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When there was, what is and how is used? We gathered in one material the most interesting facts and beauty life hacks on the lip


  • Lipstick: history and composition
  • Trendy shades and textures of lipsticks in 2019
  • 11 types of lipstick
  • How to choose lipstick considering your skin tone?
  • The choice of lipstick depending on the color of hair
  • Choose a lipstick the color of the eyes
  • How to dye lipstick? 5 different techniques
  • 7 popular lipsticks: rating

Lipstick: history and composition

Lipstick is a tool that can give lips absolutely any shade, from delicate sudovogo to neon blue. Often the lipstick has skin care properties, moisturizes and nourishes the lips but the main function is decorative.

lipstick Weiss

Lipstick was fashionable in Ancient Egypt, but the first lipstick, packaged in the familiar to our eyes the case, began to produce in 1915, and eight years later appeared and special unscrews.

In our day, under lipstick still mean, first and foremost, creamy substance, Packed in a round elongated case. But release it in another form: for example, pencil, liquid or gel-based products with the applicator.

Lipstick makeup

The composition of lipstick varies greatly from brand to manufacturer, texture and packaging. If we talk about classic cream lipstick, in its composition you can find the following ingredients:

  1. flavors and fragrances,
  2. antioxidants and preservatives (responsible for preservation of the lipstick),
  3. polymers (to provide smooth application, renew vitality and add Shine lipstick),
  4. pigments,
  5. wax (beeswax, Carnauba) – connects all the other components and gives the lipstick elasticity,
  6. vaseline and oil (can be both synthetic and natural – cocoa, coconut, castor).

The percentage of ingredients can vary significantly depending on the type of lipstick. For example, glossy more oils than wax, and cream, on the contrary. Lipstick with shimmer (shiny) contain additional additives, which ensure the pearlescent effect, mica, silica, or particles of artificial pearls, and in persistent lipstick often add silicone. Today, manufacturers are also trying to add to their funds as much as possible caring ingredients – vitamins a and E, aloe juice.

Trendy shades and textures of lipsticks in 2019

If last year the designers actively encouraged us to experiment with colors, putting on the catwalks models with bright purple lipsticks or lip, covered with glitter, then next year they also suggest back to basics and use basic colors: soft pink, classic red and beige. However, with the textures not so simple. Tap out ideas on the shows!

1 Berry

Perhaps the most need that lipstick berry shade: useful in summer and winter 2019. For the warm season, choose cheerful and bright colors in the fall, go to the deep dark – for example, cherry and plum.


2 Lady in red

Classic red wine or lipstick in 2019 for effect must be unusual texture. For example, “vinyl” finish, like on the show of Naeem Khan.

Naeem Khan

3 Gloss

Lips like covered with a shining transparent film, at the peak of popularity. Liquid lipstick all shades of the rainbow with a glossy finish look at Urban Decay and YSL, or be a transparent lip gloss and use paired with any lipstick in your collection.


4 Red gradient

Exemplary lips Ombre, as in the spring-summer fashion show Helmut Lang, pair it with minimal eye makeup and perfect skin tone. In this “neighborhood” they will look more attractive and bright.

Helmut Lang

5 Candy period

To create a delicate “candy” lips, as seen on Gucci, apply a glossy pink lipstick with your fingers, rather casually, without contour pencil.


6 May rose

Pale pink, powdery and lipstick colors of sherbet in the two accounts make the look more youthful. Texture can be as a radiant and matte. Taking this fact note!

Dolce e Gabb

7 Beige classic

In 2019 in your cosmetic bag should contain several lipsticks from beige palette: shade creme brulee, almost brown, and the color of your own lips. In the coming year with a neutral Ludovisi lipsticks – and in the feast and in the world!

Alexander Wang

11 types of lipstick

In our days the word “lipstick” can stand on the package funds most unexpected forms and textures. To avoid confusion, refer to the list of the most popular types of lipsticks and their features.


Perhaps the most common type of lipstick. Due to its supple and soft texture this is the easiest to apply, it provides enough rich color and tightens the skin. By the way, it is advised to use girls with thin lips: it guarantees a delicate Shine and a little visually enhances the lips. Can be sold in box or tube with applicator. Look on the package the word cream.



