Summer, sun: Swatch 20 of the best makeup in the heat


Toarandas for eyebrows that will be used in the crease, a bright lipstick for a summer party with the easy applicator, the gloss with fine shimmer that beautifully shimmers in the sun and is not afraid of hot kisses, – editorial BeautyHack showed what tools to use for makeup on days when the temperature is higher than 25.

Tools for eyebrow

Eyebrow pencil Goof ProofBenefit

Summer, sun: Swatch 20 of the best makeup in the heat

Fell in love with this pencil first to apply – just paint the eyebrows I have not worked. The pencil lead as if created especially for them, because they can be drawn as thin, missing hairs, and stress in the form of broad strokes.

The tools are waxy texture that is not “trickling down” throughout the day and well shaded. After applying the hair visually more voluminous – thin eyebrows is especially noticeable.

Price: 2 000 RUB.

Resistant pencil for eyebrows Long-Lasting Brow Liner Alchem, Rouge Bunny Rouge

Summer, sun: Swatch 20 of the best makeup in the heat

The eyebrow makeup, I prefer funds with a dry texture. Yes, they are more difficult to apply (requires “jewelry” and painstaking work with a brush), and holiday have to bring a separate purse with the funds for the eyebrows. But this pencil has replaced to me the whole beauty Arsenal.

The tools are slim automatic pencil means no need to sharpen and you can create a line of any thickness (in the mood). Light texture-based wax, like glides on the brows, rastushevyvaet in a jiffy. The pigment is bright, but not too dark, matte finish and natural effect! But the main thing – water resistance: pencil passed the test of summer rain and sea spray.

Price: 2 080 RUB.

Eyebrow pencil Eyebrow Pencil CrayonSourcil512Inglot

Summer, sun: Swatch 20 of the best makeup in the heat

Remedy like girls with thick eyebrows because it will help to emphasize the shape and to finish the missing hairs. Suitable for those who are just starting to learn the eyebrow – have pencil a translucent pigment which can be layering, achieving the desired color intensity.

Durability is beyond praise – in hot weather it is not “leaked” to the crease. The tool will make friends with dry skin – soft pencil will not scratch or irritate the area of the eyebrows. Included is a handy brush, which is a good combing the hair, putting them in desired shape and gently blending pencil.

Price: on request


Intensive resistant eyeliner SignatureDe ChanelChanel

Summer, sun: Swatch 20 of the best makeup in the heat

Have funds liquid texture that dries quickly – has already bid for success.

The brush applicator is very soft, but not “smearing” tool on century, and like slides on it, leaving a smooth black trail. The coating is satin and very pigmented, the tool does not need layering.

You can easily create broad arrow: use the flat side of the applicator. Additionally, the tool is water resistant and will last on your eyelids up to 9 hours – in the composition is film-forming polymers, which are not harmful to the eyes, but is tightly “nailed” the eyeliner to your eyelid.

On first use you need to spin the body of the pen and press the cartridge – if you hear a click, then you are doing well. Put eyeliner on the table for a few minutes so that the rod is filled with color – the intensity of coverage achieved at the expense of such “designer”.

Bonus – tool comfortable to use if you wear contact lenses. Dryness and irritation in your eyes does not appear.

Price: 3 000 RUB.

Thin waterproof liquid eyeliner Perversion Waterproof Fine-Point Eye Pen, Urban Decay

Summer, sun: Swatch 20 of the best makeup in the heat

Of eyeliner-a felt tip pen I’m waiting for a few things: uniform rich pigment, perfect durability and ease of application.

The remedy Urban Decay have dealt with this trio of challenges and have earned a permanent place in my purse “exit”.

Due to the thin tip, you can draw both wide and thin arrows, and even paint over migracyjne space. The facility boasts a waterproof formula and rich pigment, so it lasts all day even on the eyes.

I liked cartridgesa system – black, tar-like pigment is distributed evenly, there is no need to put pressure on the tip or stretch the skin.

