Make-up Against dark circles: tips & Tricks For A guards view

Make-Up Tips And Tricks For Eye Rings

A much too short night, hereditary predisposition, or of work-related Stress: Many women suffer permanent or depending on the situation under eye circles. The dark shadows on the skin can Affected tired and sick act. Furthermore, they are visually and aesthetically is not what one understands under a radiant complexion and well-groomed Outer ends. But the eyes need to be a burden! In addition to the products that we use in our product comparison of 5 best remedies for eye bags & eye rings presented, you can grab a woman, also strong in the make-up box of tricks. Learn how to you every Morning, your dark under-eye circles simply disappear.

Eye circles combat with Color Correcting

Not all eye circles are equal. Depending on the cause and also their own skin color, they shimmer with a bluish, reddish, yellowish or dark brown to Black. Quite logically so, that the different discolored shadow not to all with the same Make-up product cover. Many women make the mistake of a skin-toned Concealer that is a concealer or a cover of liquid – to buy in your desired tone and around the eyes to apply. The result is sobering. The shade Shine through, still clearly. When you try to cover me another Make-up layer, you caught too much of the product. The Concealer is thick, it settles in the wrinkles and the dark circles are even more striking than at the beginning.

So what are these women doing wrong? Easy! Instead of Concealer in the skin tone is the magic word for eye rings COLOR CORRECTING.

Under-eye circles with a Color Correcting ght

The secret that was long reserved for Make-up Artists and other professionals in the Beauty scene, can now be of any Aired. Concealer – no matter whether liquid or creamy Texture – there is only the variety of skin tones from light to dark. They are also in unusual colors such as Red, Orange or Green on the market. For an untrained eye a Concealer like makeup look Palette from the Pro like the right tool for the children. But far from it! The Concealer in the extraordinary colors make use of the optical operation of the complementary colors to targeted skin blemish to compensate for, for example, small pimples and redness.

What is the effect of the different colors of Concealer?

  • Yellow Concealer: Corrects Skin undertones, with purple and blue shimmer.
  • Green Concealer: Corrects all redness. It is used in the case of pimples, spider Veins and acne.
  • Purple Concealer: Neutralizes the darkest shadows. It is often used by women with darker skin colors.
  • Pink Concealer: This tone is also neutralized dark shadows. Whether Purple or Pink is used, it is often the natural skin tone of the Person.
  • Orange Concealer: It is the complementary color to Blue with no Purple undertones.

As you can see, the different Concealer often against the same or similar color tones. The green variant is the only exception. Reason for this is that the rings of the eyes may show up, depending on the skin color and genetics the Person quite differently. Not every shade of blue is the same, each of the Purple under the skin is often accompanied by a different color.

Many cosmetic manufacturers now offer Concealer pallets at an affordable price. High-quality, but more expensive palettes for professionals you need for your personal purposes, to Hide the dark circles. A commercially available, small Palette with 6 to 8 colors enough. With this selection of shades is the correct one for you. You should be with any of the shades completely satisfied, you can also mix two colors with each other.

Note that the colored Concealer another Concealer in your skin tone is applied. To find the right color of concealer does not mean that the dark circles are immediately concealed completely. It should only be a significant, visual improvement that looks natural.

How is Concealer applied under the eyes right?

The color-neutralizing Concealer is the first Makeup product that comes on the skin after the moisturizer has been fully absorbed. The exception to this rule, a Primer that is used by people with oily skin like forms. After the yellow, green or purple Concealer, a second, thin layer is applied Concealer. This is a shade lighter than your own skin tone. The area under the eyes, once again, less dark appearance and gives a fresh, young face.

There are several ways to apply the Concealer precisely under the eye to apply:

  • with the fingers
  • with a sponge
  • with a cosmetic brush

NOTE: The skin around the eyes is particularly sensitive. You pay attention more on good Hygiene. If you apply Concealer with your fingers, wash them in advance thoroughly. Cosmetic brushes and sponges should also be cleaned regularly, otherwise they are a breeding ground for bacteria.The best care is with a mild soap, baby shampoo or special cleaners for cosmetic brushes, which are available on the market. Replace the brush or sponge you use for the eye area, moreover, never with others (Girlfriends, sisters, roommates,…). To prevent inflammation the Transfer of eyes.

After the Concealer has been applied, can now join the Foundation and to the whole of the rest of the face will be applied. They are actually better without make-up on-the-go? Then the Conealer enough completely to conceal the circles under her eyes. Make sure that the Concealer is a good blend and there are no visible Transitions to the rest of the skin.TIP: the Concealer really lasts all day, you can use it after Application with a loose powder to fix. Such a spray powder is available in transparent or in skin tones, depending on whether you are in need of additional opacity.

Makeup tricks for eye bags

Unlike dark circles eye bags can not be completely Make-up can hide. However, you can use special make up techniques, to draw the view from a small blemish on other things.

  • Let your eye look bigger! Give your Eyelids a light, neutral tone such as Beige and blend a darker brown in the crease. This technique opens the eye and makes your look fresh.
  • Avoid dark colors! Darker eyeshadow or black Eyeliner makes the eye smaller. Visually, the tears emerge, then bags, only stronger.
  • They emphasize the lips! On dark Smokey Eyes, intense eye shadow and lots of Eyeliner must be avoided sacks in tears. They draw attention all the more on the lips. Depending on the type of skin you wear dark berry tones, bright Orange or sassy Pink. Since the eyes remain subtle, the favorite lipstick look even better.

Dressing tips for men

Make-up tips for Men with dark rings around the eyes

Many a man who suffers from clearly visible rings around the eyes, look probably back us back with envy on the Make-up collection of his girlfriend or wife. After all, where the female gender are all sorts of tools to Hide and Conceal every stigma, the men with their raw, 100 % natural face on-the-go. But why?

There is nothing absolutely to hide, as a man and his under-eye circles with the help of Make-up. The method works the same as the women. Men need only a Concealer Palette, because the Rest of the face remains unvarnished.

The majority of men who hide the circles under her eyes with Make-up, it is extremely important, not obvious makeup look. Two things are crucial:

  • the right shade of Concealer to match the skin color
  • the thorough Blending of the product on the skin

We are all accustomed to the woman’s face with artificial Highlights and contour shadow. On a man’s face that looks different. Two to bright, poor deluded Conealer-beams stand out immediately and are usually more prominent than the eyes, the man is trying to conceal. Take it as a man, so all the courage and you can be in a specialty store for Make-Up, for example, a good perfume from a professional for advice. This search for the individually suitable for you Concealer and want you to get a brush and a sponge. Many men, however, prefer to Apply with fingers.

The biggest make-up mistake when Covering dark circles

  • The wrong color in the Concealer in the skin tone: Once you find a Concealer that your skin is too light or too dark, the eyes more emphasized rather than concealed. In addition, the entire Look looks blotchy.
  • The wrong Texture: If you have a rather thick liquid, rather thin liquid or creamy Concealer to use, depends not only on the taste. Depending on the type of skin and the Concealer does not behave this way. People with naturally oily skin should use a Concealer without Oils. Anyone who has very dry skin, you need a Concealer that moisturizes.
  • The wrong hue to be Correct: Often noticed you not, that the sound from the complementary colors chosen, the eye rings are not ideal for laminated. Often the depends on the light in the bathroom. The Concealerton should always be considered in the light of day.
  • No fixation: Is the Concealer not after Applying with Puser fixed, and you begin to sweat or have a long day ahead of him, he begins of it zurinnen or is unattractive in skin wrinkles from. The Powder never forget! Under the eye it works best with a kleinne brush, the noramler is meant for eye shadow.
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