Makeup on the day of birth, birthday choose a beautiful makeup

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Birthday is the occasion on which you have to look attractive and irresistible, but at the same time, not flashy and not aggressive< strong>. First and foremost, beautiful makeup on the day of the birth should go well together with the selected image, including matching with a ceremonial outfit. Of course, doing it the professional, but not worse work at home, with a bit of practice and consider the way in advance.

The basic rules of applying make-up

  • Like any other, festive makeup begins with Foundation. You need to choose it so that the color is most adapted to your complexion. You should know that the remedy should be applied in stages, that is, on the face and neck. For a fresher complexion it is recommended to use pinkish shades.
  • As the holiday season make the main accent color should be on the eyes, as lipstick very often eaten. The main thing in this case to remember some rules. For example, flickering the shadows are applied only to the area under the eyebrow, and brushed on the upper eyelid and the crease above it.
  • Lips it is recommended to paint the discreet lipstick or lip gloss.
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Different variations of make-up on birthday

Make-up for a birthday in the summer

Making summer makeup for you to seek help for a wide variety of shades.

  • It is recommended to use brown, Golden, orange and carrot color.
  • When choosing a mascara for a beautiful make APA’s birthday, you should pay attention to brown, or completely abandon its use, replacing a transparent balm.
  • For summer make-up always remain in fashion arrows. If you pair them with blue or turquoise shades, they create the effect of “cat’s eye”.
blue and black Smokey eyes

Light makeup on the day of birth

Natural makeup will never go out of fashion, but for a birthday it will be very useful if you want to look feminine.

  • To create a light makeup on the day of birth, as natural as possible, use pastel-colored eyeshadow.
  • Eyelashes need to paint one layer, but the arrows for applying light make-up is contraindicated.
  • Also soft pastel colors selected and lip. The scheme of their application – first the shadow, then applied lipstick or light gloss.

Makeup for birthday for girl

Makeup for the birthday of his beloved little girl – it is the opportunity to make this little girl nice and complete her festive look. To do light makeup for the birthday girl, the main thing – do not overdo it with the brightness and cosmetics. Don’t need to use professional cosmetics, it is very heavy for the delicate skin of the child. To use should be natural and light cosmetics, best specialized.

painted girl
  • Manual of creating a children’s make APA does not imply Foundation. In order to slightly even skin tone, you can use a usual children’s cream and mix it with a small drop of Foundation.
  • Applying children’s makeup on the day of birth, one should act step by step, starting with a blush pink or peach shade. Also interesting is the use of blush with a slight shimmer, as the girls are big fans of all brilliant.
  • For eye makeup you can use only mascara taupe, brown or natural color, and shade to choose white, pale pink or peach.
  • Also children’s birthday party, you can make fantasy make-up, drawing a face drawing of a butterfly, flower or any pattern, and eyelashes to emphasize with bright green, blue or purple mascara.
  • Children’s makeup on the day of birth allows the use of crystals, stones, false eyelashes – all you offer is your imagination.
  • You should avoid rough lines and dark shades, and lips little Princess, it should be emphasized colorless gloss or a discreet lipstick.
children's party

Makeup for a friend’s birthday

Doing makeup for a friend’s birthday or any other loved one, you should look gentle, feminine and expressive.

natural make up
  1. First and foremost, you want to align the complexion by using a concealer.
  2. To refresh the skin recommended using liquid and creamy blush, mixing with Foundation and applying it onto the cheeks and cheekbones.
  3. When eye makeup is recommended to apply Golden shadow to the inner corners of the eyes and on the outer corners and in the middle of the upper eyelid apply a languid shade. After the inner corner of the eye to mid-century applied the gold shade. That look was more expressive and deep, the shadows need to impose a dense rich layer.
  4. Further work with a black pencil line along the lash, the resulting circuit is a good blend. And eyes were more expressive, with a pencil of brown color, move the lower eyelid from the middle to the outer corner of the eye.
  5. Eyelashes need to paint bulk ink.
  6. Fixed up with a light powder for the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin, and dark for school.
charming blonde girl

Beautiful makeup for birthday is a part of the image, thanks to which it will rise to the mood and the occasion will bring only positive emotions.

