Instruction: how to paint lips


To buy quality cosmetics is only half the battle. Learn how to paint the lips, then makeup will be stable and accurate.


Wipe the face tonic, don’t forget about the lips. Dry lips – apply a day cream. If not enough lip balm.

If you use makeup base or Foundation, apply it on the lips. Powder loose powder.

  1. Draw a pencil outline of the lips. If you want to adjust the shape of the mouth, do not deviate from the natural border of the lip more than 2 cm Pencil choose a lipstick tone or darker tone.
  2. Cotton swab swipe the color on the lips – from the outline to the center. Then the makeup will last longer.
  3. Apply lipstick on the lips. Use a brush no matter before you is a palette or stick. The little smile in order to tighten the skin. So lipstick will go smoothly and will fill the creases of the lips.
  4. Apply to lips with a paper napkin to remove excess lipstick. Powder the lips. Apply lipstick using a brush. A second layer of cosmetics will prolong the durability of makeup.

Paint thin lips to make them look bigger, you need a bright lipstick shades. Mother of pearl lipstick visually increases lip. If you like the shade of your matte lipstick and apply over it a transparent shining luster. Select a glitter upper lip, if it is disproportionately thin.

How to paint lips

Lipstick of dark shades it is recommended that owners of large lips. To adjust the size of the mouth will help the Foundation. Apply tone on the face and lips. With a pencil draw the path, retreating by 1-1. 5 mm to the center of the mouth. Concealer will hide the natural border of the lips.

Lipstick red lipstick is all. If you think that you are not talking this makeup, then you picked the wrong shade of red. For small lips, choose a shimmery shades for large – Matt.

  • Owners of blond hair with wheat or Golden shade will suit warm colours with a pinkish undertone.
  • Red-haired girls should choose a juicy berry color.
  • Brunette and ash-blonde goes bright red lipstick.

Matte lipstick

Lipstick matte lipstick can be as glossy, satin or pearl. Makeup artists first completely stain lip contour pencil. Choose a pencil to match the lipstick or Nude – the color of the lips.

A matte finish will emphasize the flaws. Before applying makeup make peeling to the lips become smooth. Then apply a nourishing balm to lipstick had not dried up lips. Apply the lipstick with a synthetic brush. It is important not to “smear” and “to put” lipstick on the lips. After applying, do not RUB your lips together. If in the case of the glossy texture of these manipulations you achieve uniformity, matte lipstick all the way around.

How to paint lipstick


You can paint the lips with the pencil, never using lipstick. Prepare the lips, as described above. Draw the outline with a pencil of dark color, and the center of the lips fill in with a pencil a couple of shades lighter. Be sure to blend the line between shades brush. To lips seemed fuller, apply the highlighter to the “hole of Cupid” – the center of the upper lip and under the lower lip, eliminating the centre – to apply a dark shade of concealer.

Lip gloss

  • Before you paint the lip gloss, apply a moisturizing balm.
  • Apply concealer and powder lips with a soft brush.
  • Draw the outline with a pencil so that the glitter will not melt. Many lip glosses have a translucent formula. Pencil it is better to take bodily or transparent.
  • Apply glitter with a brush, applicator or your finger.
  • Do not apply a lot of gloss is not a lipstick and gently remove the excess will not work.

Get used to properly painted lips. If at first it seems that it is difficult and long, with time you will learn to stay within 2-3 minutes.

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