Natural makeup: how to paint lips in 30 seconds


How to paint lips in 30 seconds

Makeup should not be a complicated and time-consuming. So learn from a professional how for half a minute to put it on my lips smoothly and beautifully.

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For natural lip makeup you need:

  • pencil
  • lipstick, mimic the shade of your lips
  • concealer

And remember: everything must be as natural as possible, so forget about layering and act quickly.

First, draw the outline of lip pencil and lightly stroke the surface of this makeup-trick will help the lipstick to stay on lips for longer times.

Then take the lipstick and apply it with your finger tip, Pat. Or replace it with glitter, but move the same way.

If you picked up the wrong shade of lipstick, and time to look for next, grab concealer and walk them over the coating. This helps to make the makeup more natural.

The corners of the eyes, cheekbones and cheeks: how to apply blush

While the emphasis in make-up make up on her eyes or lips, this summer, makeup artists offer to focus on the blush.But to cause them to be a certain way. 

Nicole Thompson, seniors makeup artist M. A. C Cosmetics: “to make beautiful, eye-catching makeup that will be appropriate to look both day and night, not necessarily to emphasize the eyes or lips. You can focus on the cheeks. But on the lashes it is worth to apply a little mascara and lip — gloss in a natural shade”.

As usual, you should begin with moisturizing the skin with cream so that the makeup lasted all day. Let it soak, and then apply to the corners of the eyes, upper cheekbones, and cheeks are cream-based. Do it best with your fingers, Pat. If this is not done, then the loose powder or blush pood will not stay.

Now take the blush. It is desirable that they were bright pink hue. Although there is more, the choice is yours: if you want to get natural make, you can prefer less screaming color. And distribute them very soft brush with dual bristles, you will never gain too much blush, which will be convenient to feather.

The most intense color should be at the outer corner of the eye, and below it should be good to distribute, to get the gradient effect. Blend the blush in circular motions so that there are no clear boundaries. If you want, add color, then type a little blush right on my finger and apply where necessary.

To finish make-up, you need to take some more cream base neutral color and spread with fingers over blush — this will give a beautiful glossy Shine.

6 best mascaras for eyelashes

Star makeup artist and Creator of his eponymous brand of cosmetics Olga Romanova make-up as an experienced user knows a lot about good carcasses for eyelashes with a convenient brush which lengthens, adds volume, and what can both. Now these knowledge and we are with you.

Film Noir Full Spectrum, Hourglass

Makeup artist recommends: 6 best mascaras for eyelashes photos # 1

For many years now, I love this mascara for a comfortable brush that is shaped like the infinity sign or an inverted eight. She is very correct, small diameter, and the bristles are in a spiral. Film Noir Full Spectrum is a great combination of durability and effect.

Ultra Length Mascara, Tom Ford

Makeup artist recommends: 6 best mascaras for eyelashes photo # 2

Ultra Length Mascara is my favorite among the lengthening mascaras. Formula convenient brush plus the first time it envelops each eyelash, covering it with intense black pigment and turns into a shiny and smooth without lumps. It’s perfect for those girls who like only lengthening.

Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils, YSL Beauté

Makeup artist recommends: 6 best mascaras for eyelashes photo # 3

“It’s been 19 years this mascara is the best seller of the brand YSL Beauté. She won the hearts of all lovers of superobese. The classic shape of the brush and wide color range with a lot of depth and interesting shades enable each to feel like a professional makeup artist and experiment with makeup”. 

Hypnôse Mascara, Lancôme

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One by one is another classic of the genre among the voluminous mascaras for lashes. It works on the principle of layering, increasing it with each new layer. Comfortable signature brush 1000 bristles in combination with plastic mascara formula that slowly freezes, will help to create the amount that is right for you. 

Velvet Noir Mascara, Marc Jacobs Beauty

Makeup artist recommends: 6 best mascaras for eyelashes photo # 5

Ultratiny shade and the effect megasyana eyelashes — a trick of mascara from Marc Jacobs, which helped to win the hearts of millions of beauty bloggers around the world and mine too.

Ultimate Sexy Lashes Mascara, Romanovamakeup

Makeup artist recommends: 6 best mascaras for eyelashes photo # 6

Of course, my ideal mascara is my brand Romanovamakeup Ultimate Sexy Lashes that I have collected all the important and necessary qualities are essential mascara. Its versatility and uniqueness lies in the fact that it may look on the eyelashes as supernaturale and make them extra long and curled with lots of volume. With this mascara you will forget about curler (Curling lash). And she’s a super-healthy and lasts from morning till evening.

How to dye eyelashes

We learned from a professional makeup artist, how to work with the brush to the look was wide open and the lashes seem thicker and longer.

How to dye eyelashes photo # 2
How to dye eyelashes photo # 1

Jeanne Matalina, lead stylist of the salon “Charmie”: “There are several methods of applying ink, and each of them gives a certain effect. Pay attention that now we are talking only about the upper lashes!

Zig-zag method is the most simple — you move the brush right to left and bottom to top (if this is done in the reverse direction, the lashes will stick together) gradually moves from mid-century to its outer edge. Then go to the inner corner of the eye. This option helps to paint over the lashes, visually lengthens them and prevents the bonding of the hairs.

The least popular technique of blinking — you just need to attach the tassel to the edge of the eyelid and close your eyes, repeating it several times. This method is suitable for long and thick eyelashes, as it evenly distributes the mascara and gives them a natural look.

You can also apply mascara by using the tip of a brush. This technique, even professional makeup artists rarely use, although it gives lashes maximum volume. And another point: this method is not suitable for all the girls due to the side effect, in which the lashes look unnatural, stick together and look seems heavy.

As for the bottom lashes, then they need to use short thin brush, first, it greatly simplifies the process of applying mascara, and secondly, helps to avoid getting mascara on the upper eyelid.

If by nature you have a thick but not very long eyelashes, after applying mascara to comb eyelashes with a special brush.

My main advice in applying mascara — moderation. For example, for daytime makeup it is enough two layers, and for the evening — 3-4 layers.

If you need to give volume to eye lashes, then apply mascara in one coat, allow it to dry up a little (literally 2-3 seconds) and cover again.Owners direct eyelashes to create the effect of twisting should be laid up to cover his eyes or look down, and the hairs of the brush to tighten up towards the century.

If we talk about the amount of mascara on the eyelashes, then the maximum quantity should be at the edge of the eyelid (the roots), and the tips of the pigment should be little to prevent them from pasting and formation of lumps”.

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