The only right way to disguise pimples on the face

Masking 100-level.

Masking 100-level.

Not the world’s masters of disguise is better than girls with adolescent struggling with acne. Any spy on their background – the kitten. To hide pimples from prying eyes is an art that is passed down from generation to generation. But if trouble were attacked for the first time seriously and urgently study the cheat sheet from makeup artists: the only right way to disguise a rash on the face.

And Beyonce there are spots.

And Beyonce gets stains.

Pimples happen to each and everyone. Even if rare, it is still straight. And in case of unforeseen attacks, it is better to always have on hand concealer or corrector: due to the more dense texture will cover the rash is better than Foundation or powder solo. Armed? Well. Then follow the step-by-step instructions from makeup artists.

1. Start with a “clean slate”

Начните с умывания.

Start with washing.

Before makeup be sure to wash your face and apply the light moisturizer that you have. But there is one “but”: avoid getting the cream directly on the pimples. There is nothing to feed them.

2. Use primer

Без праймера тональное средство быстро провалится в поры и усугубит ситуацию.

Without a primer, the Foundation will quickly fall into the pores and aggravate the situation.

Makeup base smooths enlarged pores (and pimples, most likely, the pores are enlarged), and will extend the durability of the makeup on all day. Masking – what you need.

3. Apply concealer correctly

In any case, no fingers!

In any case, no fingers!

If you are using concealer in a round jar, be sure to dial it clean with a cotton swab, following the rule of “one pimple is one bone.” Otherwise you might move germs into the vial with makeup. Apply the concealer locally on the skin, drawing a small cross (“x”). This will help to hide acne is much better and more natural than if you just bet on them “blobs”.

4. Be sure to blend well

And under eyes don't forget!

And under eyes don’t forget!

Wash hands and clean fingers to blend every “x” lightly, effortlessly driving the tool into the skin with fingertips. Do not RUB concealer in rash: this will increase the blood flow and they will only become more noticeable.

5. Wipe your face with a tissue

Удалите салфеткой остатки праймера и крема.

Remove the remnants of primer and cream with a napkin.

So you will not remove primer and other tools that will allow better to apply concealer.

6. Apply Foundation to the entire face

Используйте кисть для тональной основы, не пальцы.

Use a Foundation brush, not your fingers.

In the season of eruption for this purpose it is better to use a brush from synthetic fibers. It provides the most dense, but surprisingly natural finish. What you need for masking. After makeup be sure to wash your brushes and leave them to dry.

7. Fix the beauty with powder

Пудра для закрепления макияжа.

Powder for fixing makeup

Not just some, but special for makeup. So you hold him to your face and will keep skin matte for at least half of the working day. And after don’t forget to touch up.

Where is the acne? There is no acne!

Where is the acne? There is no acne!

Now you can look at yourself in the mirror with relief. About your small troubles no one will know. 

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