Makeup Essentials: the secrets of professional makeup artists

Makeup Essentials: the secrets of professional makeup artists

Makeup is an integral part of every woman’s life. His drawing is a kind of ritual, without which one morning, and this is no coincidence. Every woman, knowing the basic rules of makeup can emphasize the main advantages of their appearance and disguise flaws.
To make a beautiful makeup, you can go to a beauty salon. However, not every woman can afford to spend time and money on the services of a professional make-up artist constantly. So you should learn the basics of good makeup and do it at home.
There are many varieties of makeup, for example, daytime and evening, simple and complex. To give the face freshness, use a simple makeup. The complex is designed to hide errors, such as scars or blemishes.

Following the advice on applying makeup, you can create a natural look for every day and daring – it is necessary in cases when You will attend the event.

Makeup styles

Before you apply makeup, you should consider exactly how it will be. The choice of colors and cosmetics depends on where You are going. Makeup artists produce a lot of makeup styles, including:

* sports – pastel colors, ease, simplicity;

* romantic – soft tones that are slightly blurred;

* avant-garde – the color contrast, brightness and saturation;

* classic – the colors of one range, neatly feathered and smoothly passing into each other. Often used shades of purple eye shadow, pink lipstick. This makeup is appropriate in almost any situation.

Choosing the style of makeup in the first place should be guided by features of their appearance, age and situation. For example, a young girl should not abuse the creams or put too bright a lipstick. Usually suitable for women slightly older.

What you need for applying makeup?

For makeup needs different tools and devices. What you need to keep in my purse for those who dream of a perfect appearance?

Makeup Essentials: the secrets of professional makeup artists

Thanks to Foundation-based make-up is getting more persistent. Base should be applied to cleansed skin, previously moistened with a nourishing cream. In everyday makeup you can do without primer, but if You have a celebration or some great event, it is indispensable.

There are different types of Foundation:

* age – after using it easier to apply the shade;

* mascara – gives volume and length;

* for the face – helps to prepare the skin for makeup application;

* for the lips, evens the surface, it masks defects.

According to professionals, the cream Foundation can be combined with the base for makeup, but should not be applied both in large quantities. To mask small defects of the skin it is best to use concealers (corrector) – special pencils.

When buying Foundation, remember it needs to look natural in any light. So, preference should be given to those tools which shade close to the natural color of Your skin. When choosing Foundation, apply it on the wrist, and on the cheekbone.

Many manufacturers claim that the cream base and made them beneficial for the skin. However, the stylists do not advise too often to use makeup.

Powder is molded, granular and crumbly. Pressed powder is convenient to carry and use outside the home, and loose should be applied with a brush.

Blush can be the same consistency as powder. Through their use the skin takes on a healthy colour, you can adjust the shape of the face.

In cosmetics it is better to give preference to pencils for eyes average degree of hardness: it easiest way is to draw a neat arrow. You can also use liquid eyeliner, then arrows will be the most bright and clear.

Using the eyebrow pencil, you can correct the drawing of the eyebrows, to make it a more intense color. For this purpose, suitable solid pencils.

Lip pencil should not be too hard or soft. Better if its hue slightly darker than the shade of lipstick.

The shadows are of various consistence: loose, pressed, liquid. The latter is not recommended for women with oily skin, as they can “swim”. The choice of shade depends on the type of makeup, eye colors, and other factors.

Through the use of mascara the look becomes more expressive. It is different shades, but the most popular colors – black and brown. There are many types of mascara: lengthening, some mascara to add volume and others.

With the help of lipstick and gloss to emphasize the lips. Accessories can be pearlescent, matte, with glitter – a lot.

Of course, do not forget about the various accessories for makeup. You will need brushes of various lengths and shapes, brush for eyebrows, tweezers eyelash curler. To correct uneven arrow or incorrectly applied the shadow, you can use cotton swabs and disks, means for removing makeup.