Its main features can be guessed already by the title: this leaves a noticeable glossy Shine if you put on lip gloss. This texture can be spread, so for a perfect result use complete with a lip pencil and a special primer.



Perhaps someday 2010-ies will be called the “Golden age lipstick matte”: matte texture today more popular than ever. For example, in the cult collection Vice from Urban Decay more than 50 (!) lipsticks with a matte finish and a limited-edition collection of matte lipsticks of L’oréal Paris x Balmain became a bestseller even before the official start of sales. Fashion format matte lipstick – liquid (read more about this type of lipsticks will be discussed below).


When using matte lipstick should consider some important rules.

1 Matte lipstick is not designed for dry and cracked lips because of its texture accentuate all the flaws even more. So to start bring your lips in perfect condition.

2 Lipstick with a similar texture often dry the lips, so they should be cautiously used in the cold season. Modern matte lipstick, containing nourishing ingredients and oils, but still not worth getting involved with them: as a rule, they are not intended for daily use.

3 Remember that dark matte lipstick reduces lip, but light on the contrary, will help to make them more plump.

4 Before applying a matte lipstick use a lip balm. And be sure to wait until he gets absorbed, the excess blot with a tissue.

5 Matte lipstick is usually fairly resilient and to wash it is not so easy. Try means make-up remover oil-based: these not only help to remove the color, but will additionally care for your lips.


Lipstick with the Shine belongs to the category of shimarov. Shining particles may be quite small, providing the lips a pearl effect, or more noticeable: such a pleasure to use festive make-up.

Шиммер_Color Riche Gold Obsession

Liquid lipstick

In appearance and rendered the effect almost indistinguishable from lip gloss. The lipstick, as a rule, more rich texture, but overall the manufacturer decides to which category your remedy is lip glosses or lipsticks because of the fundamental difference between them. On the beauty market can find a liquid lipstick with absolutely any finish – matte, cream, glossy.



As in the case with a glossy lipstick, a long time wondering why you need a moisturizing lipstick, is not necessary. The best solution for girls who in any time of the year suffer from dry lips, but do not want to give up the bright makeup. The composition of these lipsticks high content of glycerin, vitamin E, oils (avocado, jojoba, lemon and other). Another plus of this lipstick – it does not require such accuracy, the application of glossy or matte.

Увлажняющая_Maybelline Hydra Extreme


Unlike most of the other lipsticks the main function of hygiene – not decorative, and skin. This usually either doesn’t leave my lips any color at all, or gives them a very light shade. But them perfectly moisturizes and nourishes, the composition is required to have oils and vitamins, SPF-filters . This category can be attributed to lipstick-balms (have Giorgio Armani, L’oréal Paris, YSL, Lancôme and many other brands). Lipstick-balms also focus on care of the lips and is especially essential in the winter.



Longlasting lipstick first appeared in the late 1940s, but the peak of his fame has reached in our days. In the modern world time to touch up my lipstick five times a day, no one has, so resistant formula is very popular. Today lipstick stay on the lips a record amount of time – from 8 to 24 (!) hours. However, there are two pitfalls: these lipsticks often dry the lips and not rinse.


Palette of lipsticks

Under the lid of this palette, several shades of lipstick, usually of the same scale. And it is very convenient: with this palette you can make a day or evening makeup, and makeup with the effect of Ombre. And Maybelline even has a special palette for contouring the lips, which includes not only a lipstick in six shades, but the highlighter is really pigmented.


Lipstick pencil

Tool from the category of “two in one” for those who did not learn to paint lips precisely according to the contour. Lipstick pencils are of two types – in the form of a pencil (such is, for example, Maybelline and NYX Professional Makeup) and bilateral (e.g. Le Stylo Parisian Lips, Lancôme) with tips of different thicknesses.

Lipstick pencil

Lacquer lipstick

Varnish lip gloss – this is essentially a hybrid of lipstick and gloss: with the saturation of first resort, promises a phenomenal Shine no worse than the second. One of the largest collections from YSL, the brand has created a line of nail lip Vernis A Lévres in which more than 30 variants. There’s even nail Polish, which promises to give your lips a “vinyl” Shine.

Лак_Vernis A Lévres

How to choose lipstick considering your skin tone?

