Simple makeup tips for a perfect Look

A day Make-up doesn’t have to be difficult!

You have a gift of decorative cosmetics, so far, no great attention and search for the perfect makeup tips for beginners? Then you have come to the right place! We will show you on which products and techniques, you First need to concentrate on to achieve the best result.

With our universal make-up tips, you can conjure up a natural and everyday Makeup. The following applies: Less is more! Therefore, you should begin with all products, always with a small amount and then build up until you like the result. In addition, the proper care, moisture cream and cleaning forms an important basis for any type of Makeup that you apply on it.

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Simple makeup tips for a perfect Look

Our make-up tips start with the right primer

If you disturb only the circles under her eyes and one or two pimples, to say our make-up tips: A slightly opaque primer or BB Cream it is completely sufficient to the complexion balance. Beginners it’s best to apply with the hands, since the product connects through the body heat better with the skin. Blend the Whole from the centre of the face outwards, and, in any case, along the neck to avoid unsightly Make-up-edges.

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Simple makeup tips for a perfect Look

Concealer evens out dark circles and pimples

Concealer comes on all the Posts, not enough of the Foundation were covered. Under the eyes he should be slightly lighter than your face color. Which highlights the eye contour, visually, and makes you more alert appearance. For pimples, however, you choose the same color as the primer. Otherwise, you will emphasize these Points even more. A tap the Concealer gently with your fingers, until it blends with the Foundation.

Makeup tips for a longer shelf life of the Make-ups

No make-up tips would be complete without the use of a powder to Fix the Make-ups. This ensures that the excess Oils from the Foundation, or secreted by your own skin, you not ugly let them to Shine. You should do only after you are Applying all the creams & co. finished. Because cream products, the on Powder were applied, act quickly, spotty! Therefore, give the powder, whether in loose Form or compact to the Places where you tend to fast for the glow of the Skin. In most people, the: are the forehead, nose and chin, the so-called T-Zone. Throughout the day you can nachpudern, if necessary, also like a little more.

Blush and Bronzer will bring life to the face

Of course, you can leave it in the case of Foundation, Concealer and powder, if you want to achieve with the current make-up tips already the desired effect. With a blush, Bronzer and Highlighter, you can give your face but still a little more Dimension. With the Bronzer you can cheat the sun on your face. To wear it in the Form of a Three on the forehead, cheeks and chin, like in the following Video described.

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Simple makeup tips for a perfect Look

The blush you should choose according to your natural Undertone. This is rather cool, use a pink Nuance. He is, however, more yellow, grab a peach tone. Apply the blush to your cheeks, but with as little product and will take you step by step until you are satisfied. Too much blush makes you quickly look like a Clown.

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Simple makeup tips for a perfect Look

With these makeup tips frame your face properly

Simple makeup tips for a perfect Look

Ask for makeup tips from professional makeup artists, who say: ,eyebrows, eyelashes, and lips to emphasize to the face frame.’ The most natural and bushy eyebrows have become for us, in the meantime, to a real ideal of beauty. Therefore, use as little as possible for products to define your Brows a little. It is a little powder or Eye brow gel is enough to bring the hairs in the Form.

For long and voluminous lashes, use a Mascara, in Black or brown for a more natural effect. The lips fully, finally, our make-up tips. A tinted lip balm or a subtle lipstick comes. To knalligere colors, you can dare and then gradually approach.

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