The 9 steps to apply the makeup products in the correct order

The 9 steps to apply the makeup products in the correct order

We are in the period of discounts. And you, like all of us, empty all the shelves of cosmetics. And good for you! It was a chance! But, now that you’re equipped with a bunch of beauty products and makeup, and I don’t know how to fit it correctly in the makeup routine.

You have to do is follow the following steps:

1. Moisturizing

The makeup for the “show” must be applied to moisturized “canvas”. For this reason, spread the moisturizer cream, wait a quarter to be absorbed well, and then start the process of makeup.

2. Primer

The primer is the number 1 product to “imprison” the hydration in your skin while you have makeup on, to create the perfect balance of oiliness-dryness in your skin, but you do your makeup to last up to 12 hours!

3. Foundation

Having left the primer a few minutes to be absorbed, apply the foundation to cover any imperfections, and will be the basis for your makeup. So don’t put it with hasty movements. Calmly and firmly laid a very good makeup on your face, giving particular emphasis to the points you want to cover imperfections.

4. Concealer

With the concealer it will cover up unwanted dark and light the look in your eyes.

5. Powder

Stabilize the result of applying the powder on n your.

6. Contouring / blush / highlighting

Continued with light and shadow by contouring or drapping. Put on blush and continued with strobing.

7. Shadow, eyeliner/eye pencil, mascara

Now that your face is μακιγιαρισμένο and has a uniform color and correct shadows, it is the time to play with your eyes. You can put makeup on, no matter how strongly or softly you want, just remember that the correct order is eye shadow – eye pencil/eyeliner/mascara. Created!

8. Powder (again)

In this case, the powder will serve to stabilize your makeup and to remove the remains of the shadow that have fallen under the mobile eyelid.

9. Pencil, lips, lipstick/lipgloss

Last step of a complete makeup is the application of lipstick or lipgloss. Apply first the lip coutour and then the color.

And you’re ready!

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