Opaque lipsticks for lips: byyuti-file

How to choose, put and wash away what shades to try in 2019: all the most important about opaque lipsticks – in this article

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            Matte textures amateurs beauty liked back in the mid-1980 ‘s, but the real boom began a few years ago. And today, matte lipstick hardly more popular than glossy. It’s time to learn to use them properly.

Opaque lipsticks for lips: byyuti-file


Four critical facts you need to know about matte lipsticks.

  • Any lipstick-waxes, oils and pigments, but matte wax percentage above and below the oil.
  • Matte lipstick contains more silica than gloss or cream. This component provides the same lips brushed effect, absorbs excess sebum and moisture.
  • Due to its composition of matte lipsticks are often severely dry lips. But many brands today address this problem by adding the composition of vitamins and emollients components, increasing the percentage of oil.
  • Lipstick with matte texture may appear differently on your lips. So, matte lipstick can leave lips absolutely dry coating or the satin finish for easy-a difference you can see in the photo below.
Opaque lipsticks for lips: byyuti-file

Advantages of matte lipsticks

Three main reasons why you should try a matte lipstick.

1.Higher resistance

Matte lipstick not so quickly blurred. If a layer of glossy lipstick has to update after each meal, Matt Stojko survive breakfast, lunch and dinner.

2. Matte lipstick doesn’t bleed Means literally “solidifies” on his lips: you don’t have to check every half hour spread whether lipstick. The same property have tints, but matte lipstick provide still and really bright shade.

Opaque lipsticks for lips: byyuti-file

3. Color stick matches the actual shade of lipstick case of glossy fondant, you can never say for sure exactly how the hue will look on your lips. In the case of Matt the truth out: color that stays on your lips will not be strikingly different from the declared.


  •  Test lipstick and make sure it is applied evenly and easily, without clogging in the folds of the labia and does not crack immediately after application.
  •  A shade of opaque lipstick, as well as color of any other cosmetic, select under the tsvetotip.
  • If you have dark or tanned skin, choose shades with a warm podtonom (brick, cherry), and girls with porcelain skin suit lipstick with cold podtonom (raspberry, cranberry).


Tell what to combine bright matte lipstick and what shades to choose in the year 2019.


Matte lipstick always attracts attention, so she can become the sole focus of your image. Bright matte lips plus perfect skin and neutral eye makeup is one of the most fashionable combinations. Any red lipstick-scarlet, Ruby, tomato-in this case will look particularly impressive.

Opaque lipsticks for lips: byyuti-file


The most fashionable pink hue is Fuchsia. And if you decide on such a bright color, go to the end! Complete image unusual make-up of the eyes, for example, as the spring/summer fashion show Concept to Korea. If you prefer more traditional shades of pink, study separate material which will help not to lose with a color.

Opaque lipsticks for lips: byyuti-file


Girls with skin cold tones worth prefer raspberry fondant and brown-skinned and tanned-cherry. Try to add the same shade on the eyelids, combining it with shades of metallic as the Emporio Armani show. Festive evening image is ready!

Opaque lipsticks for lips: byyuti-file


Lilac or purple matte lipstick nicely emphasizes the Tan, so it will be a perfect option for summer. Combination with minimal makeup eye also works without a hitch. Sure, as long as the tone is perfect: any bright lipstick (and matte-especially!) stressed skin imperfections.

Opaque lipsticks for lips: byyuti-file


To makeup with matte Orange lipstick looked harmoniously, use the same shade of blush.

Opaque lipsticks for lips: byyuti-file


Three fashionable dark shades that are worth a try right now.

Bordeaux (wine, Marsala)

Dark Cherry, claret, plum or wine lipstick with matte finish does not create such a dramatic effect as glossy, looks aristocratic and noble. Perhaps this is why such lip makeup most commonly occurs on the red carpet. Take a cue from Hollywood stars and models on the catwalk!

Opaque lipsticks for lips: byyuti-file


Black opaque lipstick, of course, will not be suitable for a daily make-up, and here for thematic – just right. Remember about it when you think out an image for Halloween.

Opaque lipsticks for lips: byyuti-file


It is quite difficult to use classical gray color in a make-up of lips if you not the professional makeup artist, and here does not bring a fashionable shade of taupe in opaque execution. Add an image with accurate grafichny arrows, as on sensational display of Le Defile. By the way, such shade can be found in the collection of L’Oréal Paris lipsticks created together with Balmain.

