Personal brands: makeup by Rihanna Fenty Beauty

The acclaimed makeup from Rihanna: why Fenty Beauty brand instantly became popular, and what products you should pay attention – read about it in our article.

Rihanna is one of the most popular hip-hop performers today, the makeup of which we wrote earlier in a separate article, in 2017, the year of vypustila line of cosmetics under its own brand – Fenty Beauty.

Personal brands: makeup by Rihanna Fenty Beauty

Preparatory work for the launch took about two years. The first month of sales after the launch has brought the brand for 72 million dollars, ahead of such cosmetic giants like NYX and Urban Decay.

All funds cosmetic line Fenty Beauty are marked with cruelty-free, which means they were created without testing on animals.

Cosmetics of this brand incredibly quickly gained popularity among bloggers and ordinary users. It was not only due to the high quality, but also positioning, which includes rejection of stereotypes and principles of inclusion. Read more about the principles of Fenty Beauty brand and products, which are included in the cosmetics line, read on.

What is the secret of success Fenty Beauty?

Is it only the fact that this makeup was released to the world famous hip-hop singer, has made the brand popular? Of course, this has played a significant role, but the success of Fenty Beauty is nothing more basic principles of Rihanna in the approach to the concept of beauty and understanding the idea of makeup as a way of self-expression and entertainment, as well as broadcasting their own views of the singer, thanks to which buyers were able to unite in a virtual community whose members share common values – at least in relation to the sphere of beauty.

It should say that other brands of cosmetics celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, inferior financial performance in terms of sales brand, Fenty Beauty.

Of course, Fenty Beauty brand was not launched independently Rihanna – the singer has created it in collaboration with the group LVMH, on the creation, testing and implementation of product worked a considerable number of professionals.

The color palette is suitable for all

According to statistics, consumers African-American Hispanic Asian origin accounted for the largest share of sales in Fenty Beauty. In this regard, we can say that the brand has managed to occupy a niche market of decorative cosmetics, which has long been empty.

Personal brands: makeup by Rihanna Fenty Beauty

According to Rihanna, she has created a brand Fenty beats “so that none feel left out”.

Decorative products Fenty Beauty

Let us consider the range of the brand, more details stopping on the cult and conquer the special popularity cosmetics:

Lip gloss Bomb Gloss

This product originally came in one universal shade Fenty Glow, which, on the idea of the brand, suitable for any under a ton of skin and will look complementary on any girl appearance.

Personal brands: makeup by Rihanna Fenty Beauty

This shade has a translucent beige-pink base and the shimmer particles composition.

Later, the lineup includes two tone – Diamond Milk (pearly white shimmer) and Fussy (dusty pink shimmer).

Lip gloss Bomb Gloss from Beauty Fenty won the prize of Fashion Annual Beauty Awards in 2018 year.

Red lipstick Lip Paint Stunna

Originally published as lip gloss, in a single shade called Uncensored (which means “uncensored”), this lipstick has a universal iconic red tint, which, according to the manufacturer, suitable for any type of appearance and padonu skin. The same versatile tool in the beauty market is considered, such as the famous red lipstick from MAC called Russian Red.

Personal brands: makeup by Rihanna Fenty Beauty

This tool from Fenty Beauty has a formula bar, liquid matte lipstick, solidifying after application to the lips. Also, it is worth noting an interesting curved sponge of small size, in which the lipstick is quite convenient and gently apply on the lips.

This lipstick is also perfect for use as blush.

At this point in the line of the brand there are eight shades of this matte lipsticks including deep plum and black.

Sudovye Stunna lipstick Lip Paint

In addition to the first red shade in the autumn of 2018 came out three shades, all of which are sudovima, but have a different undertone, so choose a lipstick with the perfect neutral shade this brand for yourself can every shopper.

Personal brands: makeup by Rihanna Fenty Beauty

In the update of the line came out three shades of lipstick:

  • Unbutton – warm peachy-beige
  • Uncuffed – nodoby pink-beige shade with a cool undertone
  • Unveil Brown beige shade that will suit more dark skin colors.

Concealer Pro Filt’r

The most popular and one of the best selling creams, instantly became a hit among buyers. Today the line includes full 50 shades of this tool. You can be sure that will definitely find one necessary, no matter what skin color you possessed.

Personal brands: makeup by Rihanna Fenty Beauty

The coverage of this BB cream – medium to pay. Formula Foundation – resistant, but the cream feels very light on the skin.

The finish of this Foundation is matte; when applied, the tool can be easily layered.

In 2018, the year the Foundation won an award from Allure magazine Best of Beauty Breakthrough Award – breakthrough of the year in the sphere of beauty.

Personal brands: makeup by Rihanna Fenty Beauty

Particularly well this Foundation works in conjunction with the primer to it.

