Makeup is not only drawing, but also modeling, correction (correction) of the shape and color of the face. With the use of decorative drugs aims to emphasize the attractive features of the face. The most important thing is to be able to use these drugs. Good makeup should be gentle and emphasize the subtlety of the makeup, it should be natural, almost invisible. With proper application and timely removal, it does not violate the usual processes in the skin. During the day, it acts as a thin protective layer, providing effective protection of the skin from the adverse effects of environmental factors. In decorative preparations produced by the modern cosmetic industry, contains a huge amount of useful ingredients for the skin.

Makeup depends on the time of year, time of day (morning, day, evening), and most importantly — on its purpose, requires complete harmony with all appearance, clothing, accessories, jewelry, manicure. Often dedicate a day (everyday) and evening (gala) make-up. You can also talk about wedding, theater, competition, carnival types of makeup.
Make-up is associated with fashion art trends — they set the color scheme, the shape of the eyebrows, lips, eyes. Today, makeup is subject to three trends in fashion: classic, romantic and avant-garde. More calm tones and shades are typical of classic and romantic make-up, contrast, pretentiousness and causing a range of colors — avant-garde.
On color range of adopted share wearing on “warm” (the prevalence of mobs, green, brown and beige various shades) and “cold” (pink, gray, the blue and violet shades). Tonality is mainly determined by the shape of the face, hair color and skin. The makeup matched to the color of the eyes and under clothing. Since makeup is also a part of self-expression, it can be more diverse and does not match the environment, be eye-catching and play the role of decor.

Face Makeup

Cosmetics intended for use on the face and around the eyes are usually applied with a brush, make-up sponge or fingertips.
Primer – available in formulas that meet individual skin conditions. Most of them are designed to reduce the pore size, prolong the make-up period and apply makeup more smoothly. The primer is applied before the Foundation or shadows, depending on where it should be applied.
Foundation and concealer
Foundation – used to smooth the face, covering spots, pimples or uneven skin tone. They are sold in the form of liquid, cream or powder or more recently in the form of mousse. The Foundation provides a clean, matte or luminous, moist, light or dense coating.
Concealer or concealer hides skin imperfections. It is often used for additional coverage needed to cover pimples, age spots, under-eye circles and other imperfections. The concealer is thicker and stronger than the Foundation ( Foundation), and provides a longer and more detailed coverage, as well as creating a new clean Foundation for the rest of the makeup. Some concealers are for eyes only or face only. This product can also be used to contour the face, such as the nose, cheekbones and jaw line, to emphasize the relief of the face.
Face powder sets the Foundation and concealer for the eyes, giving it a matte surface, and hides minor flaws or defects. It can also be used to bake the Foundation so that the makeup stays longer. Tinted face powders can be worn separately as a light Foundation.
Blush and highlighter
Highlighter is used to draw attention to the most prominent parts of the face, as well as to add glow and natural Shine to the skin; it is produced in liquid, cream and powder form. The product often contains glitter to provide a shimmer. Blush is a product of pink or red color, used to emphasize the color of the cheeks and make the cheekbones more clear. They are available in the form of powder, cream and liquid. Also instead of blush, you can use of tint. Different shades of blush are used for different skin tones.
Bronzer gives the skin a little color, adding a Golden or bronze hue and highlighting the cheekbones, and is used to contour them. Bronzer is considered more natural and can be used for everyday wear. Bronzer enhances the complexion, adding more flickering. It can be matte, semi-matte, satin or shimmering.
The contouring
Contouring (from the English. contour “contour”) is a technique in makeup that allows you to adjust the relief of persons through proper layering of dark and light tonal resources. With the help of contouring, you can, for example, narrow the forehead and nose, create expressive cheekbones, visually remove the second chin, achieve the canonical oval shape of the face.
Sculpture emerged after the advent of cinema. It was used as a solution to the problem that arose from the use of artificial lighting: in artificial light, the actors ‘ faces in the frame looked flat. Then make-up artists began to draw shadows with the help of cosmetics. Movie stars liked the effect so much that they began to do this makeup in everyday life. Then the technique was used at fashion shows. A universal fame and popularity contouring acquired thanks to the American actress and model Kim Kardashian. She posted photos on her instagram profile before and after contouring. Her numerous subscribers also began to use this technique on themselves. Thus, the use of contouring came into fashion and became mass. At the moment, contouring has become an integral part of the makeup of many women. He is incredibly successfully featured in various photography and in everyday life. On the world market of cosmetics appeared a huge amount of funds for contouring, so contouring began to distinguish the method of application – dry or cream.

The sequence of applying makeup

Cleansing and moisturizing: washing with a special facial cleanser and applying a moisturizer.
Application base. As a base for makeup is usually used primer, it evens the skin and increases the resistance of makeup.
The skin is applying Foundation (or BB/CC cream) and concealer.
Contouring (if it is assumed) and the use of loose cosmetics: blush and powder. Powder not only in principle evens the skin tone, but also “fixes” applied before the means – the Foundation and concealer.
Application and shading of shadows.
Eyeliner lash lines, drawing arrows.
Coloring eyelashes.
Making eyebrows.
Applying lipstick.

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