We’ve tried: you can do at home hair removal sugar paste?


In stores you can get different types of sugar pastes, as a rule, have a very similar composition and consistency. One of them I tested on my own skin.


Began a period of shorts, skirts and dresses. Most women, therefore, solves the waxing.

What you put on depilation sugar paste to prepare?

In addition to the toothpaste you use also a spatula at her deposition,alternatively, a piece of cloth (paper), if you want to use, tear strip, method. Someone also takes the gloves.

Tip Arome: The skin can in some areas get wet, then use baby powder. Just gently, don’t overdo it with him.

Let’s get to it!

Before you embark into the hair removal, wash your skin with soap, you got rid of the grease. I’m sure you can use a grease removing spray. The skin must be dry and degreased – this is the basis of success.

I won’t lie to you, it is possible that you for the first time will not so be sped along as experienced artist in a salon. For me, they were the first attempts more challenging. When I paste taped to my legs so that didn’t go off, I wanted to restpackaging throw it in the trash. Fortunately, it’s a sugar paste, therefore it’s slightly wash off with water.

1. step – heat the paste in a microwave oven or a water bath approximately at body temperature.

2. step – with a spatula remove the amount of a walnut, between the fingers of paste, make a ball. Rub it against the direction of the the hair growth and take in the direction of growth. Quickly it a good yank, more horizontally, than perpendicular to the body, because then they could rise to unsightly tit.

This step gave me a couple of times pretty hard time, because the paste under the hands of very prohřála stuck to the skin and didn’t go off.

How to solve the situation, when the sugar paste sticks?

  • Can help move to a cooler room.
  • Take the help of a spatula and use this instead of the hands, the paste is so will not quickly overheat. This is how I finally ended me, I might have the warmer the hands, the paste with me in them too warm.
  • Do you have sugar paste everywhere, that even the spatula doesn’t work? Do not despair, spread it with a spatula sugar paste into a fine layer. Then attach the strap substance, and here again against the direction of hair growth sharply tear off.

3. step – check whether the hairs thoroughly removed and skin rinse. If somewhere remained shorter hairs, you can rip out a piece of paste or tweezers.

Paste to create a compact shape and then rub it on the skin against the direction of hair growth.

Paste to create a compact shape and then rub on the skin against the direction of hair growth.

Insights at the conclusion of the

  • Very quickly, efficiently and relatively painlessly did my hair removal armpits. The hair I got rid of in 5 minutes.
  • On the contrary, a great work will give the hair removal of the intimate areas. It is the most painful and for the first time I failed. After a few days appeared to pimples due to zarůstajícím body hair, so my hair probably failed rip enough with the follicle still attached.
  • In the instructions looks simple, but it’s about exercise. With other attempts be sure I’ll get better.

 Next time I’ll try the domestic production of sugar paste and work with her. What method hair removal do you use?

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