Primer for the face Pro Filt’r

It – smoothes the skin and hides pores primer for the face, which increases the wear time of Foundation. Helps eliminate Shine and prevents the pilling of Foundation, preventing it from falling into the pores. Creates an immediate effect of the visual retouching of the face.

Personal brands: makeup by Rihanna Fenty Beauty

Unlike other pore cover primer, this has a light, weightless texture and almost not felt on the skin.

Products in sticks Match Stix

Cream products for the face, released the form of sticks, among which you will find: remedies for darkening of the face with the technique contouring, concealers for highlights and military.

Personal brands: makeup by Rihanna Fenty Beauty

On the website you can build your own set of three shades for darkening, lightening and radiance of the face, select those that are right for you. Thus, such a set will cost much cheaper than buying the products separately.

Highlighter Kilowatt

The product is called Kilowatt that characterizes the strength and the extent of its lights and the glow that it gives skin.

Personal brands: makeup by Rihanna Fenty Beauty

This – shimmery highlighter with an intense metallic finish. The texture means the cream-to-matte, that is the tool that originally extruded as a powder, has a slightly creamy texture becomes matte after application to the skin.

At the moment, the line includes nine shades means, some of which are double.

Personal brands: makeup by Rihanna Fenty Beauty

Can also be used on the eyelids.

Like lip gloss Bomb Gloss, this highlighter in 2018 with year won the Fashion award Annual Beauty Awards.

Luminizer for the body Lava

In the spring of 2017 Fenty Beauty brand has released a decorative product for the body, giving the skin radiance. This is luminizer body in a gel base called the Body Lava, released in two shades bronze and beige Brown Shugar Who Needs Clothes. They were later joined another, intensely Golden colour under the name Trophy Wife.

Personal brands: makeup by Rihanna Fenty Beauty

Included with luminizer came with a Kabuki brush, with which it is proposed to apply this remedy on the body.

Criticism of Fenty Beauty brand

Really all products from Fenty Beauty are universal and fit any type and skin tone?

Many users, including popular bloggers, note that not all products have a good formula, and their color scheme would look better on dark and black skin. On light, pale skin, these shades look, in principle, acceptable, but the “wow effect” do not create, in contrast to the dark skin tones. Basically, these reviews refer to shimmery products, such as military and means in the sticks.

Lipstick, especially a red tint, and lip gloss, perhaps, can truly be called universal.

As for the quality of food – everything here is ambiguous: users and bloggers say that the formula of this concealer, though made accurately, will not suit everyone. The effect of this Foundation is based on volatile silicones, so the tool has a very liquid formula. Because this formula can cause problems during the application and distribution of funds in the face, as it solidifies too quickly on the skin. To achieve the effect of retouching and more comfortable use and the application means it must be used in pair with a primer, walking toward him. Only this sharing allows to achieve the effect of “otfotoshopte” of the skin.

To make this tone better with a brush; when applied with a damp sponge Beauty Blender type tool is not always placed on the skin successfully.

Also, some say that this Foundation is heavily oxidized within a few hours after application – it becomes on the skin darker by 2-3 shades.

In addition, the skin should be moistened prior to and even after using this concealer, because its formula with a constant, daily wear can dry the skin.

As for the cream stick for contouring and shaping your face – the formula is too thick, they are distributed on the skin hard enough. Them more comfortable to use, dealing not directly from stick to face, first hand, the heating tool on the skin and gaining his hands with a brush.

Read more about not a universal means of shades of the brand are not always clear formulas tools, see overview videos of bloggers on brand Fenty Beauty, placed at the end of this article.

Limited edition brand Fenty Beauty

Like many others, especially the luxury brands of makeup, Fenty Beauty releases limited edition collections. Will tell you about some of them in detail:

A festive collection Galaxy Collection

Personal brands: makeup by Rihanna Fenty Beauty

In limited edition festive collection of cosmetics Fenty Beauty, released in the fall of 2017 includes: palette shining eye shadow, consisting of 14 shades, some bright shades of lipsticks and lip glosses and liquid eyeliner and a double-sided, flat wide brush for makeup.

Summer collection Fenty Beauty Beach Please

Personal brands: makeup by Rihanna Fenty Beauty

The collection was released by the summer of 2018, and it consists of lip gloss in various shades, bilateral eye shadow, hilitary for face, body and some other products.

Summer collection is Getting Hotter

Personal brands: makeup by Rihanna Fenty Beauty

The last of which was released today collections released by the summer of 2019 year, which included some bright shades of lipstick with a satin finish, including dark blue, turquoise and purple shades, as well as the triple sets of colored and bright eye podvodok.

The singer believes that makeup should be fun and in any case not to turn into unpleasant, painful duty. Rihanna encourages customers to experiment, not afraid to take risks and try something new.

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