Opaque lipsticks for lips: byyuti-file


The most popular shades of opaque lipsticks – from a nyudovy palette. The day make-up with such lipstick will look more naturally, than when using glossy. Corporal lipstick will also help to counterbalance bright evening мейкап an eye.

Opaque lipsticks for lips: byyuti-file


If not to surprise you with classical shades of opaque lipsticks any more, try means with unusual “finish” – for example, nacreous or a metallic. At NYX Professional Makeup the whole collection is devoted to such textures: in the Soft Matte Metallic Lip Cream series of the whole 12 poured shades, from peach to bright violet. And the brand of Urban Decay presented recently a separate palette of opaque Metal Meets Matte Vice lipsticks in which there are both usual opaque textures, and poured. Also the “clean” metallic – different shades of gold, silver, bronze is fashionable.

Opaque lipsticks for lips: byyuti-file


 It is considered that opaque lipsticks strongly dry lips therefore they are not recommended to use in cold season. But actually everything depends on structure – for example, means here do lips of this rating opaque, but do not dry skin. In their structure – vitamins, oils, the special moistening and nutritious components. Pay attention that in good opaque lipsticks rather high content of oils, but they evaporate after drawing.


Three lipsticks with opaque effect which differ in the increased firmness.

  • Vice Liquid Lipstick, Urban Decay

As promise Urban Decay, liquid Vice Liquid Lipstick lipstick will remain on lips exactly until you do not decide to remove it. The resistant formula is not afraid of water and touches, and the soft gentle texture moistens lips. It is necessary only to make a difficult choice between 30 high-pigmented shades.

Opaque lipsticks for lips: byyuti-file
  • Tatouage Couture, YSL

In this case the name speaks for itself: YSL developed a formula which provides to lipstick phenomenal firmness. Thanks to this formula Tatouage Couture it is practically not felt on lips and does not pull together them as do many opaque lipsticks. In our rating the applicator by means of which it became much simpler to apply lipstick with an even layer gives it additional points.

Opaque lipsticks for lips: byyuti-file
  • L`Absolu Rouge Matte, Lancômе

Among a set of lipsticks from the L’Absolu Rouge series, shades of L’Absolu Rouge Matte differ in special firmness: you do not need to put it anew each several hours. The opaque finish will naturally look on lips, without doing them dry and without revealing skin shortcomings. Also Lancôme developed a new stylish case which opens one click.

Opaque lipsticks for lips: byyuti-file


In addition to the classic lipstick-stick on the shelves you can find other cosmetics matte lip tools.

Liquid matte lipstick (gloss)

Liquid lipstick is two means in one. It provides to lips a saturated shade, as well as classical lipsticks in a stika, but at the same time has soft cream texture as lip gloss. The last property becomes especially important if it is about opaque lipsticks. Liquid opaque lipsticks are produced in bottles with the applicator, it is more convenient to use them. Due to texture they do not pull together skin, providing to lips bigger comfort. Such means release many brands, look for worthy at Maybelline, L’oreal Paris, NYX Professional, Makeup и Urban Decay.

Opaque lipsticks for lips: byyuti-file

Matte lipstick pencil

In a make-up it is difficult to beginners to use opaque lipsticks without planimetric pencil: opaque textures demand the bigger accuracy of drawing, than glossy. Byyuti-brendy solved this problem, having created lipstick pencil. The thin tip allows to apply lipstick strictly on a contour, it is easy for them to fill lips. At the same time the shade will turn out same saturated, as when using usual lipstick. Pay attention to Ombre Lip Duo lipstick pencil from NYX Professional Makeup by means of which it is possible to create fashionable effect of a gradient on lips.

Opaque lipsticks for lips: byyuti-file

Gel matte lipstick

It seems that in the name of this means there is an obvious contradiction – as gel can provide opaque “finish”? Very simply! For example, Giorgio Armani have such velvet lip gel: in Lip Maestro bottle really looks as gel, but after drawing stiffens, the surface of lips becomes opaque. Obvious plus of such means – comfortable drawing.

Opaque lipsticks for lips: byyuti-file


It is necessary to apply opaque lipstick in several stages. Follow our photoinstruction.

Opaque lipstick emphasizes the slightest peelings and cracks therefore find time for preliminary preparation of lips. Make an easy peeling a special srub for lips or walk on skin a toothbrush the massing movements. Then apply lip balm and let’s it be absorbed properly. Surely remove the remains with a napkin: it is necessary to apply opaque lipstick strictly on dry lips!

Opaque lipsticks for lips: byyuti-file

Lead round lips on a contour a pencil to lipstick So far you did not get the hand in tone, to exactly make up lips opaque lipstick without pencil it will not turn out.