If different color types you is is difficult to understand, focus on more meaningful parameters – for example, the hue of their skin.

Very light skin


Try lipstick bright pink hue, as well as peach, coral and coffee: all of these shades will blend perfectly with your porcelain skin.

Light skin


Cranberry, or any other “berry” lipsticks (which are now, as we have already discussed, in the trend) are your best friends. You should also try pink and purple and classic red.

Dark skin


You’re in luck: with your olive skin perfectly combines almost all the colors. Except, perhaps, shades of brown scales. But the options with the orange undertone will suit you perfectly.

Black skin


Deep wine and plum, and bronze and ruby shades accentuate the beautiful color of your skin.

The choice of lipstick depending on the color of hair

How to choose lipstick for blondes and brown hair girls?

If you have light hair, you can easily make an image more attractive by using bright lipstick. What? Listen to these recommendations!

A classic red lipstick, a shade which cannot be considered neither “warm” nor “cold” (e.g., tomato color) is exactly what you need.

How should look at the shade of their hair; rather, it wheat? Feel free to add in makeup lipsticks with an orange undertone – terracotta, peach and coral. If the hair or ash blonde, you need a lipstick with a “cold” bluish undertone crimson, wine, fuchsia.


What lipstick suits brunettes?

Dark-haired girl and it’s so hard to ignore, but choosing the right lipstick save in a situation when you feel not 100%.

The shade creme brulee will make facial features softer and more feminine.

You have a perfect coral lipstick and unusual variants of purple range – why not try the purple?

Red lipsticks with a soft brown or pink tint will also be a great solution if you have dark hair.


Lipstick for girls with red hair

A fiery MOP of hair always makes an impression. Increase the effect by using lipstick!

If you have light red hair, almost brown, choose a soft peach and coral lipsticks as well as lip red shades with a warm undertone.

The second type redheads – with copper or bronze hair, professional makeup artists recommend to use in the makeover brick shades.

Regardless of the shade of hair not hurt to add the skin soft, creamy lipstick ludowego shade: this is especially useful for makeup “every day”. It is better to choose the natural color of your lip – if the color match, the ideal has been achieved!


Choose a lipstick the color of the eyes

It would seem, at what here eye color, if we are talking about the lip makeup? But choosing the right lipstick can make the natural color of your eyes even brighter.

For green-eyed girls

Bright orange lipstick or a medium shade of fuchsia – the perfect make-up solution for green-eyed girls.

De Vincenzo

For blue-eyed

Best for you lipstick dusty pink or a classic red with blue undertone.

De Vincenzo 1

For gray-eyed

To highlight grey eyes help makeup, done in a light beige or plum colors.


For girls with brown eyes

If you do not know which tool to choose, follow this diagram: soft nadowa lipstick for daytime makeup, Burgundy or pink-purple, with a bluish undertone – night. Girls with light brown, hazel eyes are also worth a try soft peach or light brown lipstick.

Anna Sui

How to dye lipstick? 5 different techniques

We present several step-by-step diagrams that will help you to learn how to paint the lips better than a professional make-up artists.


The basic scheme

If you want to create a perfect lip makeup using glossy moisturizing lipsticks, you will need to stock up on lip pencil in tone lipstick. Further – follow our instructions.

1 Use lip balm and let it soak into the skin.

applying balm

2 The excess of balm, blot with a clean dry cloth.

wet lips

3 Line your lips with concealer to give the contours of the shape. Blend, to not have visible boundaries.

the contour of the lips

4 A “tick” on the upper lip indicate with a highlighter (so the lips will immediately become visually more plump) and start tracing the lip contour with a pencil. Start with the upper lip. If there is a small asymmetry, with a pencil you can fix it.

colored outline

5 Lower lip is not necessary to sum all at once, first put pencil small bar at its center. And only after that draw lines towards the corners of the border will be more smooth.

the contour of the lower lip

6 Smile – and once again paint mascara on the contours of the lips. When you smile, all the folds of the skin smoothed, and you can fill in with a pencil “gaps” that are missed in the previous step.

full contour

7 Paint lipstick: when the contours are marked, this would be very simple. Ready!

lipstick on the lower lip
lipstick on the lower lip
lipstick on top
lip makeup

How to paint lips red lipstick?

