How to enlarge eyes with makeup?

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Photo instructions and tips to help you quickly, easily and effectively increase your eyes with makeup tools


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The task to make the eyes visually larger is one of the main reasons why girls turn to decorative cosmetics. And to solve it is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. The main thing is to know the basic rules and some tricks. The first step is to follow our photo instructions to create a makeup that enlarges the eyes.

How to enlarge eyes with makeup?


  1. Start your eye makeup by applying a thin layer of eye shadow base. Spread it with fingertips around the movable century, and then Ottusita to eyebrows. If the base is too sticky, which makes the shading, go over the eyelids with a fluffy brush with translucent powder or eye shadow in Nude.
  2. Darken the outer corner of the eye. To do this, brush the shape of “barrel” shade matte dark shade in the corner of the eye and pull a little on the orbital line, and also ottushuyte in the direction of the temple. Add this shade to the lower eyelid, filling it by one third, starting from the outside.
    Typing shadows on the brush, do not rush to transfer them immediately to the eyelid. A large amount of pigment on the brush can create a stain in the shading, which will be impossible to turn into a beautiful haze. So before you tulevat the shade, remove any excess by dragging the brush across the back of the hand.
    Add shadows, gradually increasing the intensity of the color. So make-up will look as neat and beautiful.
  3. Matte shadows “intermediate” shade (darker skin color, but lighter than the previous shade) blend the boundaries of dark color on the moving eyelid and emphasize the orbital line, then also ottushuyte to the temple. To make the shading as soft and smoky as possible, use a fluffy natural brush. Walk these shadows all over the lower eyelid. To achieve the effect of increasing the eyes, make shading really wide – as in the direction of the eyebrows and the temples.
  4. On the mobile eyelid and add radiant shadows. This will not only give the look a healthy Shine, but also help to make the mobile eyelid visually larger. The shade with a shiny texture it is best not to cause sliding movements of the brush, and smashing, smashing the pigment of the shadows in the skin of the eyelid. If the intensity of the brush application seems weak to you, add a little shadow also using your fingertips.
    To make the makeup look as voluminous as possible, in this step you can use several colors of shining shadows. Apply lighter shadows to the inner corner of the eye. Shadows slightly darker, but with a strong shimmer, place in the center of the eyelid. Even darker shadows, but also radiant, blend closer to the outer corner of the eye. This will help to make the transition from light shining shadows to the darkest shade of matte shadows as smooth as possible.
  5. To significantly increase the size of the eyes will help light the pencil on the mucosa. Paint over the entire lower mucosa with a pink or beige eyeliner. Do not use a bright white pencil for this purpose, it will look unnatural and will not help to achieve the desired effect.
    Long eyelashes also help to make the eyes visually larger, so paint them from the roots, and in the outer corner of the eye, if desired, add a few bundles of false eyelashes. If by nature your eyelashes are straight, be sure to use a curler first.


  1. Care for the skin around the eyes
    Swelling of the lower eyelids is the first thing that reduces the eyes. Therefore, we recommend starting the morning with special patches for the area around the eyes. If these were not at hand, you can use ice cubes. They will help to remove swelling and moisturize the skin in this delicate area. 
  2. Use concealer  
    Another common problem is the dark circles under the eyes, which certainly visually reduce the eyes. Get rid of them will help illuminating concealer. Choose a moisturizing concealer that is lighter in tone than your skin. The yellow pigment in the composition perfectly hides and neutralizes the “blue”. For greater effect, secure the concealer with a illuminating powder. Remember that the concealer should be applied in the form of a “triangle”. More information about the choice and use of concealer we wrote in our beauty dossier.
  3. Do not forget about eyebrow makeup 
    Eyebrow makeup is another important part of the daily beauty ritual. Someone needs to draw them completely, and someone enough to “comb” gel. The main thing is that the eyebrows look neat and well-groomed: beautifully decorated eyebrows will help look open for real.
  4. Emphasize the mucous 
    One of the main tips for increasing the eye – the allocation of the water line. To do this, you will need a light eyeliner (for example, NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in a shade of Milk). Give preference to light peach or beige shades, they will look the most natural. Summing up thus the eye, you will neutralize the redness of the water line and visually enhance them. 
  5. Curl your eyelashes  
    In makeup, magnifying the eyes, can not do without curler. Be sure to curl your eyelashes to create the effect of a more “open” look, and then apply a lengthening mascara. Do not forget the lower lashes, they can be slightly dyed. But choose water-resistant formulas to avoid the “Panda effect”. In the evening make-up do not be afraid to use false eyelashes (how to do it, we wrote here). For a natural, but at the same time bright image will suit individual bundles that you can glue to the center of the lower lashes. Thus you will create the effect of large “doll eyes”.  
  6. Add a little Shine to the corners of your eyes  
    Don’t forget to add a radiant accent to the corners of your eyes. To do this, you will need shimmer shadows of a light shade. For the most vivid effect, use a cream highlighter (with a cold or warm undertone), apply it to the corner of the eye and fix the tool with a powdery texture – for example, shiny shadows. 
  7. Draw neat arrows  
    If you like to use arrows in eye makeup, draw the arrow as close to the lashes as possible to make them look bigger. Refrain from thick and solid arrows, heavier look. More details about what types of arrows will help to enlarge the eyes, we will tell below.
  8. Draw the crease of the eyelid  
    A mandatory step in eye makeup is to study the folds of the eyelid. This way you will add an artificial shadow, deepening the eyes and visually increasing them. Choose matte shadows several shades darker than your natural skin tone. 
  9. Choose blue shades 
    A blue liner or a thin arrow drawn with azure shadows will play on the contrast and visually “whiten” the white of the eye, which will immediately add brightness to your look. 


  1. The best basic option – a very thin arrow drawn along the lash line, without going beyond the age of tails. 
  2. If you still like the effect of cat’s eyes, draw a thin arrow from the inner corner of the eye, gradually thickening it towards the outside. Not worth remove a long tail: it only visually narrow the eye.  
  3. Do not make very thick arrows. In the center of the lash line and arrow should be as thin and neat. Otherwise, you will get too round eyes with a dark stroke around the edges. 
  4. Don’t stress the lower lashes crisp creases. If you decide to bring the lower eyelid, how to blend the drawn line, turning it into a light haze.  
  5. If you are ready to experiment, draw double arrows. Draw the main arrow on the upper eyelid, use a black or brown pencil. On the lower eyelid, create a duplicate arrow (you can draw both arrows with a gray or white pencil). These arrows perfectly enlarge the eyes and make them as expressive as possible.
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