Natural makeup at home

Natural makeup at home

Natural makeup — a little women’s secret. Pinkish lips, bushy black eyelashes and expressive eyes, a frosty blush, glowing skin — all of it like men, how attractive did not look “smoky eyes” and bright red lips. Why do makeup that is not noticeable? However, a natural makeup is to highlight the advantages and correct the shortcomings, not just in order to be painted.

Than a good natural makeup for girls and women? Over cosmetics, shimmering particles and pearl accentuate wrinkles and “overload” the face. Besides, discreet but perfect make-ap associated with experience and good taste, besides, it refreshes the face.

For all its outward simplicity and naturalness, this makeup requires much less effort in contrast to the spectacular beauty of the Transfiguration. If the skin is problematic, it would require substantial skill and cosmetics to make the face natural.

The simplicity and restraint

General rules of natural makeup are the same as for any other: purified and hydrated skin, high quality cosmetics, professional brushes, sponges and applicators. But everything else will require restraint and a simple approach to creating make-up.

Glowing skin with even complexion is the basis of all natural makeup. So after cleansing and moisturizing the skin masked the flaws — dark circles under the eyes and pimples — using correcting means (concealer). For pimples you can use a concealer with salicylic acid, it not only conceals, but also heals. For around the eye area so concealer is not suitable, as it has a drying effect that is harmful to delicate and sensitive skin around the eyes.

Then cover the face powder with a sponge, flat nylon brush or fingers. For dry skin it is better to take a moisturizing cream, and for oily — water based.

To remove excess glitter, gently Pat the face with a paper towel, and then lightly powder. Just do not overdo it with icing, and then naturalness will not work.

Eye makeup

There are several options of eye makeup. For maximum effect of natural is better not to use shadows and make the eyes expressive by a small secret — black or brown eyeliner to put little dots on the upper eyelid between the lashes (not the line at the base of the eyelashes, as usual). If you have a little reddish or brownish eyelids in comparison with the rest of the complexion, you can apply some matte beige eyeshadow on the upper eyelid. To “open” the eye in the recess under the eyebrow at the inner corner, apply a little pearl of white or light gray shadows.

If you want to make a small accent on the eyes, for example, to make harmoniously combined with the suit, use a peach, light grey, light blue shadow, chocolate or charcoal gray pencil (well to feather line).

Neat eyebrows

Well-groomed eyebrows is another important element of natural makeup. Carefully pluck extra hairs. You can comb the eyebrows with the brush (do not have to buy a special, you can take a well-washed brush from an old mascara), in the direction of hair growth. If necessary, touch up the eyebrows a matte shadow in a corresponding color. But if your eyebrows are rare, it is better to paint on the eyebrows with pencil in tone to the short strokes in the direction of hair growth.

Lash care

Eyelashes better to paint a dark brown or charcoal-gray mascara to make them look more natural. If you have naturally long and bushy, but dim lashes better to paint them from the make-up artist special paint also dark brown or charcoal gray, and then 3-4 weeks you can forget about mascara.


For lips, use a matte lipstick natural shades. It is better to apply it with your finger or a brush, so it looks neater and lies flatter. You can apply a bit of gloss to the centre right and lower lip — for volume.


And the finishing touch is blush. The perfect color one that has blush on your cheeks after a walk in the fresh air. If for walks there is no time — pinch your cheek and choose a blush that color. But it is possible to depart from the rules of a natural blush, use the blush in the tone of the whole make — up- for example, if you used a peachy pink lipstick, then take the peach blush.

Natural makeup — great for everyday sung, but it can be used as formal, if you take a lipstick or shadow color.

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