Types of makeup


1. Daily makeup

It should be natural, light and fresh. It can be a make-up no make-up, a make-up composed of a natural palette of colors, virtually invisible, but at the same time concealing any defects of the shape of the eyes and face. We do not use brocades and zircons in it. The eyes are more exposed than the lips.

2. Evening makeup

Candlelight and artificial light absorb colors, which is why evening make-up has to meet other requirements than daily makeup. It should be definitely more intense, very durable and waterproof. We can afford it in a small extravaganza, but we apply the shimmering elements in small amounts so as not to create the effect of kitsch. The dominant colors are dark shades and rich in intense pigments. It will be revived by a note of light glitter applied to shades or eyelashes. The best for evening make-up are cosmetics that can be applied dry – creating a color and wet basis – achieving intensity and expressiveness in the modeling of the eyelid. For the effect of long and thick eyelashes we can use artificial eyelashes or tufts. Evening make-up must also be chosen for the type of beauty, the color of the dress, accessories and occasions. Another will be a make-up for going to the theater, rather than a ball.

3. Makeup smoky eyes

This is a kind of evening make-up, in which a dark color palette is used in one color tone and blurs them to create a smoky effect. It has been assumed that this makeup is done with gray and black, but it is not always a good idea. Cold colors are reserved especially for the lady of winter and summer (cool tone). Smoky eyes can also be used in shades of eggplant, greenery, dark plum, deep brown, which match other types of beauty.
This type of makeup is very easy to make. We start painting the eye with a dark pencil, which we outline the upper eyelid and lightly pull the ends of the lines outwards, then we analogically outline the lower eyelid. As a reminder – the make-up is supposed to give the eye the shape of an almond and can not emphasize any possible defects of the beauty. With drooping eyelids, the line must be guided from the center of the iris upwards to optically lift them. With small eyes, one should not connect outer corners with a pencil or eyeliner, let alone use a dark pencil inside the lower contour of the eyes, thus reducing them even more. Using an applicator or a slanting brush, the line on the upper and lower eyelids should be successively rubbed with a dark shadow until a blur effect is obtained. Then, on the break of the eyelid, we rub the brighter shade, in order to obtain beautiful penetration and smokiness of colors as well as smoothing out any unevenness. The same can be repeated on the lower eyelid. At the end, outline the upper eyelid with eyeliner in a dark color. The dash must be made perfectly, therefore it should start painting from a light stretch of the eye towards the temple and lead from the inner to the outer corner – then you will succeed even on the wrinkled eyelid. This type of makeup will look great with the tufts of artificial eyelashes applied at the outer corners.

4. Wedding makeup

Wedding makeup combines the features of photographic and waterproof makeup. It should be stronger than every day, so that it would not be lost in the wedding stylization, but it was an important element of it and it was visible in every light. It should be remembered that light plays a fundamental role in photography, and it will catch and highlight all seemingly invisible imperfections. Therefore, first of all it is necessary to correct any discoloration on the face, bruises under the eyes and redness.
We match the colors of the wedding makeup with:
• The color of the bride’s dress and accessories. From the fact whether the dress is in the color of pure, cool white, or a warm shade of ecru, it depends on whether we will use cool or warm colors.
• Color of the floral composition. It is often the case that the color accent in the eye makeup is chosen for the bouquet color.
• Beauty type of the bride. If it presents a type of spring or autumn, it will match warm colors, while your summer or winter will look much better in shades with an admixture of cool pigment.
This type of make-up often uses pastel, slightly opalescent colors – in shades of peach, pink, lavender or salmon. I advise against the use of heavy colors, exclusively matte, in shades of gray and brown, which can give the effect of a tired face.
It’s best to use several eye shades, both opalescent and matte. The illumination on the upper movable eyelid looks nice (on condition that it is not too convex), under the eyebrow arch, and also in the inner corner of the eye – the exception is eyes set wide apart. Then, to model the eye, we apply a darker matte shadow in the hollow of the eyelid and in the corner at the bottom edge of the eyelashes with a few tones. We can strengthen the effect by marking the outline of the entire eye with a brown, navy blue, gray, plum or green color, but we do it with a sense not to get too dark effect.
For this special occasion it is strongly recommended to stick artificial eyelashes or a few tufts. The latest trend in wedding makeup is delicate decorations made of small pebbles and zircons.

5. Special New Year’s Eve, carnival makeup

It is a bold makeup that differs significantly from daytime and even evening makeup. With a predominance of shiny and brocade elements that we can apply to the whole body and hair. It must be a complement to creations, accessories and hairstyles. Here false eyelashes are absolutely necessary (the offer is rich – from eyelashes with zircons to the most fanciful with feathers). We can also vary the make-up with a zircon or glitter pattern, which will go beyond the limits of the eye and form on the face. As with evening make-up, the colors must be intense and look good in artificial light. The special makeup is expressive and precise.

Worth knowing!

To make the make-up look clear and long-lasting, it is advisable to properly prepare the eyelids before performing make-up.
• The care base applied to the eye area will cause the skin to get velvety smoothness, and mimic lines will be much shallower.
• Corrector lightens the skin around the lower and upper eyelids and definitely enhances the effect of makeup.
• Loose powdered powder on the upper and lower eyelids (only for eyelashes) will help remove shadows from the shadows with a brush. Apply to eyelashes before painting inks, add their volume.
• The waterproof shadow base saturates the colors and gives them durability. It will also prevent the unaesthetic rolling of shadow on the eyelid.
• The eyelash curler will beautifully highlight eyelashes. We always use it before applying mascara!

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