Make-up technique

Skin. In most cases, cosmetics, even the best quality, negatively affects the skin. So, before you do makeup, you need to degrease the skin with toner and

apply moisturizer and then Foundation. Apply a base better with a sponge. Ensure that it was evenly distributed, and pay special attention to the skin near the ears of the hair roots. If necessary, add a bit of Foundation on some areas of the face.

You need to carefully choose the color of Foundation and cream. The correct tone will disappear on your skin, even if it is not fully feathered.

If the skin has minor imperfections (pimples, spots and other), use concealer, gently distributing it. A correction is most convenient to apply with your fingers, this should be done after applying Foundation. Choose the shade of concealer that is slightly lighter color of Foundation.

Using powder can make the skin matte, clean Shine to the cheeks, forehead, chin. The shade of powder must exactly match the color of the face, so it wasn’t obvious transitions. This tool is easiest to apply using a volumetric brush.

The basics of proper makeup suggest the creation of a radiant, healthy and beautiful skin using the right blush, which must be soft and look natural. To work with blusher are good thick brushes as with their help is more soft and light feather. However, if you want to emphasize certain areas of the face, take a thin brush with which you can conduct a more dark and saturated the line. After using a blush, you can gently powder the face, then the tone will be more natural.

Eyes. If You need to do daily makeup, one should not draw too thick arrows liberally coating the lashes with mascara and use plenty of glitter. All this is well suited for evening and looks appropriate in the electric light.

Before you can use the shade or draw arrows on both eyelids, apply a special primer. You can use powder. The excess is easy to remove using a thick brush.

Don’t know what color eye shadow preference? Stay on neutral shades (white, grey, brown), you should not use bright colors, if not the exact certainty that they will fit You. If you select tone, focus on eye color and clothing. Apply eye shadow should be a special applicator or brush.

What form arrows to choose? It all depends on the shape of your eye. If they narrow, it is necessary to make the line wide in the centre of the lid. The most common closed loop: the arrow on the upper eyelid is connected with the arrow on the bottom, forming a “corner”. However, the lower eyelid is not recommended to bring those who have small eyes or close set.

Before you use mascara, you can curl lashes with special tweezers. But professionals don’t suggest to do it every day: lashes may become loosened. Mascara is applied in 1-2 layers, first on the lower eyelid, and then on the top.

Eyebrows. To emphasize the eyebrows need with the help of special pencil or eye shadow. They are applied with a brush with a sharp tip. The choice of the shape of the eyebrows depends on the type of entity.

Lips. Before applying gloss or lipstick, use a base for makeup or a little makeup for the lips.

To adjust the shape of the lips using the contour pencil, his tone should be close to the shade of lipstick. To spend a smooth contour, you can resort to a small trick: put a few dots with the pencil and then gently blend them.

Pick several different shades of lipstick to choose its color in a given situation depends on the type of makeup and colors of clothing. After applying the first coat of lipstick, gently blot with a paper towel and then paint them again. Glitter can be used without a lipstick and can be applied on top of it.

Rules applying makeup

To look perfect, not just right to put it on my eyes or lips. It is necessary to consider many nuances.

– Apply makeup better in the daylight. You can use a magnifying mirror.

– Always use a moisturizer and carefully take care of their skin to be healthy and beautiful. In this case, it will be easier to apply makeup.

– Remember hygiene. No need to apply on your face someone else’s makeup or tools with expired. Disease-causing microbes accumulated in the expired tube of mascara or a jar of other people’s shadows, I can get into the eyes and cause various diseases.

– Using mascara, don’t forget to paint not only the tips of the lashes, but also the roots. If in the process of applying mascara has formed lumps, they can be easily removed with a special brush or cloth.

Before going to sleep * make sure to remove makeup with the help of special tools.

Despite the diversity of types and techniques of make-up you should always remember that the most important thing is to create natural beauty and neatness of person.

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