The basic rules of applying the correct makeup

To make beautiful makeup, it is not enough to have a set of professional-quality cosmetics, you need to know the basic rules of its creation and be able to apply them in practice. Neat make-up always looks spectacular, attracting the attention of others. Girl who knows the technique of its application, can easily be transformed, stressing its advantages and prompting enthusiastic compliments. Despite the fact that makeup is predominantly female art, not every lady owns it. And the presence of the most expensive and luxury cosmetics does not guarantee a good result, if not to master the rules of its use. Knowing how to apply makeup, you can look impressive and attractive in any situation, even without an Arsenal of tubes, bottles and palettes.

Makeup can be of two types – simple and complex. First necessary to give freshness to the woman’s face, with the second carefully out skin imperfections (moles, scars). Depending on the time of day and function, the makeup may be a day (close to natural) and formal, that is intended for official release.

Everyday make-up refers to the common mind. It is designed to mask minor imperfections, gives the face freshness and to emphasize its natural beauty. If the skin does not have very noticeable defects, and facial features is harmonious, a proper day makeup will only increase the natural charm of a woman, thus he is invisible. Evening “make-up” is usually difficult, requires more time and cosmetics. It allows the use of decorative elements, glitter, false eyelashes and other paraphernalia.

Regardless of the type of the selected make-up, you have to go through the same stages of application: toning and dusting leather, eyeliner, eyebrow, eyes, blush and lips with a lipstick or gloss.

Preparation for makeup

Training is not less important than the process of applying the makeup. Make-up properly applied only to a clean skin. Therefore, you first need to remove impurities, wash, wipe the face tonic. Further, we define the skin type. Dry skin it is important to moisturize day cream. In the case of oily or combination skin, apply a matting agent or base.

From this stage depends largely on the stability and orderly makeup, as well as the time spent on its creation. It is important to pay attention to every detail, to try new techniques and to choose a harmonious combination of shades and textures. Practical skills developed over time, and then we will have a question, how to apply makeup correctly. On cleansed and moisturized face makeup goes on better and longer retains its vitality. Not allowed to put new layers on the existing “plaster”. Be sure to hold the make-up remover. Generally, the more skin rest from makeup, the better its appearance and condition. If you have free time or during weekends to practice the use of face masks handwritten cooking or shopping from the range. The regularity of such procedures 1-2 times a week.

Wash with water for adult skin is not enough, it must be supplemented of a cosmetic cream, lotion or gel. Completes the cleansing tonic or lotion. Care depends on skin type and time of year. Caring means may be a cream-fluid, nourishing or moisturizing cream, emulsion.

How to apply Foundation and concealer

Correction of problem zones and small defects by using the corrector, concealer. They can “hide” dark circles under the eyes, pimples, protruding veins, pigmentation. For fastening the masking effect should be applied with a concealer and powder that also provide a smooth complexion.To pick the colour tone means, it is tested: applied to the inner side of the brush.

For oily or combination skin you can use products with a matte effect, which will absorb excess sebum and eliminate Shine.

  1. Apply the base. Before you apply Foundation, you need to prepare the skin. For this you will need a special base under makeup. Girls with oily or combination skin should stay on with a matte effect, for normal or dry skin suitable nourishing, moisturizing base. Such funds effectively evens the complexion, refresh. After applying the base to hide the circles, swelling under eye with concealer. It is worth doing with fingertips in soft circular motions.
  2. Apply tonal basis. It should be covered with sharp boundaries on faces to flatten them, making her face more soft, gentle. Walk along your cheekbones, bridge of nose, forehead, cheeks.
  3. Apply the concealer. Do not write on the face too thick a layer of tone, because even the most high-quality and expensive cosmetic products in excess can give your face an unnatural appearance. Squeeze a little cream on the inner side of the palm and gently apply it with a brush, moving from boundary face to its center. Thoroughly blend tool across the skin. A little powder a layer of Foundation using a soft brush – this will give the face a natural.

