same range as the shadows or black mascara and light black or brown. On cheeks applied a cool pink tone blush.


To look perfect in such an exciting day, we must remember another important rule: make-up for prom should be in harmony and make a single image with your dress!

  1. To the dress pink, cream or orange pick up natural gentle makeup. Pearl shade natural shades and semi-transparent lip gloss will be very helpful.
  2. Red dress – bright and bold, so makeup should be a strict and nevychurny. Perfect neat arrows. Lipstick should be in harmony with the color of your lips or be of exactly the same shade as the dress. Appropriate use of almost transparent lip gloss.
  3. If you select blue, green or purple dresses do not overload the eyelids with makeup. Shadows should be soft and natural. You can focus using a colored eyeliner to match to the dress. Emphasize the lips a slight sheen.
  4. If your dress is of blue color, it is worth dwelling on bright shades like brown, sand, pale peach, gray, or black. Welcome the most natural blush shades and lipstick matched the color of the lips.
  5. If you choose white or black dress, the eye can make bright. Smoky smoky eyes or the shade of bright expressive colors in combination with the pale lipstick is the perfect solution.
  6. With a gray dress will look perfectly grey, bluish, pinkish, purplish shade. As accent you can use black eyeliner. For lips it is better to use transparent gloss.
  7. Brown dress dictates the use of gold, brown and chocolate shades. Lip paint lipstick peach tones.

Components of success

There are a few General recommendations for the successful execution of makeup for the prom:

  • future graduate should go to sleep now – tired, worn look can’t hide no one, even with a good cosmetic product
  • the use of tone necessarily – we spoke about this above
  • given the specificity of the event, its romance and sentiment, prefer waterproof mascara for eyes
  • take care of the eyebrows – they should be well groomed and beautifully contoured
  • makeup artists recommend to young girls to focus in the makeup on the eyes
  • the prom is preferable to use a lip gloss than a lipstick
  • do not overdo it with makeup, otherwise you risk to look vulgar and transform from young lady to the fatal woman “thirty”

Win-win options

Makeup ideas for prom may vary depending on your personal preferences and current trends. Experts allocate three basic always-relevant image:

Romantic makeup for prom
  • Romantic

It’s fresh, light makeup, which should not be harsh accents and rough transitions. The beauty and radiance of your skin – that’s the main principle.

Retro makeup prom
  • Retro

This make-up is quite specific, it is appropriate if you have chosen the image of a girl the 50-60-ies of the last century. It is very important used shade of lipstick. Eyelashes can be given an additional amount of a double layer of mascara. In the photo the black arrows Flirty complemented by turquoise eyeliner.

Makeup for prom rock
  • Rock

Bold evening makeup on the principle of smoky eyes in the cold and dark shades.

Coaching: learn step by step

Let’s see step by step how to make the most beautiful makeup for prom.


Stepping romantic makeup

We will need:

  • light grey and dark grey shade
  • Golden-brownish shade
  • black pencil
  • black ink
  • false lashes


  1. All the movable part of the upper eyelid apply a light gray shadow;
  2. Above the upper limit of light-gray shadows, apply a Golden-brownish tint;
  3. Slim line input upper eyelid;
  4. Outer corner of the eye stress, dark-gray shadows, carefully blending them;
  5. Glue false eyelashes, progressivem them a coat of black mascara;
  6. Paint the lower lashes mascara;
  7. Complement the image of the delicate lip gloss and radiant peach blush.


This video shows you how to do make up in retro style.


Step-by-step instructions for performing the rock makeup

We will need:

  • matte shadow black
  • brown shades
  • light pearl shade
  • black ink


  1. On the upper mobile eyelid apply black eye shadow and shaded them. If you want a more elegant makeup, apply over black eye shadow rich malachite or blue shadows;
  2. On the lower eyelid apply the black eye shadow and shaded;
  3. Above the upper border of the black eye shadow, apply brown shades for a beautiful transition in color of the skin;
  4. Inner corner of the eye wyswietlen a highlighter;
  5. Eyelashes covered with mascara;
  6. Use lipstick sand color and abandon the blush.

Discussed makeup options for prom are not complicated, just need to be trained in their application. It really can do yourself! But if you are very afraid, leave it to the professionals.

Well, good luck at prom! Oh Yes, and don’t forget to grab a pack of paper handkerchiefs. 

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