Makeup for the overhanging century: the main rules


Overhanging eyelid – quite a common feature. How to make a beautiful make-up, considering the shape of the eye?

How to determine that you have a drooping eyelid? With this structure of the eye the upper eyelid hangs over a moving, overlapping either completely or partially (only the center of the century, its internal or external area).

Features makeup for the impending century

1. Be sure to use a primer

Eyeshadow primer makes application of eyeshadow and eyeliners, and also extends the durability of makeup, so it’s use is recommended for girls with any shape of the eye. But in the case of the looming century without this tool can not do: under the pressure of the impending century, actually can not resist even the most persistent of shadows. So the first thing to be sure to apply primer to the eyelids. One of the proven options that will not let you down, is a bestseller Primer Potion from Urban Decay.

2. Keep your eyes open

When applying shadow or liner keep your eyes open. Otherwise, you will be hard to determine where is located the natural crease of the eyelid, and, accordingly, you will not be able to do corrective makeup. Another tip: when applying makeup looking in the mirror straight ahead, without raising her eyebrows.

3. Apply the eye shadow above the crease

In the case of overhanging eyelid apply dark shadow not only in the fold of rolling century, but above it. In this approach, the color will be visible and with open eyes.

4. Keep a napkin

If you are a beginner in makeup, make beautiful makeup for the impending century will help the next trick. Attach a paper doily to the outer corner of the eye so that it is also concerned with the angle of one of the “wings” of the nose. Apply eyeshadow from the center of the eye horizontally, in the direction of the cloth (as shown in the picture).

5. Buy matte shadows

If you want to visually reduce the stationary upper eyelid (that hangs) and to distract attention from it, apply not shiny, and matte shadows. Shimmering textures will reflect light, visually increasing the part of the eye and create the feeling of swollen eyelid.

6. Prefer waterproof formulas

Primarily, it relates to mascara. In this form of the structure of the eye often come into contact with the upper eyelid. So that the ink is not printed on it, use the option of a waterproof formula. Eyeliner and eyeshadow too, it is better to buy water-resistant.

7. Be careful with bright colors

The bright neon shade is the fashionable version of the eye makeup, but the girls with the impending century, it is necessary to observe special technology. If you apply bright shadows, blend them so that they will go beyond and rolling, and overhanging century.

8. “Highlights” inner eye corners

Apply some light shadows with shimmer in the inner corners of eyes and under them (from the inner corner to mid of the lower eye contour). This will help a bit visually “push” the eyes and create the effect of a wide-open look.

9. Do not lower “tails” of the arrows

In the looming century often looks sad and tired. In order not to aggravate the situation, do not draw the arrows with the “omitted” tips. Remember: the arrow on your century should reach up!

10. Carefully blend the shadow

Graphic makeover with clean lines – not your option. Remember that when hanging century the key importance of quality feather.

Makeup with the looming century: step-by-step techniques

To make beautiful eye makeup with the looming century, follow our simple photo instructions.

Day makeup for the impending century

A reliable primer, matte shadow & highlighter: all you need to create a beautiful everyday makeup.

1. Use a base for shadows or, if no special means, apply a normal primer for the face. Over the entire lid, from corner of the eye and under the eyebrow apply a light matte shadow (we used the shade Virgin from the Urban Decay Naked palettes).

2. In the crease apply a matte brown shade Naked a sweeping line, using a fluffy brush. It also apply in the external corner of the eye.

3. Flat brush place a center of the movable century, a delicate flare satin shadow shade champagne. Act Pat.

4. Liquid eyeliner draw a thin arrow, bringing it a little beyond the outer corner of the eye.

5. A pencil paint mascara on the top slimy path. Ink paint mascara on the upper lashes only. Day makeup for the impending century ready!

Casual look with correction of the impending century

1. Prepare your skin for makeup: clean it with a tonic and apply a moisturizing cream.

2. Apply on face cream. Can use sponge, brush or makeup with your fingers.

3. On redness and under eye circles apply a concealer and on the eyelids – base under the shadows.

4. Give your face a fresh look. It is enough to apply on the apples of the cheeks blush a soft pink or peach shade depending on your skin color.

5. Apply beige eye shadow with delicate shimmer.

6. To correct drooping eyelid, on the eyelid apply a shade of shade of taupe. Use a tool with a matte finish. When you smudge, you take away the pigment a little higher.

7. On all the upper eyelid apply a shade of gray-brown shade on the lower eyelid and Golden shimmer.

8. Paint mascara on the lashes with mascara.

9. Put eyebrows with gel.

10. Blend the highlighter just above the cheekbones.

11. On the lips apply lipstick or pale pink gloss.

Smokey eyes for the impending century

How to turn daytime makeup into evening? Use more saturated colors and create a spectacular haze on the eyelids!

1. On the eyelid apply a matte beige shadow. The darker shades from the same palette (with Toasted from the Urban Decay Naked palette) apply in the inner corner of the eye and blend towards the center of the century. It will spread over the crease and blend towards the brow. 2. Dial shade Hustle from the same palette on a wide brush and apply in the crease and outer corner of the eye.

3. A hint of bitter chocolate Creep spread flat brush along the line growth upper lashes (a bit more color should be in the outer corner of the eye), then blend.

4. A pencil paint mascara on mucous the contour of the upper and lower eyelids. Below and slightly blend.

5. Bright satin shadow apply in the inner corner of the eye. On the upper eyelid draw an arrow with liquid eyeliner.

Evening makeup for the impending century

The best way to enhance the beauty of eyes with the feature to create a makeup in classic relief technique.

1. As with any makeup for the impending century, this must start with applying the base. Then flat brush, spread a light shade with a slight shimmer on the upper eyelid, without affecting the outer one-third (should start from the inner corner). Above the fold the border of the shadows to raise not worth it.

2. Using a small flat brush and dark matte eye shadow (choose a shade depending on eye color) emphasize that 1/3 of the lower eyelid, starting at outer corner. Extend the line up to intersection with orbital line. Get a kind of arrow with a turned-up tip.

3. The same darker shade, fill in 1/3 of the upper eyelid to the orbital line, starting from the tip of the arrow. Try to do the shading with diagonal movements.

4. The same brush with the remnants of the dark colors mark the line creases of the upper eyelid, not closing the eyes, moving from the outer corner inward and without affecting the last third.

5. Matte red brown shadow to soften the line between the two shades on the upper eyelid. For this purpose, useful special fluffy brush for shading.

6. With a fluffy brush, apply the eyeshadow of the same shade in the crease of the upper eyelid and 1/3 of the lower eyelid, gently blending the borders of dark brown.  

7. A small brush apply a light satin shade under the eyebrow, they also add to the skin at the inner corner of the eye.

8. The same bright shade of paint mascara on the lower eyelid 2/3, starting from the inner corner.

9. Paint eye-lashes lengthening mascara. Makeup ready!

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