The evolution of makeup over the last 100 years: it’s amazing

The evolution of makeup over the last 100 years: it's amazing

1900 — 1910

The era of Toulouse Lautrec and Edwardian beauty: in fashion aristocratic pallor, rice powder and pink lipstick combined with thickly superimposed shadows. The great Anna Pavlova, Gladys Cooper, Ted bar icons. In fashion blush: they are applied quite a thick layer on the cheekbones and mid-face. Cosmetics becomes available to the masses: the company Bourjois presents its first set of makeup — “Ladies ‘ man” (“l’ami Des Dames”) — and conquers the ladies of the civilized world. The small cylindrical body contained face powder, lipstick, brush, eyeliner, and eyebrow. Then the brand released an even more compact set with lipstick, powder, a small brush, a Swan down mini-down and a mirror.


In America, the company Maybelline appears with the legendary advertising slogan May be it’s nature, may be it’s Maybelline (Pun: Maybe it’s nature, maybe — Maybelline). The first mascara for his sister Mabel, whose name became the basis for the name of the brand, created a 19-year-old Tom Lyle Williams, who noticed how his sister mixes soot and vaseline, then applied to the eyelashes for volume. After working with the chemical formula, the young man created the first ready-made mascara, which instantly gained crazy popularity. Another popular brand is the max Factor brand founded by Russian businessman Maximilian Factorovich. Innovation was a Factor invented makeup for the Actresses of silent cinema: he had 12 shades and the consistency of the cream, whereas previously old make-up was done on the basis of fat. The new tool did not need advertising: it was praised on every corner of Hollywood actors-comedians Charlie Chaplin, Fatty Arbuckle, Buster Keaton: the new makeup gave them complete freedom of facial expressions. Helena Rubinstein, the founder of the eponymous brand, is the first who came up with the idea to classify the skin by type (dry, normal, oily), as well as the inventor of a make-up remover that deeply cleanses the skin. Style icons — Isadora Duncan and IDA Rubinstein


Thin as threads, eyebrows — in fact a symbol of the 30s in makeup. Many fashionistas COMPLETELY plucked eyebrows in beauty salons, then to draw them with a charcoal pencil on their own, giving a fashionable arcuate appearance. Greta Garbo, Jean Harlow, Carol Lombard become iconic beauties, and hairstyle “with curls” — a hundred percent hit of the decade. Go into the past densely eyeliner, in fashion makeup easy and sexy. At the peak of sales — all kinds of lipsticks, women’s magazines are full of recommendations for the choice of texture and shade. The most fashionable are crimson and wine. If in 1921 in Europe in day was sold one lipstick, then in 1931 — 1,500! New cosmetic brands are entering the market: Coty, Tangee, and Helena Rubinstein produces the first waterproof mascara. Fashion hands: girl down the upper eyelid with a black pencil, enhancing the effect of mascara. First on the scene shadows: it is considered bold to apply them in a thin layer all over the eyelid. Especially popular are light green, blue and purple

The evolution of makeup over the last 100 years: it's amazing


Despite the paralyzing world war II, the cosmetics industry did not stop working, and new fashion trends did not slow down to replace the outdated 30-m Eyebrows become noticeably thicker, lipstick becomes exceptionally red, and plump lips — the limit of dreams of all beauties. Makeup guides tell in detail how to enlarge your mouth with cosmetics: draw a contour with a special pencil outside the natural, thickly paint over with lipstick. On the market there are the first compact powders and almost completely displace crumbly, because they are so convenient to carry! By the way, in the 40s there is the expression “powder nose” as a euphemism for “to go to the toilet.” If Dita von Teese had lived in the ‘ 40s, she would definitely have become an icon of style: white marble skin, high hair and dark hair color, accent on the lips and a General slightly haughty look: so imagined perfection in those days. Ingrid Bergman, Rita Hayworth, Catherine Hepburn and Marlene Dietrich became the epitome of style. In 1946, the brand Estee Lauder appears, but the world will see the decorative cosmetics EL later.

The evolution of makeup over the last 100 years: it's amazing


The world for the first time learns what the “face of the brand” is: advertising posters with beauties become mass. Thanks to advertising campaigns, stars of many models and Actresses are lit, and Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor become the standard of beauty. There is a cult of youth: now makeup is applied not only to make the face more attractive, but also to mask age-related changes. The shades become more muted, red lipstick is replaced by pastel pink (Revlon was the first to launch), and after Audrey Hepburn’s statement “I believe only in pink shades” , dark and red lipsticks simply do not stand a chance. Gaining popularity of liquid Foundation, they are better able to mask the imperfections, and the effect of the mask does not bother anyone but the photo looks flawless. Eye shadows become brilliant: the idea to add pearl particles to the pigment the public perceives with a Bang, as well as the idea of mixing shades: the palette of shadows of 3-4 tones become hits of sales

The evolution of makeup over the last 100 years: it's amazing


Perfect skin, pink lipstick, colored shadows and traced eyebrows: in the 60s makeup becomes an art close to painting. For the first time there are video lessons of makeup: girls are taught how to apply Foundation, blush and shadow, as well as — we were surprised — to powder your lips after applying lipstick! Look for yourself!

