The right makeup – how to do?

Do not consider naturalness and pallor to be one and the same. Someone it is better to use light, invisible shades, and someone very bright. The main thing is to understand, there are different make-up for different face types, time of day and choose what suits you.
Make your “mirror of the soul”beautiful. Too clear eyebrows give the face the appearance of a frozen mask – it’s not the right makeup. Paint the eyebrows should be on the hairline. Do not forget about the color of the pencil: brunettes are better to use black shades, and blondes will suit light gray or brown shades of pencil.

Do not use shadows of the same color as your eyes – this can turn your eyes into some ridiculous spots. Don’t always look good under the shade of the color of the clothes. Need good skin care around the eyes, which I wrote here – ahhh! Buying shadows, you need to be sure that they will be in harmony with the iris, hair and skin tone. Actually from depends, beautiful good your make-up.
When buying a face tone, choose the one that suits you, not the one you like best. Do not buy a Foundation, the tone of which is below the tone of your face, it looks unnatural.The result of the transformation depends on the blush, which should be 1 – 2 tones darker than your complexion. Give up bright colors if you do not want to look like matrons from Russian folk tales. Blush should be applied to the cheekbones, not smeared on all cheeks. Blend them, otherwise your makeup will look like a clown makeup.

How to do makeup correctly – do not confuse day and evening makeup. Pearl shadows and Golden powder when applied in the daytime can age, it is better to use them, going to the room with artificial light.
Pick the right tone lipstick, it should be to your face, do not come too dark or, conversely, too light. Be guided by the fact that light-faced women are most suitable cold shades, and dark — warm soft colors.Which is impossible without perfect makeup
Learn important secrets that will help to make sure that even at home everything went more than smoothly?

First of all, pay attention to the skin of the face, trying to make it perfect. As you know, this should be done regularly, every day with 10-15 minutes of self-care.

creatematerial to get rid of traces of tiredness, lack of sleep, improper diet, acne, acne. The skin should be with an even shade, and this is impossible if you do not get enough sleep. You will need to lead a proper lifestyle, regularly moisturize the skin of the face, neck, peeling. For moisturizing, it is recommended to use nourishing masks and moisturizer.

Pay attention to technical details. Do make up in a room where the lighting is perfect. In addition, you can not do without a clean mirror. Only in a comfortable environment will be able to take into account the many nuances.

Another important condition is that your makeup needs to be of high quality. Notice, nobody says it has to be expensive. Quality cosmetics and expensive, it is not necessarily the same. High-quality cosmetics are often natural, its packaging contains all the components, and of course, must be specified legal address of the manufacturer.

just a few important tips from stylists
If you do not consider yourself a rocker, do not abuse the black eyeliner. Don’t draw a fat arrow on your eyelids. The ideal solution is to create a natural makeup that will emphasize your feminine beauty.

createresult largely depends on the concealer, which should be combined with the type and skin tone. For example, the owners of oily skin can choose a powder creamy texture, not a classic Foundation. For dry skin, a cream with a moisturizing effect is recommended.

Focus on the time of year and day
Remember, make-up should be combined with the time of year and day. What are the main aspects to be taken into account?

Summer make-up day should be natural, so give preference to natural range. Unfortunately, due to the heat the skin of the face and eyelids sweats. Therefore, use natural colors and quality cosmetics. If desired, you can choose a powder that has a tanning effect. Pencil and eyeliner are not recommended, and lip gloss or light lipstick is suitable. Evening makeup may differ in the presence of mother of pearl.

How to make makeup right?
And, as little as possible to avoid these mistakes, you need to follow a few simple rules, how to choose the right makeup:

Winter make-up involves protective means that reduce the damage from low temperatures and other adverse external factors. Day option does not involve bright colors. In the evening it is better to use the shade of cold colors.

Spring makeup should emphasize your female beauty, so choose light shades during the day. In the evening, you can choose rich colors. For example, turquoise, aquamarine, purple, orange, terracotta. Blush should be warm and natural.

What can be autumn make-up? Day better navigate on nature of, because come Golden, beige, light-brown color of. Blush may contain a little gold. Lipstick, no doubt, should be appropriate. In the evening, you can use gray, dark brown shadows, which are combined with scarlet, red, orange lipstick.

Now you will always look 100%.

  1. Buying high-quality cosmetics, take your time, choose the right color or tone.
  2. With each application of makeup look at yourself, as if, from the side, evaluate what suits you and what does not.
  3. When applying makeup it is better to nadograditi than repaint. It is better to have a pale appearance, than to overwhelm the surrounding plaster.
    Take care of quality cosmetics and all the necessary tools to create a make-up. By the way, it is not necessary to buy expensive brands for skin care – see how they can be replaced with reliable cosmetics, which can be found in any pharmacy.

Remember, you must act in stages: cover the Foundation and powder face, draw eyebrows, apply shadows, pencil or eyeliner. Adjust your result, because, for example, the shadows should be shading.

Now you know the secrets of makeup and can use them.

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