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Know what place men find the best for Dating with a girl? No, this is not public transport where you can appreciate the charms of a potential lady to the touch. And it is not a nightclub where the girl, like a hunter, this war paint that seeing her beautiful face at dawn, you can gently obesity. The best place to Dating – beach: here the lovely ladies are seen in all their glory, as they say, from head to toe.

makeup on the beach

 Of course, the flaws in a place like the beach, nothing will hide, but some flaws in the face – it is possible and necessary disguise. Lovers of all natural after these words stubbornly will Pat your leg: “How? Makeup on the beach? Absurd!” Absurdity and nonsense – its absence, especially in such revealing every flaw, like the beach.

Every self-respecting lady knows that make-up on the beach – not just a weapon to seduce the neighbour on the sun lounger. It is a vital lifeline for the care of our skin under the scorching sun on the beach. Of course, bright and flashy coloring in the style of the vamp will not only look out of place, vulgar and provocative, but sometimes even funny. But discreet makeup in the style of “nude”, when the face has makeup, but its presence almost unnoticed, is a great way to take care of his beloved.

Of course, we should not indulge in all serious in order to look great in the beach season. So permanent makeup – perhaps excessive measure, resorted to some women, just to be on top three months of the year. But completely to refuse of make-up on leave absolutely pointless and even harmful.

It is also worth remembering that makeup every day is not the same makeup, which is necessary for quality makeup to the beach. So if You have not updated their strategic stocks in the purses for the summer, now is the time to do it, based on some basic rules and little tricks for a good makeup on the beach.

So, on the beach, we primarily need to feel protected. For this we need moisturizer, and makeup base. Here from the Foundation is likely to have to give up if it’s certainly not a special cream with UV filters. Although if You don’t plan to just lie on a sun lounger waiting for Golden sun, and occasionally indulge yourself bathing in the water, it is better to replace the Foundation on a special sunscreen pigments. This cream will protect You from the dangerous UV rays of the sun, and at the same time, will create the effect of rendering minor flaws. Why not a normal Foundation? Not fit under the UV light it can cause age spots, which then will not cover any concealer!

Go ahead. On a tonal basis to apply the powder is not recommended, with the exception of a creamy powder. In General, on the beach you need to forget about all the “dry” cosmetics! A cunning ploy, which is used by real experts make-up is a generous application of lip gloss: instead of blush, instead of shadows, and, of course, on the lips. If You still committed to the classic methods of applying makeup, creamy pearl blush should definitely be in Your beauty Arsenal. They not just help Your cheeks playfully sparkle under the bright sun, but will also create the much desired “wet” effect on my face.

Combat eye makeup start with the eyebrows. Eyebrows, in principle, are not so fastidious in their preparations for the trip to the beach. Pull out and put a special gel, and better wax. Eyeliner and fatty pencils are not suitable for beach version make-up, unless You want every –teen minutes to correct blurred makeup. But the shadows and mascara will be more than appropriate. For eyes, choose the color of the shadows under the swimsuit. Regarding the quality of the shadows, dry again not our choice: they don’t just get rolled up in the heat, but not undone after the first swim in the water. So again, choose a creamy or even better – use eye shadow instead of lip gloss. Naturally, for the beach, mascara should be waterproof, although some experts say that not every waterproof mascara can withstand prolonged exposure in water. On this occasion, it is better to use fat nutritional ink that will wash off with water, but unlike water-resistant, it can be easily removed with a napkin, coming ashore. Water-resistant then have to scrub hiding somewhere with a mirror under the umbrella.

And the most vulnerable place that requires the most meticulous care, our lips. Unlike the skin, they do not have sebaceous glands and therefore is subject to excessive drying in sun. Talk about lipstick on the beach, of course, silly, but hygienic balm or lip gloss with UV filters are indispensable components of the beauticians for the beach.

Remember that makeup for the beach should look very natural, like a kiss of the sun. Best Your friends in the sun is a shielding lotion, waterproof mascara and a little lip gloss, and the rest, unfortunately, if overused, can turn from an ally in the war for the beauty of their worst enemy.

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