How to highlight cheekbones with makeup


Delicate facial features, high and sharp cheekbones always been considered a sign of aristocratic and noble beauty. Fashion is changeable, but even in those days, when the rosy, krupneishie girls represented the ideal of ladies with refined proportions broke men’s hearts and became a Muse to artists and poets.

The recent contouring has become increasingly popular, millions of women around the world aspire to change the geometry of your face without resorting to surgery. After all, to transform its appearance, it is enough to apply the right makeup.

Today you will get useful tips and learn how to draw that beautifully highlight and accentuate the cheekbones by using powder, blush, and other makeup products.

The makeup: what you need to highlight cheekbones

To create a perfect makeup needs a few cosmetics.

  • Blush. The consistency of them is divided into liquid and dry. The last is more resilient and stay longer. Liquid or cream better go and look more bright. If you want to Shine all day, you may prefer a crumbly texture.
  • Powder. Her tone is slightly darker than the one you use for your face every day. For normal to oily skin suitable dry powder, and for dry it is better to use a cream powder. However, in it there are often harmful ingredients: parabens or silicone. A great alternative to a tool on a mineral basis. It is well nourishes the skin, evenly distributed over the entire surface. This powder is made only from natural ingredients, therefore does not cause allergies.
  • Primer is a make-up base. It smoothes the skin and hides imperfections.
  • Brush. There may be two or three. First you need to apply blush or other cosmetics onto the cheekbones, and the second most important rastushevyvaniya. For makeup use a large brush, about 4 cm, and the brush rastushevyvaniya should be a smooth pile. Choose brush from natural materials, the best option is squirrel fur.

In addition to these funds, you will need a bronzer and concealer.

How to emphasize and properly painted cheekbones with makeup

To make a beautiful makeup to help professional, but if you practice, you can learn the secrets at home.

Following our advice, in 20 minutes you will look like you just visited a professional makeup artist.

So, what you need to do:

  • Prepare the face for makeup application. By all means apply on clean skin, so the face wash with a gel cleanser, a soap or other cleanser. Then apply day cream and allow to soak for 20 minutes.
  • Proceed to the application of corrective means.A thin layer applied to the face primer. If the skin is redness and inflammation, they can cover up with concealer. Then you apply the Foundation, and on top of her powder. In order for it to lay down evenly, you can use a Kabuki brush. At this stage it is better to give preference to mineral resources, they will not harm your skin the cow, but rather gently correct the weaknesses and heal the flaking and inflammation.
  • The next step allocated to them. This step is the most crucial, as you need to do it right. To define a line having two fingers along the cheeks with a slight tilt.Make facial features more thin, it is necessary to use a bronzer. Apply a small in the direction from the temples to the chin and blend well.
  • Apply the powder with light tapping motions.Cheekbones and the line, located just below, you need to blend the blush. And in the end to use a highlighter – it gives the skin a fresh appearance and healthy glow.

Creating an image for a holiday or for every day, not only to use cosmetic products, but also competently to pick up. Prefer the mineral makeup, it is made from natural ingredients, therefore safe for health and has a beneficial effect.

It is composed of natural pigments, minerals and organic matter. For example, in the composition of the powder can enter the pearl, bamboo, rice powder or green tea powder.


  • To darken a large area under them from ear and down.
  • The very dimming of the zygomatic area.


  • Guide to dimming from ear to nose.

How to highlight cheekbones with concealer: makeup

Concealer is an opaque cream or powder means a fine grind, if we’re talking about the mineral product designed for camouflaging freckles, dark circles and other skin imperfections. Using this product can even out skin tone, to emphasize the shape of the face and give it a fresh healthy look.

Part of concealers comprises reflective particles that make the skin more smooth and sleek, hiding small wrinkles. In a cosmetic that adds vitamins, antioxidants and zinc.

To accentuate the cheekbones using the concealer, follow our tips.

  • Purification. each time before applying makeup the skin will be cleaned with special products. For oily skin in addition to gel, you can use tonic.
  • Preparation of the skin. To clean the skin causing the cream and give it a good soak. The skin around the eyes should also be moist to do this, use a special cream designed for the face area.
  • The Foundation application. as the underlying funds use a primer, it is applied in a thin layer all over the face.
  • The skin smoothing. For healthy skin without inflammation and visible imperfections, it is sufficient to use a BB or CC cream. It has a light texture and nourishes the skin. Masking of inflammation on top of it spot concealer is applied. the direction of application – from the edge to the middle of the problem area.
  • Applying concealer. Concealer can be applied not only to the entire face, but use it to highlight the cheek area. For the nasolabial part of the face used white and purple shades for the T-zone, shade should be slightly lighter than the skin. Under the corners of the eyelids and the eyebrows use lighter shades. Emphasize their possible gray-purple hue.
  • The final stage. At the end of the makeup applied powder and blush. To do this, use a brush.

    Concealer is applied with a moistened sponge or brush. Blush to lay down evenly, direct movement from the edges to the center.

    Use concealer correctly, avoid these mistakes:

    • Do not apply thick concealer under the eyes.
    • Do not use the tool without a day cream and Foundation.
    • Do not apply concealer on the damaged skin and acne, for acne, the product is applied around the affected area.

    How to identify and correctly draw cheekbones on an oval face

    Girls with oval face shape special correction is not required, since they have no chubby cheeks, no cheekbones. Therefore, it is enough to emphasize the line with blush, powder or bronzer.

    After all the preparatory events – the cleansing, the application of a day cream, Foundation and concealer, it is enough to apply blush below line below right to draw cheekbones, and a good shade of their brush in the direction of temple down.

    When using a blush stick with this scheme of application:

    • Dial blush brush and draw the outline of the face from ears to chin.
    • Swipe a thin line from the nose to the tip of the nose and blend.
    • Pull in the cheeks and on the formed hollows, apply blush.
    • Puff out your cheeks and blend upwards to the sides.

    How to make cheekbones on a round face makeup and clean cheeks

    For chubby girls, the issue of allocation and visual narrowing of the face are particularly relevant. So I will show you how to properly apply makeup.

    For this, in addition to the basics, concealer, blush and powder, you will need a bronzer with a slight shimmer.

    Armed with the necessary means proceed to the makeup.

    • Wash, clean the face tonic if skin is oily.
    • Apply day cream and allow it to soak in.
    • Apply it on the skin Foundation and concealer. These two tools are capable of making it smooth, smooth and hide all the inflammation, freckles, age spots and other imperfections.
    • You can now apply the bronzer. He picked up the darker tone of the skin is applied just below the cheekbones.
    • With a soft brush from the bottom up applied blush and shade.

    How to Express and apply cheekbones if you have elongated face shape

    Make-up needs a bit visually expand the narrow face to make the proportions more soft.

    Before applying makeup hold cleanse, moisturise and apply Foundation. Then, if necessary, use concealer. Please note that the extruded face is better to use a Foundation slightly darker skin.

    To visually expand the face-use a light concealer and apply it on the lateral surface, a middle part feathered ovals highlight blush. The high forehead and long chin, apply a dark blusher of natural shades or darken these areas with Foundation.

    Blush should be applied in the horizontal direction, starting from the cheekbones and middle of the cheeks, gradually moving to the ears.


    To draw and emphasize the cheekbones, use a complex of mineral cosmetics such as Foundation, concealer, powder and blush.

    Apply makeup to cleansed skin and don’t forget to do exercises for the face. Follow our tips and you will always look brilliant.

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