Makeup in 1, 2, 5, 10 minutes

Makeup in 1, 2, 5, 10 minutes

Even in a short time you can freshen up and be known as the first beauty. Take advantage of our make-up-tricks that the editors checked it myself with a stopwatch.
Morning training camp can be compared to a short distance race. Torn between the kitchen and the rooms, you prepare the child porridge, husband toast, help to find each tie, satchel, belt, briefcase (underline), and still trying to freshen up. In this morning marathon, every minute is precious, and you need to spend it wisely and usefully. Reduce the distance at least at the stage of makeup. And we will help you to carry out a sprint make-up race productively.

Makeup in 1 minute

Makeup in 1, 2, 5, 10 minutes

Even if the time for yourself you have only 60 seconds, do not despair. During this period, you will have time to emphasize their strengths and weaknesses hide. The main thing to pacify the trembling in his hands and…. on your mark, get set, go!

You will need:

BB cream, cream shadow neutral shade, contour eyeliner, eyebrow pencil.

Apply BB cream on your face. This is the best option for a morning make-up marathon. BB cream contains moisturizing and caring components, it can be used even instead of its usual cream. With this magical tool you can hide imperfections of the skin and face relief, traces of lack of sleep in the area around the eyes, and even apply it to the eyelids.
Take a cream shadow, better shade of champagne, beige or ivory, put them on a mobile eyelid. Even if you make flaws in the application, with such a palette, they will not be noticeable.
Use a pencil to draw a thin line closer to the contour of the upper lashes. Thus you will make the look more expressive and thicker eyelashes.
Work on the eyebrows with a pencil, applying it with strokes, then blend with a brush. This technique will allow you to achieve a more natural eyebrow line.

Your assistant:

Shadow Perfect Mono eyeshadow is Dolce & Gabbana Make Up Essence of the

BB cream Artistic

Terry eyeliner

Eyebrow pencil eyebrow Gloss Smashbox Brow Tech Blonde


Makeup in 1, 2, 5, 10 minutes

Align the face relief (scars, post-acne scars)
The irregularities of the dermis can be easily turned into smooth skin, which has no visible flaws.

If your skin has an uneven relief, you can smooth its surface with the help of special primers that fill the irregularities, soften the skin and make it smoother. For point masking it is better to use a more dense and plastic corrector, consisting of several shades. Mixing shades, you will achieve the most even result. Apply concealer after Foundation before face powder.Anton Zimin

Makeup in 2 minutes

Makeup in 1, 2, 5, 10 minutes

You have in stock for two minutes, for which the soldiers have time to get dressed, fill the beds and line up. So, to make makeup during this time, you do not need to have supernatural abilities. Imagine yourself a beauty General and give the right to command a parade in a make-up to your eyes.

You will need:

Eyelash tweezers, mascara, concealer, Foundation, cream shadows, blush, lipstick under the color of the lips.

How to do makeup:

Apply Foundation on the face and then blush on the Apple cheeks. “Apply a blush to your face before you make up your eyes. This will help to observe the measure and not to overdo it with make-up,” says the leading makeup artist of the organic cosmetics brand Dr. Hauschka’s Karim Sattar.
Apply eye shadow and then curl your lashes with tweezers. Pre-dip the tweezers in hot water (it is better to do this when you wash), let them cool down. Warm tweezers, like Curling irons, better Curling hairs.
Next, apply mascara in several layers. After such tricks your look will look more spectacular and open.
Lower lashes paint mascara vertically, so it will not smear and will not leave marks on the lower eyelid.
Use the concealer to correct imperfections on the face and around the eyes.
Apply lipstick.

Your assistant:

PP blush “Perfect glow” Erborian

lipstick Clarins Joli Rouge

Pencil-corrector Studio masking and correction MAC

Alliance Perfect L’oreal Paris Foundation

Mascara Falsies Push Up Drama Maybelline New York

Double resistant cream shade SILK AETHER Rouge Bunny Rouge

Makeup in 5 minutes

Makeup in 1, 2, 5, 10 minutes

As it is sung in one famous song: “Five minutes, five minutes is a lot or a little”. For make – up- a car and a small cart of time. During this period you can afford to try on the latest trends, having made the main character of a make-up of a lip. It is best to choose some lipstick berry shade, because this palette – the most fashionable this season.

You will need: Lipstick, cream shadows, transparent mascara, eyebrow gel, blush, Foundation, powder, contour lip pencil to match the lipstick.

How to do makeup:

Work out the relief of the face with a Foundation and apply blush on the cheeks of Apple.
Remember that the main role in the makeup you carry out the lips, so for eye makeup, choose neutral shades is a shade of beige (with small lights), transparent mascara. They will not compete with the lips and will act as a great landscape. Apply shadows to the inner corners to add Shine and mascara to the upper and lower lashes. Being transparent, it will still give them a shape and even a bend.
Gel your eyebrows.
After this job starts, lips Macau. “”Pre-priputnev lips, it will give the lipstick durability,” advises Karimata. Next, emphasize the contour of the lips with a pencil, and then apply lipstick.

Your assistant:

Eye color Cream Barberry eyeshadow

Double blush Nars

Catrice long-lasting lipstick, Contour lip Pencil

Matte Foundation and Burberry Cashmere
the Ideal concealer & Brow Gel Primer I liked the basis for eyelash and eyebrows

Oriflame the ONE Color Unlimited lipstick long lasting

Makeup in 10 minutes

Makeup in 1, 2, 5, 10 minutes

While her husband just started watching the news and morning coffee, and the child is trying to cope with the porridge, you have as much as ten minutes for yourself. During this time, you can rightfully pay attention to the eyes and lips. We advise you to try on the cat eyes makeup which returned to fashion which will give elegance and playfulness to an image.

You will need:

BB cream, black liner, medium-brown shade, mascara, lipstick under the color of the lips, highlighter champagne shade, liquid for the make-up, cotton buds.

How to do makeup:

Mask the flaws on your face with BB cream.
Then proceed to the most important part – pointing arrows “cat’s eye”. There is nothing complicated in their creation. Take a liner, cotton swabs and makeup remover. Begin to draw a thin line from the inner corner of the eye, gradually expanding it closer to the outer corner. If you are not satisfied with the shape of an arrow, you can edit it using a cotton swab dipped in the liquid make-up remover.
Apply to movable eyelids medium brown shade after you create the arrow. This order must be observed in order that you can retouch the shape of the lines. After applying the shadows, you can re-walk the arrows liner to make them brighter. Apply mascara to lashes.
Apply to the cheekbones highlighter champagne color to give your face a healthy Hollywood glow.
Last of all, proceed to the makeup of the lips. Following the latest trends, bright eye makeup can be combined with a catchy lip make-up. So the choice is yours – a neutral palette or bright shades of lipstick, it all depends on the mood.

Your assistant:

Starry palette of Nude shadows

A creamy pressed powder for sculpting an unstoppable Sculptor L’oreal Paris

Smashbox BB Aqueous liquid

mascara N1 for eyes

Valentine Who cares Smokey Cream pencil

Mascara to increase the volume of eyelashes Clinique Chubby Fattening Lash Mascara

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