Price: 1 590 RUB 

Liquid eyeliner Sensational LinerMaybelline

Summer, sun: Swatch 20 of the best makeup in the heat

I’m not a shooter fan, so always choose the means by which you can easily and quickly draw a straight line of medium thickness. This eyeliner curved – perfectly fits in your hand and gives a rich pigment (arrows work ultracomida).

But the most important plus – thin applicator, which gives a very graceful line. It is convenient to draw and Mirashnichenka space, but also to lovers of the “cat shooter” liner like – it can be layering, that will not affect the quality of the coating.

Durability – above all praise: on my oily eyelids liner lasted about 8 hours. But be careful – funds are very liquid consistency. It won’t stick on the eyelid and does not “flow away” with the eye even in the heat, if you give it a little dry. Removed easily, but it is better to use the tools for removing waterproof makeup.

Priceabout 500 rubles.


Mascara with false lash effect Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils, Yves Saint Laurent

Summer, sun: Swatch 20 of the best makeup in the heat

This means the brand has perfected the formula: a wide-open look with the effect of the drama turns in a single movement. The mascara has a comfortable nylon brush – eyelash are three-dimensional and separated (without the effect of “spider” legs, even if you apply two coats).

Includes vitamin B5, which is optionally caring for the eyelashes (they will not suffer even the most resistant makeup). The ink stayed on the eyes of the rest of the day and not showered. And yet, the tool is easily removed with micellar water – apply cotton pad to the eyes, wait till the micelles will dissolve the ink and remove the excess. And for the super-effect, apply mascara in three layers – the lashes will not stick together, and the look will become very expressive and open. No flaking!

Price: 2 554 rubles.

Mascara Eye Opening Mascara Black, Bobbi Brown

Summer, sun: Swatch 20 of the best makeup in the heat

The first acquaintance with the mascara brand happened at the capture of the international make-up artist brand Eduardo Ferreira. He created the image for the owner of the salon Keep Looking . Just a few strokes of the brush and lush lashes became even bigger and longer .

I have a different situation: the length is no problem, but the volume of something is never enough, and the alluring look you just have to breathe. But with this mascara it’s different. One coat and lashes are bigger, and look more expressive.

The facility is very large brush, but to me it’s an advantage (just grabs all the lashes, and I don’t need to spend time on the drawing). Moreover, it does not stain the upper eyelid – makeup can be done even in the car. Paint over the lashes from the roots, and they have a very beautiful curve that lasts without the curler to the end of the day. Is not it a miracle?

Price: 2 670 RUB. 

Mascara with stage effect Premiere Cabaret, 04 Purple, Vivienne Sabo

Summer, sun: Swatch 20 of the best makeup in the heat

Tool-a legend among carcass love a good lengthening, separation and volume without much dramatic effect. If applied in a single layer, it will highlight a view in the daytime image, making it more open. And if you apply two coats, you get a scenic image (just remember the French cabaret Moulin Rouge).

Beautiful purple hue will look on the eyelashes provocatively – only visible in the light, so you can use it every day. Mascara to enhance the eye makeup, making it more vivid and expressive.

The tool is very convenient, thin brush – layering tool is easy, and the eyes will not appear lumps. If you want to make the shade more visible, apply three layers on the eyelashes, and you will get a real summer look!  

Price: 422 RUB.  

Bronzing agents

Blush and bronzing powder “Book of the sun. Chapter 2” Book Of Sun Blush Bronzer Duette “Chapter 2”, Smith&Cult

Summer, sun: Swatch 20 of the best makeup in the heat

I have quite dark skin and bronzer funds are permanent guests of my cosmetics. For the summer period was looking for universal tool, which will emphasize the color of the skin, give the face a rested appearance and make the skin matte.

Bronzing powder from the palette – such. Apply on the cheekbones to give the face the effect of sun damage, correct the oval. After the holidays, use as powder (for girls with fair skin this option will not work).

