Make up a fine mouth

Women in the fine mouth often face difficulties in the application of makeup and cosmetic products, especially if they want the mouth or the area of your face more highlighted. But as we know that makeup has the capacity to conceal all these “imperfections”, you just need to follow our advice to forget about those thin lips !

Make up a fine mouth

These makeup tips can be used for women of all ages : you are either pretty young, and you are simply born with a fine mouth ; either you are a woman over 45 years of age and, over time, your mouth loses collagen.

Make up a fine mouth

Follow the following steps, where we give you all the tips for enhance your thin lips.

  • The primer for the lips

The first thing to keep in mind is that the makeup you make to improve the appearance of your lips should last as long as possible. What good is apply any tip if it disappears after a few minutes ? With the primer or base for the lips, you can be sure of a make-up lasting.

  • The corrector for the lips

The corrector will be used to draw a new contour and conceal a few lines that may be present on the edge of the lips. Take a small amount with a fine brush and wipe around the line of the lip.

Make up a fine mouth
  • The lip pencil

The lip pencil is essential. With it, you’ll be able to draw a new line that you want to have for your lips. To do this, go in small touches on the corrector, by following the natural line of your lips. Ideally, use a lip pencil matte, a color similar to the tone of your skin, since the idea is to draw new lips. You must be careful when you use it because it requires a bit of practice but the end result is really super ! We recommend that you use a pencil for the eyes the same color as your lips.

  • The lipstick

After you have defined your lips, there came the time toapply your lipstick. For lips, more bright, you must choose colors with glitter, or use a bit of gloss or in the center of the lips. To the extent possible, avoid the dark shades and the red lipstick matte, because they remove more volume to your lips and run the risk of ruining all the work already done. Don’t deprive yourself of the bright colors ! These are the best if you want the lips enlarged and sensual. And to better preserve the color of your lipstick, you can just use a gloss transparent for a result that is even better !

Make up a fine mouth

Try these tips for makeup for your fine mouth. You will see that you will get the desired results in just a few minutes. You don’t believe us ? Well, try and tell us !

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