The ideal of the decade is Twiggy: a fragile teenage girl with huge eyes,and sharply down goes the popularity of lipsticks, it is now fashionable to only slightly touch the lips with a colorless Shine. But for eye makeup means do not regret: dark shadows, smoky eyes, mascara in several layers — it’s everyday makeup 60s! A notable event in the market of cosmetics is the appearance of Mary Kay — the first in the history of the brand, carrying out direct sales.


For the first time there is the concept of “radiant skin”, and completely matte, “porcelain” face becomes irrelevant. Shimmering particles are added to the powder, shadows and even some tonal means. Especially popular are mother-of-pearl lipsticks, they are introduced into fashion by Jane Birkin and Fara Fossett, whose image formed the basis for the creation of a new Barbie doll.

The evolution of makeup over the last 100 years: it's amazing

Another cult image was the image of Bianca Jagger (first wife of Mick Jagger) — rock glamour, classic makeup with red lipstick and wide, unkempt eyebrows.

The fashion is tan, there are the first bronzing tones. Fashionista generously cover the face with dark powders, and the sun literally fried to a crisp: about the dangers of tanning then nobody really talked. There is the world’s first tanning! In fact, its composition was invented in Germany 10 years ago, but later it was found that when it enters the skin, a substance called dihydroxyacetone causes darkening of the upper layer of cells. The composition was patented by Coppertone, back in the 60s presented on the market means “Quick tan” (“Quick Tan”), but only in the early 70’s received the FDA safety certificate.

The evolution of makeup over the last 100 years: it's amazing


Let there be color! In the 80s, beautiful makeup is a bright makeover. Neon shadow, false eyelashes, blush and a little more juicy, rich lipstick “too much” in those years just couldn’t be. The most fashionable shade — fuchsia (no matter we are about shadows, lipstick or blush). In place of sophistication comes the challenge and outrageous. All leopard, with pink lips and blue eye shadow? You’re cool! Golden shadows and orange blush — super! And more glitter! Avon and Maybelline produce lip gloss with the taste of Apple, strawberry, orange and chocolate, and since then “tasty” cosmetics will not leave the scene.

Madonna, Sher, the heroine of the TV series “Dynasty”: the more extravagant, the better!

Yves Saint Laurent in the 1980s said the prophetic phrase: “Shines us a star that will soon roll, and only the exact line and perfect cut will be able to save us.” But before the return to fashion elegant shades and pastel colors was still far away


Bright colors are gone as quickly as they came: in the 90s in fashion includes matte skin, natural eyebrows and natural makeup. The icon of the style is Rachel performed by Jennifer aniston (TV series “Friends”). Brownish-beige shades — one hundred percent hit, both in makeup and hairstyles. Blush forgotten, but hundreds of editions differ brown lipsticks and glosses, mostly mother-of-pearl tones. Claudia Schiffer becomes a role model for all blondes, and the brunette equals Cindy Crawford. As an alternative, there is a style of “heroin chic”: pale skin, heavily eyeliner — his icon becomes Kate moss. Insanely popular is the powder in the balls — the first “Meteorites” from Guerlain. This powder consisted of balls of different shades, which made it possible to perfectly adjust the complexion, and the reflective ability of pigments optically reduced wrinkles. Since then, there were several dozen versions of the famous powder and many limited editions

The evolution of makeup over the last 100 years: it's amazing


Bronzer, bronzer, more bronzer! In the 2000s, the girls dreamed of becoming blondes in chocolate, imitating Paris Hilton — the heiress of a multimillion-dollar fortune, who lived in the most pretentious places of the planet. The fashion for dark skin kept for a surprisingly long time. Another icon of the style was Vicki Beckham: severe, inaccessible and Very slender, Very tanned and Very glamorous. Fashion direction in the makeup of the 2000s was the mother of pearl: shadows, lipsticks, mascara and nail polishes generously flavored with sequins of all varieties and sizes. Only at the end of the decade flashy bronzer and spangles began to take a stand in favor of nuda: “makeup that is not noticeable” was a blessing for those who are tired of “wearing a face.” The fashion includes natural cosmetics, mineral powders and shadows, creams with a translucent texture. Opened the first Sephora: cosmetics store, where buyers were given the opportunity to choose their own funds, buying them “in the spill”, where almost all brands were presented, and provided testers for all means.

The evolution of makeup over the last 100 years: it's amazing


Having calmed down with injections, girls have switched to use of make-up in as a anti-aging means. Of contouring, a Straubing, baking, torturing, what did not come up with the beauty gurus, will make the face appear more sculpted, the cheekbones high, nose narrow and straight, and his eyes large. The icon of the era was Kim Kardashian: a girl who became famous only because of her appearance (or rather, the amount of effort she spent on creating and maintaining this appearance). The trend is embodied in numerous pallets: for the skin of the face, for the eyes, multi-tone sets — a real sign of the time.

Eyebrows suddenly become of great importance: stylists and makeup artists argue about their shape, nevertheless recognizing the absolute perfection of Cara Delevingne. Eyebrow kits are produced by all leading brands.

However, in the mid-2010’s there was a new trend — “naked” makeup, or so natural that it is almost imperceptible. There were cc-creams with the lightest texture and masking effect, primers that give the skin radiance, means with the effect of glow of the skin, a neutral shade of eyebrow gel, mascara with the effect of natural eyelashes. The standard — Blake lively, Gigi Hadid and Kate Blanchett: real age, real skin, natural look, naturalness. What awaits us next? See!

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