Makeup for winter and summer, and makeup for the day or the night. What are the differences?

Makeup for winter and summer, and makeup for the day or the night. What are the differences?

The fact to know how to adapt to a situation is critical and that is the order of the day. Whatever the scope of our day-to-day will be a good example to apply this phrase, as for example in the work; or when we have scheduled a trip.

In these situations we adapt not only our actions, but also to other elements that accompany us in this day-to-day, such as the clothes we wear and, of course, also the makeup.

We don’t wear the same if our work is performed in an office, or in change develops in a factory; in the same way that we don’t dress the same in summer than during the winter; and it is more, nor do we tend to dress alike during the day than at night (depending on the type of event that we attend).

All these differences and distinctions that we have listed for the dress we can also apply for the makeup that we use in our day-to-day, and which will vary according to the season of the year in which we find ourselves; mainly summer and winter, and may also vary as we have scheduled to attend any event that takes place during the day or at night.


Why change the type of makeup?

The makeup consists of a series of products that we apply directly on our skin, skin that has some needs which are changing according to the time of year in which we find ourselves. This is not something exclusive only of the cosmetic products, but it is something that occurs in the skin of any person because, for example, during the summer, we use sunscreen to protect our skin from the ultraviolet radiation, and also use more frequently moisturizer, as the water of the sea, the pools and the sun tend to be drying.

With the makeup is going to happen the same, since the winter is usually to use an coverage more dense that it would be extremely uncomfortable in the summer due to high temperatures and to the fact that it tends to sweat more.

Another of the aspects that often change at the time of using makeup is the texture of the product, and also the type of cosmetic employee, opting in the summer by products much lighter and less overwhelming.

The different seasons mark the type of makeup to use during the year, but if we focus on a smaller scale as it is the day, we’re also going to find differences when opting for a look or another. In this case, the main differences are not going to be as much in the texture, number and type of product used, but rather focuses on the colors and tones used.

Usually, the night environments tend to have less lighting, not to be that we find ourselves within a place or precinct, and this fact is going to make the range of colors used, because the visual effect of the cosmetic will be very different to those offered under the natural light of the sun.


The right makeup for the summer and the winter

Speaking of summer, is to speak of heat, and in the same way that with the arrival of high temperatures, wear clothing light and loose, with makeup you should do the same, since the application of certain products can offer a feeling overwhelming and annoying, especially on those days of extreme temperatures.

During the summer, what you should do is to opt for a foundation with less coverage, but you get a greater unification of the tone. How do we achieve this? Using creams with a color whose composition is low in oils, that is to say, containing sufficient water, in addition to be much more pleasant to the skin, will provide a moisturizing effect very necessary in this time of the year.

These creams are a cosmetic similar to the BB Cream, but more focused on moisturizing your skin during the time that they remain applied, and to minimise or conceal the pores and imperfections that are found on the face fruit of the heat, and without the mask effect you get with other cosmetic products much heavier.

As added important, some of these creams incorporate protection against ultraviolet, so that with them we met three objectives: to correct the imperfections of the skin, moisturise it and protect it from the sun; all without having to suffer the inconvenience of a heavy make-up.

You must flee from the makeup foundations that contain oils in an important quantity, as it is more than likely that they will end by creating highlights on the face though our skin is not fat. High temperatures dilate the pores of the skin and make sudemos more, fact that, although it is minimum, if you join to the presence of oil, will give us an effect nothing is desired that will be accentuated under the light of the sun.

What drawback you are going to present the cream color? The main disadvantage of this cosmetic is something that we have already mentioned as a feature of the same, and is that your coverage is quite a bit less than that of other types of makeup foundations, a drawback that will have all those skins with noticeable imperfections or consideration, as they will not be able to correct them or minimise them, and also with a durability less.

Another option that you can opt-out at this time of year as an alternative to the bases in cream are the foundation mousse, whose coverage is somewhat greater, and are still a product that is lightweight, easy to apply, and with a durability to something bigger.

What we’re looking for more cosmetic products for the summer? The powders of the sun are another of the typical products of the summer season. Are a product, in the form of dust, evidently, that offer tones, tanned or lightly browned.

Are suitable for those women that are already in your skin with a tanned noticeable, and that they do not want to apply any makeup base for very light. It is, therefore, a product used to get a redefined minimal, fast and lightweight suitable for tanned skin and very few imperfections.

