The importance of makeup for women according to the age

The importance of makeup for women according to the age

With the makeup industry is increasingly latent in our days, there is no attempt to mask the person, or his beauty, but on the contrary, it is to highlight or enlighten, however, for this there are a thousand ways according to the age or characteristics of the person.

As we know, the woman and the man are dressed according to their age, according to your profession or the time, always looking for what best fits their aspect and physiognomy, as the same thing happens with regard to the world of makeup and how to apply it.

Among the best makeup you have or better this is applied, the better decks will be imperfections and you will feel more beautiful.

To apply makeup correctly and to fashion, we should know what is the type of face and morphology that we have and make up according to their type and form, for themselves,or I make a light summary of the morphology in the face already commented in other articles.


Shapes and types of face of the woman

It is studying the different types of faces and facial features of the person due to their morphology, starting with his forehead, ending by his chin and passing of course through your nose, cheekbones, eyes and lips. Also includes the hair, which form part of the physiognomy of a person

The face of a person, is determined by a few lines within it as well as a composition and a shape.

In this article we will analyze the different existing profiles in the people, highlighting its main features. Each face will correspond to a form of make-up and colours applied to your skin.

There are different shapes of faces, from the oval shape, classic, round shape, triangular, the so-called diamond or pear. To every face, he hits a way of combing hair as well as some colors and a shape of make-up more or less appropriate.


Our head skeleton is formed by two parts, on the one hand the skull, and on the other face, the morphology of these are very important to determine the style of cut, the styling, or the colors that are most appropriate with your face.

The good professional is the one that first analyzes the features of the skull and of the face of the client before moving on to styling or make up, so as to be able to hand out their job well, remove blemishes, highlight a point, etc

Forms of the skull

There are 3 ways that delimit the skull, these are the skull round, the flat and the braquicéfalo such as shown in the photographs below.

Shapes and types of face

Facial shapes of each person, come determined by the factions, the cheekbones…in general, for the composition of the bones that have the face.

Both in men as in women there are different types of faces, let’s look at the different forms:

Face Rectangular

The face rectangular is very close to the model or the ideal, is usually looking for these faces for make-up or for exhibitions, produces a sense of elongation.

The faces elongated it may disguise with a quiff in the front, in addition, these faces make up by giving more volume in the lateral zones of the face. These faces, we favor a lot of the manes long, since the short give the impression of elongation.

Inverted Triangle

Stand out by having a forehead too wide, the cheekbones, eye-catching and a chin barbel very small or the jaws, we think of the so-called inverted triangle.

In these faces to conceal the brows, and above all, it is not advised to give volume to the neck area.

Triangle or pear shape

This face has a forehead and a temple narrow, cheekbones wide, and the chin has a peculiar shape.

Here one would have to make up more of the area of the upper part of the temples, diminishing the part of the cheeks.

Face Foursquare

It is faces very wide, square-shaped, they are factions of very hard and, in general, little feminine, more typical of men.

It comes to make-up the face giving a feeling of roundness, covering the top with wisps or something bangs on the side.

Face Round

It is faces spherical with voluminous form, where all the parts of the face are in harmony. These faces it works almost everything but in general the manes long.

Face Hex

It is faces with a front very narrow with high cheekbones, very out, and it is able to disguise this by hiding the width of the cheekbones by combing the hair towards the sides.


Keep in mind that do not wear make-up like women of advanced age than younger people, and is that tend to make up much more the first, maybe to hide those expression lines more, or those wrinkles or imperfections that already stand out more with age.

Today, the young woman does not apply so much makeup leaving a face more natural, however, it did at special moments is when more highlights the same, that is to say, at events like weddings, evenings, etc

According to professional make-up, women have to follow a few canons according to their age, i.e. women between 25 and 35 years of age the most normal thing is to use products free of fat to feel the skin in its greatest splendour, is to say very little worked, very natural, here the tone should be soft like that at 18 or 20 years, what you are looking for are shades of very light, barely any makeup, should never be aggressive

Makeup 30

Women from the age of 30 looking to apply makeup according to their characteristics, to eliminate imperfections and possible signs of expression that can go out to the light. Fatigue and stress are very common in a woman after 30, and therefore, the skin loses as brightness and does not preserve so well the firmness and the elasticity, therefore, it is so common the use of cosmetics on the basis of these ages. For all this, keep in mind, that change of number of age, or mature, does not mean that we have to change the image, but rather to adapt our age with the makeup and also cosmetics.

