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Makeup can do magic things, but does not have to be a mystery. A simple and natural makeup is so much more to do does not require talent or materials. For a large part of combining the ingredients, you can do it with your fingertips and you choose not to use specific products that do not appeal to you. So don’t be afraid: Makeup fresh and radiant your face enjoy!


Make Preparations

1 Skin start clearing. Wash your skin with a mild cleanser to clean any remaining dirt by wiping with tonic or on your skin.

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2 Put on a light moisturizer. This will keep your skin on the skin to prevent excess lubrication and moisture during the day will allow you to a dry place. If you know that your skin is oily, moisturizing, riding skip the steps of; instead, try a gel based moisturizer that quickly absorb your

  • Lays the foundation for your skin to absorb moisturizer and wait five minutes before (see the next step).

3 Give moisturizer or a light colored blush on the skin slim. Your foundation using your fingers, forehead, cheeks, nose and chin they drive on the spots, and then spots by distributing outward in all directions with your fingers or foundation brush and collate. Be sure to choose a foundation that is appropriate for your skin tone. Choose a slightly lighter not darker than the skin tone if you’re unsure. This will keep the orange color of the skin and make it look more natural.

  • If you want more coverage, you can use the same collation by applying the technique of a makeup sponge.

4 Sur a little concealer under your eyes: Small, pointed brush with the help of it is usually the most intense of dark circles under the eyes, a little concealer to the inner and outer ends of the eye Sur. Kaynastir drive and other stains that are not close to your foundation a little.

  • What should be the same color or slightly lighter with the skin, although disagree about concealers, concealers from the natural skin tone, never more than a tonnes should not be open to. Try to find the nearest to your skin tone, and concealers, if necessary, prefer one with more open.

5 Concealer and moisturizer with a transparent powder to fix it. Powder brush this powder lightly with a sponge, not soft sur face (brush the dust scatters). Use a powder brush to get the excess. If you’re driving with a powder brush if the brush in a circular motion to the face before applying the powder by tapping to get more. 

Method 2

To Do Eyes Makeup

1 Eyelid, apply the eyeshadow of your choice. If you’re starting to wear makeup, try grizzly brown or natural tones, such as aubergine in monochrome and lights. Using your fingers or triple eye shadow brush round, small and fast strokes up her eyelid and Sur, Nov spread it around the bone.

  • The shadow beyond the crease of the lid from lash line a little bit should go. Up from there, right to the bone hafifleyer should go to.
  • A little bit of eyeshadow with a transparent powder to stabilize.
  • If you’re using a brush by tapping the brush on the far side of the shadow box get more.

2 Use eyeliner. Use a black or brown pencil and apply to the top lash line with short strokes.

  • Remove the lid with one hand while looking in the mirror and the eyes and top download the pencil with your other hand pull.
  • Take a pen, you can be as creative makeup to put on one of the topics that more confidence increases. Color, texture, and factors such as the application pen, can change the appearance of your eyes from top to bottom. Is your creativity!

3 Eyelashes curl. The bottom of the lashes Eyelash Curler (lid), place and press for five seconds.

4 After you do this, mascara Sur. The mascara towards the outer edge of your eye so that the tip of the brush will move to drive the top and bottom lashes. Enough one coat for this look rides.

Method 3

Give color to cheeks and lips

1 Rub the blush on your cheekbones. If you smile while doing this, you can clearly see the location of the cheekbones. The temples of the cheekbones blush upward drive.

  • For a natural glow, cream blush, try switching that is easier.
  • If you prefer a fluffy powder blush, but I often use a brush. Rub a little bit of transparent powder to blend the edges.

2 Sur lipstick or lip gloss. Pucker your lips like you’re going to kiss somebody and lipstick, and upper and lower lip to the middle of the drive. This is the first application you can do it with the lipstick itself directly; then use your fingers to spread the color outward with your fingertips and when you need a coat.

  • If the cracks of the lips, prepare them before applying the lipstick. Warm and touch your lips gently with a damp cloth, and then rub a thin coat of chapstick. Before applying lipstick or gloss, your lips soak up the moisturizer is to wait.
  • Makeup to add colour to the lips without thinking about your makeup technique and application for beginners, offers a great opportunity to diversify. Neutral on hold that such as an intense fire engine red lip gloss, barely You can try everything.

3 To make sure that everything appears good is in harmony, and if possible, look yourself in the Sunshine. That’s about it!


  • Finding the correct shade of foundation is very important. One of the methods frequently applied there is a bit chin: if it matches the color of the skin tone is right for you. If not, try a lighter or darker tone.
  • If you’re going to take away in multiple colours, eyeshadow palette natural, if you’re not sure which color would match but it would be a good choice to buy. Cosmetics eyeshadow palette that are sold in the places where you can buy. All the colors in the palette are compatible with each other, and sometimes the headlights, should be applied to which parts of the eye, even if shown.
  • You could start with ask their parents what: an intense dark red with a heavy blush and lipstick makeup is there to let you do? Otherwise it’s a colorless lip gloss and light mascara, a light makeup you should start with?
  • If you’re done if you’re too young to drive or blush blush, nausea and / cimdikleyeb for your cheeks you can.


  • Don’t do exaggerated makeup. After gaining experience to achieve a natural look if you want a more detailed makeup try on has gradually.
  • Some products may produce an allergic reaction in sensitive skin. If you know of a sensitive skin or you just have to cautious if you want to be “hypoallergenic” makeup products in the marked to buy. Irritation against the possibility of a product before applying to the entire face side of the lower jaw (near the ear) allergy testing would be good to do.

Things You Need

  • Daily Facial Cleanser and/or tonic
  • A light moisturizer
  • A skin color concealer (matching the colour of your skin)
  • This slim tinted moisturizer or foundation (matching your skin color)
  • Transparent powder
  • A neutral eyeshadow
  • Black or brown eyeliner
  • Lipstick or lip gloss
  • Mascara (black or brown)
  • Powder brush
  • Concealer brush (optional)
  • Eyeshadow Brush (optional)
  • Blush brush (optional)
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