Makeup for green eyes

Makeup for green eyes

how to do makeup green eyes

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Magical, enchanting, fascinating, mysterious – such epithets for centuries used to green eyes. The magical beauty of green-eyed women were jealous, they were shunned and calling witch. Probably, not without reason, because the green eyes staring really unexplained attractive force.

How to choose the shade for green eyes?

Makeup for green eyes is not an easy task for the stylist, because there are many natural shades of green, which require individual selection of makeup, because not every color is in harmony with green eyes.

the shade for green eyes

Let us understand what shade will suit in each case?

  • Makeup for hazel eyes, combining two colors, allows for brunettes, use light violet, green moss, and the entire spectrum of purple shades.
  • Blonde with those eyes, you can safely use the Golden and green hues of the shadows. Color mascara for hazel eyes can be any, and evening make-up requires a multi-layered application. Arrows accentuate hazel eyes, must be very thin.

For green-gray eyes are absolutely contraindicated in all shades of blue, are able to suppress their natural beauty.

  • For green-brown eyes match the shade of silver, copper, gold and peach themes. In the daytime makeup such green eyes, you must use shades of muted shades: black, greyish pink.
  • Makeup artists are well known secrets of make-up, matching gray-green eyes: they consist of ways of intensifying one of the colors present in the color of the iris.If you want to intensify the color gray, daytime makeup for green gray eyes you can perform the shadow of the cold gray shade, and evening – using shadow grey black. If necessary, focus on the green component in the color of the iris used the shadows lighter shades of green. Gray-green eyes can brighten the shade of copper, lilac, olive, peach, plum and cool pink shades.

For green-blue eyes that can change iris color depending on the color of clothing, environment and even the mood of their owner, perfect shadows any bright colors.

  • For light green eyes should choose a shade of light green colors and dark colors to use for decoration the outer corners of the eye or for eye liner.
  • For yellow-green eyes (which are called cat due to them flashing in a Golden sparkle) did not fit the shade of dark shades. The most optimal can be considered the shadow, whose color slightly lighter than the color of their iris.

What you should know about everyday makeup for green eyes?

makeup for green eyes

To properly perform day makeup for green eyes, it is necessary to follow certain mandatory rules:

  • For everyday option the entire surface of the eyelids (to the eyebrows) cover a basic light shade.
  • Applied over Foundation shade of peach or gray-brown color, and then smudge.
  • Day makeup for green eyes, requires a mandatory application of the shadows a darker shade. They are applied from the middle mobile eyelid in the direction of area located under the crease. Great importance has skillfully executed shading, making casual makeup for green eyes extremely attractive.

Use a dark shadow to the lower eyelid design lets you highlight your green eyes and give more depth to the look.

  • Line drawing of the dark shadows extending from the inner edge of the eye to the outside should gradually thicken. Thorough feather is able to do everyday makeup for green eyes, absolutely irresistible.
  • Wrap eye contour pencil or with liquid liner completes daytime make-up for green eyes.

The most popular versions of makeup for green eyes

Versions of makeup for green eyes astonishingly varied. Let’s briefly describe the most popular of them.