But ladies with porcelain skin can make a face more tanned without the unnecessary “being a ginger”. And in the crease a dark sandy shade looks great. Eyes become more expressive, especially if you add the makeup ink of the same brand .

Price: 3 960 RUB.

Beached bronzer Bronzer, Sun-kissed, Urban Decay

Summer, sun: Swatch 20 of the best makeup in the heat

The first thing that “hooked” look – the packaging. Palm trees on the glossy surface reminiscent of the sea and under the sun tanned skin. The sea means, alas, will not transfer, but to achieve the effect of tanned skin – helps with ease.

Bronzer have a matte finish and silky texture – a means good shade, creating a natural shade with bronze tones.

Paint not only the face but also on exposed areas of the body – the collarbone and shoulders to create a contrast between the exposed areas of the skin.

A big plus bronzer – its durability. It does not “flow away” from the face in the heat, not afraid of wind and a light rain (and the water spray at a beach party he was not afraid).

Price: 2 450 rubles.

Bronzer for the face Mariniere Poudre Bronzante, Vivienne Sabo

Summer, sun: Swatch 20 of the best makeup in the heat

A French brand well-known among butyricum thanks to the classic mascara Cabaret. But other decorative manage the brand with enthusiasm.

The brand draws inspiration in the most romantic city in the world – Paris. This summer they released a limited edition make-up, which this time is dedicated to the southern part of France. Be careful – the new items are selling out quickly.
I tried the powder. A common problem of such medium – mismatched and sometimes unnatural color (from bright orange to dark brown), which leave on the face spots and shade sloppy. This bronzer such problems have arisen, and after applying the skin became pale brown in color and a natural glow (the feeling that in the face of the sun shines).

Applied the product with a Kabuki brush under cheekbones, on your temples and chin area.

Another plus – powdery texture (noticeable matting effect – a “gift” for the girls with oily skin). For an evening look type brush on a little more money (he has a very delicate pigmentation).

Price: 390 RUB.

Lipstick and lip gloss

Long-lasting matte lip gloss Lip Magnet, 403, Giorgio Armani

Summer, sun: Swatch 20 of the best makeup in the heat

This gloss is perfect for a night out – paint in several layers to achieve a dense cover and a rich hue.

The tool is very comfortable to wear – does not dry lips and leaves a light matte finish without stickiness. But updating it every 2-3 hours – it’s still Shine, and wait for phenomenal durability not worth it.

But the applicator from the means – beyond praise. The contour obtained by the calligraphic clear – with this glitter can forget about the brush and concealer.

Price: 2 400 RUB.

Lip gloss: Shine and moisturizing Clinique Pop Splash Lip Gloss + Hydration, shade Sorbet Pop, Clinique

Summer, sun: Swatch 20 of the best makeup in the heat

The glitter and liquid, but not sticky texture. The tool provides a thin, smooth skin and natural, but rich pigment.

A light caramel hue like girls who practice “makeup without makeup” and for those who have no time for long engagements in the morning.

The gloss is very comfortable to wear on the lips: it does not roll down during the day and smoothly off the lips. Updating it “on the run” is very convenient, because the means does not flow into fine lines and does not “slide” with your lips after application.

Price: 2 050 RUB

Lipstick-lip pencil Pen Lipstick Sexy Matte, Rock and Wine, Romanovamakeup

Summer, sun: Swatch 20 of the best makeup in the heat

The very Creator of the brand star makeup artist Olga Romanova says: “the Shade is quite dark, as it is now fashionable, but at the same time universal – no “contraindications” no”

I totally agree with her, but this summer became a great addition to the evening makeup. The tool is very persistent – he is not afraid nor heat, nor food, nor passionate kisses (a rich, bright shade is very to them has – lips visually chubbier).

The only “sin” – the tool a little dry lips, but with this easy to handle nourishing balms .

Price: 1 370 RUB.

Lipstick-lip gloss Rouge Coco Stylo, hue 228 Poesie, Chanel

Summer, sun: Swatch 20 of the best makeup in the heat

The most important thing that you notice in this tool immediately after application is mega moisturizing. Only then you pay attention to the light oily texture that makes lipstick literally slide on the lips, leaving a pleasant and very comfortable finish.