When creating makeup it is important to choose the right color Foundation and concealer. Overly bright colors will make the face of a doll, lifeless. Dark is able to create an unnatural contrast with the neck and other exposed parts of the body. Choosing the tone, apply it on the inner side of the brush, the tool must be identical in color to this area of the hand. To correct face shape, use two shades of Foundation – your natural and darker. First to apply on entire face with a thin flat layer. Overlaps the second zone, depending on the type of person.

Makeup on the day of birth, birthday choose a beautiful makeup

Tools and cosmetics

The definition of the color type appearance, namely skin tone, eyes and hair – the next step towards flawless makeup. Properly selected eyeshadow palette, blush and lipstick are able to embellish or completely transform the face of a woman. To determine the range of possible empirically, relying on the recommendations of professional makeup artists and your artistic taste. It is clear that for daytime makeup is to choose sudovye and pastel shades, which do not clearly distinguish on the face. For an evening look fit bright, saturated colors, enchanting combinations, interesting textures.

In any case it is better to prepare in advance the necessary cosmetics and tools to put it all at once and not be distracted by the search in the process of creating makeup. It is important to pay attention to the shelf life of cosmetic and decorative means and not to forget the time of storage after opening the package.

A set of sponges and brushes of different shapes and sizes will help in the difficult but interesting process of creating “makeup”. Cotton pads and sticks will fix errors and remove excess makeup. And of course, for a comfortable Desk with good lighting and a large (preferably magnifying) mirror it will be easier to apply makeup.

Small tips:

  • The owners of square shaped face it is recommended to apply the light tone to the middle of the forehead, tip of chin and under eye area. Dark remedy is to treat the area from the hairline, the corners of the jaw and temples. The border crossings must be carefully feathered.
  • A round face should be covered with a light Foundation, and using dark means to visually narrow it down, darkening the cheeks and temples.
  • Girls with triangular face should apply a lighter tone on the forehead, chin and under eyes so you focus attention on the center of the face. A dark tone top line, cheeks, forehead.
  • When the extended type of person you need to darken the lower part of the chin – this will visually shorten the face. Do not regret blush for cheeks, because this focus also helps bring attention to the middle of the face.
  • On pear-shaped face (narrow top, full bottom) light tone should highlight the area of the forehead, under the eyes and tip of chin. A darker tone is applied to the cheeks and jaw is visually makes them more narrow.

Step-by-step creation of a make-up

It is important to observe the common sequence of makeup artists applying cosmetics. In makeup, especially in the evening, it is recommended to focus on any one part of the face. As a rule, eye. They give unlimited scope to use unexpected colors in the shadows, their interesting combination with the natural color of the iris. A wave of luxury lashes, charming look, these epithets no wonder use when describing attractive women.

If there is a desire to allocate on the face of seductive lips, it is not difficult to do using a bright lipstick. In this case, the eye makeup properly make a natural and inconspicuous. Focus on two or more parts of the face will make an image of a puppet or too “girly”. Confidence and accuracy – features stylish and luxurious women.

Eye makeup is the most important and difficult stage.

How to apply makeup on eyes? The first thing you need to consider what type of makeup needs to be done. For daytime make-up should use a few shades of eye shadow and a pencil dark brown or black. The soft movement of a pencil stroke, the lashes and the lining of the upper eyelid. Visual the eyelashes will look thick and eyes will become expressive, beautiful form. The shadows apply with a circular applicator or brush. If you do not know what tone suits you, you can use the universal colors – they are considered grey and brown tones. To increase the eyes, apply a light shade on the inner side of the eyes, dark on the outer. Look natural matte shadow in pastel colours. For evening makeup choose pearl warm or cool colors. The final stage will be the application of mascara on the lashes.

