Makeup for different face types: conceal flaws and secreted dignity


  • Define the shape of the face
  • Selection of cosmetics
  • How to work with different forms?
  • Consider the type of appearance

A competent and professional makeup artists always create in the first place, the shape of the face. Only in this way can be beneficial to emphasize the dignity and divert attention from the shortcomings. Determining your face type and with just a few proper strokes, you too can bring your image to perfection.

Define the shape of the face

Makeup for different face types: conceal flaws and secreted dignity

Traditionally, all forms of persons people can be divided into eight types: oval, square, round, trapezoidal, rectangular, triangular, diamond-shaped and elongated.This classification was chosen because of the similarity of the shapes and intensity of some parts of the facial contour.

To determine your type, you need to stand in front of the mirror, hair pulled back and trace the resemblance of the face of a geometric figure.

  • Oval

Oval slightly elongated due to the wide of the forehead and chin. The chin is not sharp, and smoothly arched.

  • Square

The square is characterized by relatively the same, upper and lower, halves. Wide forehead and a wide, angular chin. The length and width about the same.

  • Round

A round face has smooth transitions from the rounded forehead to the cheeks, from the cheeks to the chin. No angles, no too many parts. Because of this, it appears flat.

  • Trapezoidal

For trapezoidal (pear-shaped) forms a characteristic narrow top and wide bottom. Cheekbones are not allocated.

  • Rectangular

The rectangular shape is elongated, the height of the face exceeds the width. The forehead is quite wide, not very highlighted cheekbones, the chin is broad and angular.

  • Triangular

A triangular face is narrow chin, sharp prominent cheekbones.

  • Diamond

Diamond type is defined by wide cheekbones, narrower forehead and chin.

  • Elongated

Elongate the face a take over of the oval, but it is more elongated (one and a half times as long as wide). This seems very long and thin.

Makeup for different face types: conceal flaws and secreted dignity

Choose cosmetics
Perfect make-up for different face types includes color correction of its parts. The main task of correction using dark and bright colors to visually remove and bring the necessary parts. For example, to raise eyebrows, make a narrow nose, narrow forehead, etc. All of these effects are achieved through the necessary cosmetic products.

In order to choose the right makeup type face makeup artists use the following cosmetics:

cleansing tonic under the skin type;
cream for the eye area;
day cream for the face;
brightening highlighter;
concealer one to two shades;
good, soft brush.

Learn to work with different forms

  • Oval

Close to perfect in its proportions. Such a person does not require adjustment, if no serious defects. Only need to highlight the beauty of the blush; they apply smoothly on the cheeks to the temples. If the person seemed very flat, add more volume. The Central part (the middle of the forehead, the protruding part of the nose, chin) lighten lighter Foundation, and the contours of the dark.

  • Square

The objective of makeup is to conceal the rough and angular parts. Creams to darken the corners of the forehead and the sharp edge of the lower jaw. A dark blush applied to the cheekbones in the shape of a triangle. To mitigate their severity, the hollow under the cheekbones it is possible to lighten.

Eye shadow should be a solid color so as not to draw attention to a wide forehead. With the help of the eye pencil it is better to extend and give almond-shaped.

  • Round

Makeup for round face must lengthen it, if the dark powder or face powder brush to darken the side contours and edges of the cheeks. The volume of the cheeks reduce, causing a blush in a triangle from the cheekbones to the side of the lips.

The eye contour can not be changed, and clearly circle their own. It is better to use two-tone eye shadow. The darker shades apply on the moving part of the upper eyelid and under the eyebrow, let it be lighter.

  • Trapezoidal

Make-up for trapezoidal shape is to visually lighten the heavy lower jaw and to make a wider top third of the head. This chin can pritisnite brown blush, and on the cheekbones apply a light. Natural color denoted by the cheekbones closer to the line of the mouth, blending toward temples.

To expand the upper part of the face, extending the contour of the eye. Much dark shadows is better not to use, it is enough to outline and natural tones.

  • Rectangular

For rectangular type first dim forehead at the hairline, with brown powder and brush a little damp the lower chin line. Side, on the contrary, lighten. Apply blush horizontally in the form of an oval, shading at the edges.

Lips can slightly increase, causing the circuit a little wider than their natural. Eye highlight contour, internal angle lighten shadows, outer dim.

  • Triangular

Triangular face need to make a darker shade in the side area of the temples and the outer part of the forehead. Smoothly downstream from the temples to apply blush.

It is important to highlight the lips. They should look rounded and three dimensional. To visually raise a low eyelids, eyes can be colored in a vertical technique.

  • Diamond

Diamond on the face to soften the distinct angles. This will dim the lateral contour of the cheekbones and the sharp tip of the chin. Blush is best applied on the front part from the jaw line up, not bringing it to school.

  • Extended

Elongated oval, it is desirable to shorten vertically and expand horizontally. The lower part of the chin and upper part of the forehead stonerose a darker shade. Horizontal blush can expand the contours.

Lips and eyes better not too much words, and to use natural contours and natural colors.

Consider the type of appearance

Makeup for different face types: conceal flaws and secreted dignity

The stylists there is a strong division of people into four color types of appearance: Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. The main criteria for affiliation are: skin tone, shade of hair and eye shade. For the harmony of the overall image to each of them it is better to choose the appropriate makeup for the appearance.

The Color Type “Winter”

Most numerous on earth. It is characterized by:

  • black eyelashes and eyebrows;
  • cold, pale skin tone;
  • a clear outline of the lips with a pink tinge.

Such girls are deep and vivid colors. All but yellow and its shades. They can always rely on gray and silver color combined with brown and dark green shades. Eyes it is important to highlight expressive dark. Bright, rich lipstick will be a great addition.

The Color Type “Spring”

Quite rare. It is characterized by:

  • bright and light brown hair;
  • light eyebrows and eyelashes;
  • leather beige color with a peach blush, possible freckles;
  • eyes greenish, dark blue with no iris.

Makeup this appearance must emphasize the delicate and transparent tone of the image. Blush is better to use red shades, lip pencil and lipstick – with a yellowish tint. It is most advantageous it will look in the makeup in warm natural colours. Dark colors can not be used, as they will be aged image.

The Color Type “Summer”

The most multifaceted and diverse. Summer girls has:

  • hair any color, except brown, Golden and reddish;
  • eyebrows and lashes are ashy or ashy-brown;
  • eyes grey of various shades;
  • the skin is pale pink, clear with a cool blush.

The makeup is created from cold colors (gray, blue, purple). Not recommended for shades of orange – they give the face a painful look.

The Color Type “Autumn”

Is expressiveness and flair. Features of appearance:

  • hair from Auburn warm red shades;
  • eyebrows are usually thick hair color;
  • skin pale yellow, often with pigment spots;
  • eyes are amber, hazel, blue.

The main thing here is to eliminate the modulations, perlamutra and Shine.Cosmetics makeup should be matte. Blush in a natural shade, the shade warm (plum, yellow-brown).

Once you pinpoint the type of person and appearance, you should be able to quickly understand the features of your makeup. Follow these simple rules and be beautiful!

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