If we focus on the colors and tones used, they usually use those that best combine with a skin tone tan. As are the pink, green, blue, golds and bronzes, especially in the eyes, and the lips are used the pinks and lilacs.

Leaving because of the high temperatures and focusing on the winter, products used are going to be different. You don’t have the inconvenience of having to withstand temperatures burdensome and, as a consequence, you usually do not sweat just.

This allows the use of any base makeup, although it’s too heavy and that provides a coverage much greater than those used during the summer. Foundation in cream, powder, mousse, bb cream… just we have to choose the one most suitable for our skin type.

And in the same way that the heat has an effect on our skin, the cold is not going to be less, that is why it is important to take into account some things, such as, for example, to be aware that the skin is going to need to be hydrated, just like during the summer, using creams because the cold dry quite. This need is going to make clear in both the skin of the face and, especially, in the lips, which tend to suffer to a greater extent the elements of this type of station.

The fact to use heavier products on your skin will result in an increased need for cleaning of the same, that is why it is important to lose a few minutes each night to remove all traces of cosmetics employees. With this we will improve the state of health and visual of our skin, something that is appreciated the next day when you need to re-apply new makeup.

In terms of the colors used, these tend to be paler or less intense than during the summer, with the exception of in the lips, where the reds tend to take a more important role. Pink, clear, brown colors, brown and black are the most commonly used in the different points of the face. It also tends to increase the intensity of make up on the eyes, using black tones eyeliners stroke thickness.

As a bonus we find at this time of year, is that the makeup tends to last intact for a greater amount of hours, something that is appreciated, especially when you are attending an event.


The differences between the makeup day and evening makeup

Another of the distinctions that are made within the world of makeup, it is the type of effect or look that you want to look during the day or during the night. The first thing that we must bear in mind is that, whatever the time of day in which we go to make up, you must attend the station in which we are to choose a cosmetic product which is suitable to apply on the skin.

In the summer, in the evenings, tends to make heat in many points of our geography, so we must not fall into the error of using heavy products or too much coverage as we have explained above.

Make-up day

Make-up day

Talking about the make-up day, in general terms it should be composed of muted tones and little flashy, with the aim that, in the natural light, highlight the appearance of the face of the person and not the elements that have been applied over the same.

The tones most appropriate are those that are close to the skin tone on which to apply (tones which, as we have been able to find, should be changing depending on the time of year in which we find ourselves, as the skin will also change in pitch); it must also seek to use products that give a matte finish, free of glare can give an artificial looking under the light of the sun, avoid using shadows too dark, and make the strokes made with the eyeliner to be very discrete.

You can also use some blush to give a note of color, but without abusing it. The same concept should be followed for the treatment of the eyelashes, being able to use something to mask it, but never abusing it. As for the lips, the pink tones will be the most appropriate, and may also use, in this case, a little shimmer in them.

Note that you must always seek to show the naturalness of the face, minimizing blemishes and softening the features, always without falling to the side of the artificial looking.

Evening makeup

Evening makeup

In contrast, during the night, the makeup style can change dramatically. In this case we tend to use tones much more marked and aggressive, in addition to a wide range of cosmetic products.

It should be emphasized also to highlight either the eyes or the lips, that is to say, if we give prominence to the eyes, they must leave the lips in a more secondary and vice versa, to highlight the lips and make-up of the more discreet the eyes, but not do it with the two elements at the same time because, rare exceptions, does not usually give good results.

To give prominence to the eyes is usually to use darker shades combined with a light-colored eyeliners thick to mark the line of the eye, and masks of tabs that lengthen and give them prominence.

To give prominence to the lips, use bright colours or intense, taking care that the tone employed in the same line to the rest of the makeup applied. The matt finish colours tend to be an excellent choice because, in addition to the intensity of the color that they offer, have a durability much greater than that of other types of specific cosmetic for the lips.

The makeup base should continue to be the same color as the skin, but after that you may apply shades of red or dark will be the protagonists during these hours of the day. In short, it aims to take advantage of the lack of light to be able to use aggressive products, which will not have that artificial looking that would be seen under the light of the sun, and in addition, highlighted the factions giving a look a lot more attractive.

Each time of the year, and every moment of the day they have their features, and the makeup should be something according to the same, so that we can get that set of natural image, at the same time that we correct the small imperfections that appear on the skin.

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