Opaque lipsticks for lips: byyuti-file

Apply lipstick, without overstepping the bounds of a pencil. You can fill previously all surface of lips with a pencil, and only after that apply lipstick. First, so you will make a make-up even more resistant, secondly, color of lips precisely will be uniform.

Opaque lipsticks for lips: byyuti-file

The Council! To make lip plumper, Center, lower lips apply a little dry hajlajtera and blend well. If the lipstick with a cold podtonom, use silver highlighter, otherwise gold.

How to wash a matte lipstick from lips?

Some opaque lipsticks are easily washed away also by usual micellar water. If the resistant texture does not give in, try means of makeup removal on an oil basis. Apply the wadded disk moistened with means for removal of a make-up to lips for 10 seconds, then carefully remove residues of lipstick with the massing movements.


If you have no opaque lipstick yet, it is possible to create a desired opaque covering in a different way.

  1. Make up lips usual glossy lipstick or gloss, blot lips with a tissue.
  2. Apply a clean single-layer tissue to lips and, without removing it, powder lips transparent powder.
  3. Repeat this procedure two-three times until the shade becomes rather saturated.
  4. At the end powder lips already without napkin.


 Eight quality opaque lipsticks of different flowers and textures which are equally good: we tested everyone! Look for the photoreport and responses in our rating.

Infaillible Lip Paint Matte, shade 205, L’Oréal Paris

Opaque lipsticks for lips: byyuti-file

L’Oréal Paris released 9 shades of opaque Lip Paint lipstick for all occasions. It softly “covers” lips with velvety, slightly sateen layer, without pulling together them as many opaque lipsticks. And the thin convenient applicator will allow to apply exactly lipstick even if near at hand there is no planimetric pencil.

Opaque lipsticks for lips: byyuti-file

Color Sensational Matte, 982 tint Peach mousse, Maybelline

Opaque lipsticks for lips: byyuti-file

Collection of opaque Color Sensational lipsticks – the real find for those who love nyudovy shades. The choice is huge, but result always one: beautiful well-groomed lips of a natural shade.

Opaque lipsticks for lips: byyuti-file

Lip Magnet, shade 401, Giorgio Armani

Opaque lipsticks for lips: byyuti-file

Thanks to light texture of Lip Magnet it is practically not felt on lips. Lipstick is applied with very thin layer, creating, according to Giorgio Armani, effect of a second skin – and we are ready to subscribe under these words. Besides, Lip Magnet moistens lips and provides them additional care.

Opaque lipsticks for lips: byyuti-file

Rouge Pur Couture The Mats, shade 213, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté

Opaque lipsticks for lips: byyuti-file

If you want lipstick with the opaque finish which naturally looks on lips and smoothes shortcomings, then Rouge Pur Couture The Mats will perfectly cope with this task. It is easily put, does not pull together skin of lips and has almost weightless texture. Also keeps till 7-8 o’clock!

Opaque lipsticks for lips: byyuti-file

Matte Juicy Shaker, Lancôme

Opaque lipsticks for lips: byyuti-file

It is easy to apply Matte Shaker lipstick from Lancôme with an even and thin layer thanks to the special applicator-kushonu. Before drawing the tube needs to be stirred up then to distribute lipstick soft кушон on lips. Matte Shaker have also other advantages: oils which look after lips are its part.

Opaque lipsticks for lips: byyuti-file

Comfort Matte Vice, shade Disturbed, Urban Decay

Opaque lipsticks for lips: byyuti-file

The main advantage of this lipstick-saturated pigment, due to which the color stays bright. Mix oils of jojoba, avocado, babassu and Aloe Vera softens and nourishes lips without letting it dry out. But despite the creamy texture spreads not lipstick and long stays on the lips.

Opaque lipsticks for lips: byyuti-file

Soft Matte Lip Cream, shade Morocco, NYX Professional Makeup

Opaque lipsticks for lips: byyuti-file

This lipstick will suit fans to experiment with a make-up – the palette includes the whole 34 shades. But it not only advantage: beeswax and other useful ingredients is a part of lipstick. Lips will remain soft and well-groomed.

Opaque lipsticks for lips: byyuti-file

Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte, shade RD144, Shu Uemura

Opaque lipsticks for lips: byyuti-file

If you look for opaque lipstick which will hide shortcomings of skin of lips, then Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte there is an optimal variant. The double formula moistens lips and provides comfortable drawing. Jojoba oil also is a part – additional care is provided.

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