It usually uses tools such as:

  • shadow;
  • pencil or liquid eyeliner;
  • palette;
  • mascara.

In the day option can only be applied light eye shadow and mascara or just mascara. Formal or stage makeup is unthinkable without the arrows expressive and rich colors, it allows the use of false eyelashes or rhinestones. The formal way should be combined with the outfit, hair and accessories.

In the complex make-up of the eyes after Foundation is applied eyeliner, and then shade the shadows. There are various methods of make – up- horizontal, vertical, “bird”, “smoky eyes”, “banana”. Their application depends on the shape of the eyes, the distance between them, shape the century. Choice carcasses are determined by the natural thickness and length of eyelashes. It can be lengthening, no volumizing. Waterproof samples provide a more lasting makeup. Can also vary the color of ink. So, brown-eyed girls, it is recommended to use in daytime makeup shades of brown. For a celebratory occasion can be useful blue, purple, green or silver ink. A particularly extravagant ladies turn their attention even on the red. Some manufacturers offer means “2 in 1”, consisting of skin care serum, which additionally increases the thickness of the hair, and the coloring composition.

Makeup on the day of birth, birthday choose a beautiful makeup

The shades must match the color of your eyes. Green-eyed girls to create make-up must use warm colors. The beauty of green eyes still manage to emphasize with blue, grey, purple shadows. Brown eyes can be set off ash-gray shades, colors brown-beige palette. For blue eyes suited the shadow of the cold spectrum, such as smoky, white, and blue colors. To achieve the desired effect when painting eyelashes, it is possible to test several methods of applying ink:

  • vertical at which the brush moves vertically relative to the eye, that is parallel to the hairs;
  • twink – quick strokes of the lash at a horizontal touch them brush;
  • zigzags – alternating movement of the brushes left-right and up-down.

One of the final stages of lip makeup.

To highlight the natural beauty of the lips, choose a bright, but not very pale colors. Fresh shades are ideal for summer makeup or light makeup every day. Choose a light coral, transparent berry, peach or pink lipstick. In the end, lips should not be bright, but expressive. No matter what will choose a lipstick or a gloss, both funds are permitted to create a classic makeup. If she prefers to use the lipstick to get an even layer and clear contour, it should be applied with a brush.

Lips you can pre-soften the balsam, and thus to prepare for the application of lipstick. There are also special scrub with fine exfoliating particles that gently removes the Horny layer of skin and chapped. Pencil eyeliner lip will emphasize, if necessary, podkorrektirovatj their shape. Its color should match with the lipstick or be a few shades. Soft, well-sharpened pencil will help to achieve a clear contour.It is important to carefully paint over the lips with the lipstick and to capture their inner surface, so that the makeup looked beautiful and natural when speaking, laughing. The first coat can be powder or wet cosmetic tissue, then apply another layer. So makeup becomes saturated and more resistant.

The shade of lipstick should match the color of shadows, skin tone. For each color type of appearance are the recommendations for selection of cosmetics. At bright eye makeup usually used ndovie, that is close to natural lip color lipstick. In daytime make-up can be limited to a liquid gloss or balm. Someone can come to taste the resistant lipstick, but do not abuse their use, as they dry lips.

Blush refreshes the complexion

Give it a natural blush and complete the make-up. Their color usually pick the skin tone: being fit pink and beige, dark bronze or brown. Changing the direction and width of the stroke, you can adjust the shape of the face, visually pulling it vertically or horizontally to increase or decrease the width. The optimal intensity, how to apply blush, when they are not distinguished on the face.

To understand how beautifully and correctly apply makeup, easy. To consolidate the knowledge acquired will help their practical implementation. With skills like that woman in any situation will feel confident and will be able to provide to others a desired impression.

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