Fotostrecke below will be useful for those who want perfect lipstick red lipstick. As in the previous case, you will need not only lipstick, but also lip pencil.

1 Draw a red pencil line on the upper lip as shown in photo.

the first line

2 Duplicate the line in the second half of the upper lip.


3 The center of the lower lip, emphasize with a pencil.

bottom contour

4 Stepping back a few millimeters from the corners of her mouth, put two identical points on the upper and lower lip. With their help it will be much easier to draw a clear line.


5 Connect all lines and points between them.

full contour

6 The lips are tightly shade with a pencil. This will prolong the durability of makeup and provide a smooth application of lipstick.

filling lipstick

7 Apply on top of red lipstick.

lip gloss

Two-tone lips

How to quickly create interesting makeup, if you are not too well versed in the art of makeup? Very simple! Paint your upper lip with a lipstick one shade and the bottom another. The combination of colors can be very diverse.



Makeup in the technique of Ombre will be easier to create if you do not use too dark shades. Center of the lip paint pale pink lipstick, and the edges indicate peach. Then gently blend the border with a brush or directly with your fingers.


Vertical Ombre

Conventional horizontal gradient in the beauty world is no surprise, but the vertical Ombre – spectacular make-up option. Act costs about the same pattern: mentally divide the lip into two parts and fill them with lipsticks of different colors, and then mix the border.


7 popular lipsticks: rating

Collection of excellent lipsticks for which warrants revision

1 Matte lipstick Color Riche, 905 “Instinct”, L’oréal Paris x Balmain

Matte lipstick from the limited edition of L’oréal Paris x Balmain sold out on the first day of sales, but in some places you can still find some of its representatives. For example, this summernow lipstick bold Golden-olive shade. Yes, you decide on a lipstick can not each – but the effect it will produce out of the ordinary. Make eye makeup in the bronze or Golden tones to balance the make-up and make a real splash.

l'oreal lipstick

2 Liquid matte lipstick Vivid Matte Liquid, 45 “Deep plum”, Maybelline

The perfect dark lipstick deep plum shade we found in the hit of the collection of liquid lipsticks Maybelline. It provides full coverage without “gaps”, is well applied even without the prior use of primer and tightens the skin of the lips.

lipstick Maybelline

3 A liquid lipstick with a velvet finish Liquid metallic Suede, Mauve Mist 29, NYX Professional Makeup

Another worthy liquid lipstick format, which should look better. Noble bronze shade looks on the lips unusual and provides ingress from two trend – with textures and metallic lipsticks of different shades of brown. You should use this advantage! Moreover, to apply this lipstick is a pleasure to use a separate liner is not required.

NYX lipstick

4 Lipstick L’absolu Rouge, Rouge 197 Cherie, Lancôme

In the collection L’absolu Rouge over 40 colors and each of them deserves to be in your purse. But if have to choose only one, it should be 197 Rouge Cherie: this tomato red shade suitable for absolutely everyone and provides a comfortable creamy finish.

ланком помада

5 Lipstick-balm Shine Ecstasy, 100, Giorgio Armani

The best solution for those who all the year round suffers from dry lips this lipstick will take care of them no worse than “drugstore” balm. She has a softer texture than regular lipstick, so apply it more enjoyable and easier. And saturation of the tint can be adjusted depending on your preference. Beige color 100 suitable for everyday work or an important date.

armani lipstick

6 Matte lipstick Rouge Pur Couture The Mats 206 Grenat Satisfaction, YSL

Legendary lipstick Rouge Pur Couture from YSL, not so long ago was presented in a matte version – and immediately got many favorable reviews. This is the perfect pomegranate shade will make any look aristocratic for a couple of seconds. By the way, on the official website of the brand you can make a personalized engraving on the bottle lipstick – a great gift idea for any occasion!

Yves Saint Laurent

7 Translucent lipstick Sheer Vice, Morning After, Urban Decay

What rating lipsticks without funds from the collection of Vice? Ode to this lipstick sing with one voice beauty bloggers, makeup artists and models worldwide. A collection of more than hundreds of shades of various colors – from gold to purple, but the calm shades of Marche is also possible to fame. This is one of them: it makes lips a light pale pink finish which will look appropriate in any situation.

урбан дикей помада

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