“Light my mirror, tell me…”: review of creative new products cosmetics

      Review creative new products cosmetics

      What-what, and the cosmetic industry is not afraid of any crisis: most women probably won’t finish it, but will buy myself a new lipstick-mascara-powder. Beauty is above all. And it is an essential attribute of the fair sex since ancient times, considers the presence of paint on the face. Manufacturers of cosmetics are not going to keep it that way. On the contrary, by all means try to attract the attention of beautiful women, offering a unique or at least unusual packaging of their products. We have selected for you 10 of the most original and attractive novelties of decorative cosmetics and perfumes that are designed not only to help in the fight for beauty, but simply to please the eye.

      1.Delicious Fudge. For her lips. 

      Обзор креативных новинок косметики: вкусные помадки для губ

      What could be sweeter than the lips of the beloved? Only cute sponge painted with a super sweet Shine. To emphasize the “Goodies” of its cosmetic product, a kind of American company Packed it in chocolate cupcake. Not real, of course, but it looks very appetizing. And, most importantly, these sweets are absolutely harmless for the figure.

      2.The famous and surreal bottle for perfume

      Обзор креативных новинок косметики: знаменитые и сюрреалистические бутылочки для духов

      I don’t know what smelled Edgar Allan PoE or the Marquis De Sade? But the Polish design Studio Ah&Oh Studio, apparently in the know. In any case, sees the prospect of creation of famous fragrances. Not for nothing that the poles have introduced the concept of unusual bottles for a personalized perfume. Here only the contents of strange vessels remains a mystery.


      Обзор креативных новинок косметики: тени-наклейки

      If you spend a lot of time in front of the mirror in a vain attempt to make up beautiful eyes, then the beautician should be a place for stickers ColorOn. It is worth applying them to the eyelids, and professional makeup to appear by itself in just a few seconds. The time savings? Of course. Saving money? Doubtful, because the set of 10 pairs ready make-up “pull” at $ 30

      4.Glitter lovers of the club life

      Обзор креативных новинок косметики: блеск для любительниц клубной жизни

      With this lip gloss you can restore the beauty even in the dark night clubs. After all, under his cap to be a couple of LED light bulbs, soft light which is enough for accurate application.

      5.Cosmetics for men’s belly…

      Обзор креативных новинок косметики: косметика для...мужского живота

      In Hollywood movies almost all the characters are macho flaunt the perfect pressure. And it’s not even hard training and the services of expensive trainers. Just in the “factory of dreams” are good makeup artists who know a couple of secrets of how to make any body fit and erotic. With a set of Abs in a Box Kit for Men any man can become the owner of “Board wash” instead of the abdomen for a few minutes. But at the same time and feel like at least one of the “300 Spartans” .

      6.Perfume for the fans of Japanese cuisine

      Обзор креативных новинок косметики: парфюм для фанатов японской кухни

      Sushi today are at the peak of popularity. Traditional dishes removed from the table of the inhabitants of the land of the rising sun in the bestiary of pop culture. And recently, fans of Japanese cuisine have the opportunity to smell your favorite food all day. And if you are not confused fish notes in the perfume the Sushi Cologne will be an original gift for foodies. Only regret is the stomach, which will have to idle, being deceived by an appetizing aroma of Cologne.

      7.Nail Polish and mood

      Обзор креативных новинок косметики: лаки для ногтей и настроения

      Remember the popular in the 90s mood ringthat changed color, supposedly reacting to the change of the state of mind of the owner? Nail Polish Mood Struck have a similar effect – their hue can intensify or become softer. And no magic, just a sensitivity.

      8.Talking set eyeshadow

      Обзор креативных новинок косметики: говорящий набор теней для век

      Sometimes even everyday makeup turns into a time-consuming process, not to mention make-up for the release of “into the light”. In extreme situations, when nothing happens and the brush is literally to fall out of hand, come to the aid of novelty cosmetics for eye – smart eye shadow palette. By clicking the button and following her advice, sounding mini-speaker, can greatly facilitate the hard work to restore beauty. 

      9.Musical cosmetic bag

      Обзор креативных новинок косметики: музыкальная косметичка

      With this brand of cosmetics from Stila , you can paint your favorite song or following the advice of the training video. After a stylish beauty case is equipped with a pair of speakers and the ability to connect to the gadget.

      10.This changeable lip gloss

      Review creative new products cosmetics: this changeable lip gloss

      And one more thing “in the mood”. Depending on the emotions of his mistress, Shine New Mood changing shade from innocent pink to rich plum. So if your lips girlfriend will suddenly become a juicy berry shade, it is best to leave it for a few moments alone.

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