The basic rules of the winter makeup

How to makeup in winter? How to choose winter makeup? Because the street waiting for you the wind, the cold or the dampness, and indoor air is often dry heating.

To save a flawless look to evening, try to perform some simple recommendations cosmetologists:

A moisturizing or nourishing cream?

For winter is more suitable nourishing because it contained components of the skin will be perfectly protected from redness, will not peel off and irritated. And such care needs for all skin types – even oily suffering in the cold season from the negative effects of the cold.

How to choose a “winter” Foundation?

For winter, the best option would be a cream rich in texture, water-and oil-based.


Unfortunately, carefully painted eyelashes in snow or frost seldom remain the same neat: ink spreads under the eyes, creating a disheveled look. Pick for winter special mascara, gel based, with polymers. This mascara is not afraid of any “enemy” – nor humidity, nor cold, no tears or sebum. Before applying mascara, powder your eyelids and gently take off excess mascara from the brush with a tissue. Such precautions will help to avoid lumps and gluing of cilia.

The basic rules of the winter makeup

There is a perception that the powder in the winter cause you can not, because it dries the skin. Perhaps this is true, but only if we are talking about powders “last generation”.Modern powder major manufacturers rich in minerals that help prevent skin dryness, nourish it and make more healthy. Just lightly powder your face on top of cream Foundation, a nourishing or moisturizing. If you do not use moisturizer – it is better not to apply the powder: it will look sloppy because you will not be able to achieve an even layer.


Choosing blush for the winter, pay attention to the shade of your natural blush that appears on my cheeks in the freezing weather. “Porcelain” gentle face benefit from blush bright cold tones, you can try quite transparent. Golden skin with peachy tint looks fantastic, if to accentuate the cheekbones pinkish-peach or orange blush. Darkie can make use of more vibrant hues. Exclusively to spring all shades of tan now they look unnatural.

The main rule – do not overdo it with makeup, because the correct winter makeup highlights a woman’s natural beauty.

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