Shade Poesie is associated with me in the hot summer, when all you want ease, especially in makeup. With this shade of lips will not look painted, and makeup can be done in just two movements: remove the lid from the lipstick and apply the product directly from the package (brush is not needed). The stick easily twists back into the package without staining the stylish black case.

Price: nearly 2500 RUB  

Shining lipstick Nordic Seduction Lip shine, shade 2 Sandy Beach, Lumene

Summer, sun: Swatch 20 of the best makeup in the heat

The texture tool is more reminiscent of the weightless lip balm and it reflects the abundance and health of the components in the composition: the pre-peptides and hyaluronic acid.

The means on five of the moisturizes lips without leaving dryness and flaking no chance. Stickiness after application, you also will not feel as though absorbed into your skin, leaving lips a light tint universal tint.

With this lipstick you can achieve very natural image, highlighting the lips and making it a little brighter.

Price: 930 RUB

Gloss for lip Gloss Bomb, Fenty Beauty

Summer, sun: Swatch 20 of the best makeup in the heat

Always very prejudiced against the media are creating the stars: after all, the last time it really became “mainstream”. Not all participate in process of creation, and in the end just bears the name of a person. The situation is quite different with cosmetics Fenty Beauty, which produces the singer Rihanna. 
Heard a lot of reviews, often seen cherished sticks-military (which is magnetic) in the purses of famous makeup artists, but for the first time personally met with the funds of the brand in new York.

The facility of vanilla and peach aroma convenient applicator, which again is gaining the right amount of funds for buildable coverage, versatile pinkish-nodoby shade with a slight shimmer, excellent moisturizing by Shea butter in the formulation. 
When you apply the gloss, there is a good sense that it envelops lips, and they really visually be more. Rihanna advises to apply the gloss over lipstick to get glossy and mirror effect.

Price: on request

Ultramotive liquid lipstick Celeste, 14 Vampire, Kiss Professional

Summer, sun: Swatch 20 of the best makeup in the heat

About the brand, which entered the market only 2 years ago, already walking glory among all butyricum – praise saturated, bright, pigmented, and sometimes gaudy shades of lipsticks. I couldn’t stay away and chose the mysterious shade of Vampire matte line.

Struck on the lips and immediately appreciated the scale of the color spectrum – all shades of maroon mixed in one bottle! Just one layer and your lips will be left without attention, so attractive it turns color.

Vitality (most important point for evening activities) I also have no issues. Lipstick is coming off evenly, a little dulling on the lips (but that doesn’t make it worse). Surprisingly, the tool is very simply removed with micellar water.

I fell in love with the finish means a matte lipstick but on the lips it leaves no Stein and no bright pigment, and a light velvet coat. But it makes the product only better, because not all matte lipsticks can boast of such a super moisturizing.

The only “but” – to clearly draw the lip contour, use a thin brush (a lipstick is fairly porous sponge, which can lubricate the boundary).

Price: 490 RUB.

Lip gloss Rouge Coco Gloss, 792, Chanel

Summer, sun: Swatch 20 of the best makeup in the heat

This is probably the most unusual shade collection of lipstick Rouge Coco Gloss (but only as many as 27!). No, your lips are not blue, do not be afraid: gloss translucent, but the light turquoise is still there (it can see if you applied the glitter on the back of your hand – on the lips it is lost). As always an excellent and incredibly handy applicator tool is distributed without problems on the run. Melting texture, not too sticky. Honestly, this gloss I have replaced balm. The Hydraboost complex contains natural waxes (jojoba, sunflower, Mimosa) and natural derived coconut oil. The effect of wet lips, visually they become bigger and the teeth look whiter. And, of course, incredibly beautiful luster. What else you need for your everyday makeup or for an image where the main emphasis is on the eyes?

Price: 2 270 RUB.

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