  • Smoky makeup is just made for the big green eyes is able to give them the mystery and extraordinary depth.The secret of it lies in the fact that the cast shadow is incredibly intense at the border of the eyelashes, gradually disappears as it approaches the eyebrows. Smoky eye for green eyes are best suited the shade of purple, blue and terracotta colors. Color contour pencil should match the color of the shadows. This gentle make-up completely eliminates the use of bright lipstick and blusher because its main highlight is to focus on the beauty of green eyes.
  • Fall makeup for green eyes looks extremely organic. You can use the shades of the shades of copper, terracotta, plum and chocolate or warm shades of blush (the most suitable would be a plum or a hint of dried roses). The main feature of this makeup is meticulous shading.
  • Arabic makeup is particularly suitable for green almond-shaped eyes and runs purple, turquoise and shades of beige shadows, especially benefit from the use of black liquid eyeliner. The main decoration of Arabic make-up – eyeliner skillfully executed, beautifully emphasizing the shape of the eye and ending with the maximum extra-long arrows.
  • Purple makeup is unique in that it transforms fabulously and blondes, and brunettes, and the owners of red hair goes well with eyes of any colour. Bright, made rich purple shadows, it will be appropriate in the evening. One should take into account that purple makeup attracts attention to the eyes, so it is impossible to paint a bright lipstick. Is better to confine lipstick discreet shades or neutral lip gloss.
  • Lilac make-up can be done before leaving for work, for school, and on club night: it’s all about choosing the purple shadows of different intensity. Light makeup for green eyes, appropriate in the day time, you should do purple eye shadow in light shades. Dark evening make-up requires the use of more saturated shades of lilac.
  • Golden makeup is appropriate only in the evening, as the bright glow Golden shadows in the sunlight would look too bright and garish. But for a fun party or for an evening stroll on the town, this beautiful makeup for green eyes could not be more helpful. The most spectacular this makeup in combination with finely made arrows.
  • Business makeup, is completely incompatible with garish bright colors, and pearlescent, must be restrained, and emphasizing the individuality of its owner. The right makeup in the style business runs cosmetics soothing tones, not necessarily in harmony with the color of eyes.The business makeup for green eyes requires the use of terracotta, brown and peach shadows. Beautiful office makeup should be persistent, so beauty must be of high quality and water resistant.
  • Spectacular make-up is obtained when using shadows pastel, purple and red colors. Forever subjected to the base treatment, covered with matte pastel shadows. In the middle of the eyelid (both upper and lower) are placed shade light green color, and the shadows dense purple color, like a wide arrow, upward. The very edge of the upper eyelid is emphasized by the shadows black. The cilia are covered with several layers of lengthening mascara.
  • Natural makeup is used in everyday life, needs a green-eyed beauty neither much time nor much money to purchase cosmetics, since its implementation requires a minimum set of decorative cosmetics. Natural makeup for green eyes is with pastel shades or brown colors.Pencil is better to choose in accordance with these same colors, but mascara should be chosen taking into account color. Simple makeup will look natural only when proper selection of Foundation: the color should ideally match the natural skin tone.

Makeup ideas for green eyes are astonishingly varied, we only outlined is not a complete list of available options. Those who want to learn how to do beautiful makeup for green eyes, can be on various resources of the Internet to find makeup tutorials, step by step, step by step explaining the sequence and technique of its execution. Step-by-step make-up is very convenient and accessible form of training every user of the Internet.

Makeup tricks for small eyes

makeup for small green eyes

Beautiful makeup for green eyes can give them the brightness and expressiveness, it is only necessary to observe a number of obligatory rules:For small green eyes absolutely not suitable nor smoky makeup or makeup with the effect of cat’s-eyes, intense black eyeliner: it absolutely will absorb and will further reduce the eye.

  1. To visually enlarge the eyes, apply shades of light tones.
  2. If you make the outer corners of the eye areas of shadows, reminiscent of a bird’s wing, it will visually lengthen (and thereby visually enhance) small eyes.
  3. Sagging eyelids and blue circles, significantly reduces the size of the already small eyes, you need to eliminate, making cool gadgets and masking with the help of the Foundation.
  4. To darken the lashes on both eyelids you need to use lengthening mascara as long lashes create the effect of visually enlarge the eyes.
  5. Owners of thick wide eyebrows you should give them a bend and make it more subtle: this is another trick of makeup artists giving little eyes visually significant increase in size.

What colors are contraindicated green-eyed beauties?

beautiful makeup green eyes

Beautiful makeup for green eyes accentuate the natural beauty of their iris, makes look charming and mysterious, but there are a number of colors, is totally unsuitable for this purpose. So, from the shadows of the flower should be discarded, doing makeup for green eyes?

  • Silver colorcombines perfectly with blue, gray and brown eyes, absolutely not in harmony with the color of green eyes, so beautiful, making an evening or day makeup for green eyes should be permanently removed from your cosmetic palettes with a set of silver shadows.
  • Makeup for green eyes, accentuated by deep black arrows and connections, not only beautifies eyes, but heavier look, so instead of black contour pencil and mascara is best to use makeup in dark shades of brown and gray.
  • Blue color and makeup for green gray eyes (as well as for green eyes all the other shades except Navy blue) are also incompatible. Green-eyed girl who made makeup in blue tones, will look quite vulgar.
  • Pink color, in principle, can approach individual green-eyed beauties, but you can find it, if you try several options for yourself.

The secrets of beautiful make-up

green eyes makeup
  1. Day makeup should be done in shadow, and blush matte shades: sequins do look tired.
  2. Any make-up will benefit from using the widest color spectrum of shadows, so the more colors will be in their set, the better: with a rich color palette to achieve subtle and smooth overflow from one color to another. In the makeup bag of any woman should be at least three shades of shadows.
  3. Causing white shadow strip under the eyebrow, you can achieve open and more expressive look.

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