Let’s see briefly which are the cosmetics and the role they have taken in the wife throughout the story.

Today there is great variety of cosmetics and as we said, there are a host of natural ingredients of plant or animal origin

Cosmetics, you try a substance or preparation is placed on the skin for perfume, to smooth, moisturize, or protect it, in addition, you can also get in the hair, there are different smells and also different textures.

Cosmetics tend to be chemicals, whose form creation and processing, it is often very complex.


History in the making of cosmetics

The makeup played a very important role in the history of women, above all, to refine the face and highlight your physical qualities are more important.

In terms of the cosmetics and the creams do not think that is current, but since the egyptians discovered healing properties in the oils and ointments extracted from plants, moreover, were already using lines of eyes to highlight the expression of the same.

In Rome women were not considered beautiful if it were not made up and only the women with much purchasing power they had access to makeup and cosmetics.

In the middle ages, the church stressed the idea that the makeups were only used by clowns as well as by prostitutes, so they were disappearing gradually, however, during the EIGHTEENTH and NINETEENTH centuries the chemical industries again began to process and develop new cosmetics starting again to disseminate them in the market.

At the beginning of the TWENTIETH century, the cosmetics industry begins to introduce more pencils, lipsticks, glosses, blushers, eye shadows, and with it all emerged new styles and movements.

The passage of time is a determinant in the use of cosmetics and products that make us to beautify more the face. Today, there is no clear criteria for young people or older people to take a make-up, but that depends on exclusamente of the condition of each person and of the physical and social characteristics of a person or the other.

Myths and realities of the cosmetic

Myths and truths of cosmetics

The cosmetic is an aspect of utmost importance in the beauty of a woman, all we know is that a woman be beautiful is capable of anything, even to prove some substances that can even be dangerous to the health of the skin.

The cosmetics of today presents some technologies and a scientific basis, and the labels of the products to prove it. There are cosmetics of any kind from any source, whether natural, vegetable, or well done through some kind of substance animal

When we say that the women are able to use any method or cosmetic ara beautify, we refer to treatments such as permanent makeup, is a makeup that can take any woman, one that is always busy, which is lazy, he has more time, the athlete etc… it is a technique that have their pros and cons but that is already becoming fashionable.

This that we will cover in another article with more complexity, this method is somewhat dangerous, but that saves you from any circumstance in your life, always bearing your face make up and free if you eat, you cry, it rains, or you have showered.

But be careful with this, because its effects are not everlasting even though the word says that it is permanent, this makeup can lose color and effect on the face, in addition, the danger can come when you regret carrying it.

It is a process somewhat risky and also painful and difficult to remove that with the passage of time can also vary its colour.


The truth that throughout the history they have seen all beliefs are possible to look most beautiful. Today we will show you the more unusual to see that not everything is to be handsome.

Apply ice

Beliefs as nonsensical as these have been around the world, and it is to apply ice cream of chocolate on the face before going to bed makes that look a perfect skin and radiant in no time. Doubt it or not, most women who hear this test, whether or not it is effective.

Toothpaste for pimples and blemishes

This myth is rooted in the pastas of teeth that formerly contained zinc because there are currently few, this ingredient was highly recommended for the pimples on the skin because the dried out as well as acne.

Aspirin for the skin

Myth cosmetics - Aspirin for the skin

It is crush the aspirin in water to get a paste, apply it over the skin, this leads to salicylic acid, and many cosmetics today already carry to purify the skin, reduce the inflammation of some areas and reduce or eliminate pores.

Apply all the creams together

Do not try to do this, since it can be very dangerous, the ideal is to apply just one, and let it do its effect, remember that each one is for a skin and a specific treatment.

As you can see there are a myriad of myths and realities to make the skin more beautiful, however you have to be very careful with these things as they may produce adverse reactions very bad , the problem is that many women continue to be committed to these beliefs rare to get damage to the skin.

For this reason, you have to be very careful with these beliefs and always go to a professional at the time of making-up, or a dermatologist who will treat the skin and not allow ourselves to be carried away by the comments and opinions that we can find on the internet that in the long run can bring serious repercussions, and sometimes, irreparable.

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