What is airbrush and how is it done?

Аэромакияж Brushes

Aeromakeup is a non-contact method of applying decorative cosmetics using special tools and equipment. A thin translucent layer ideally hides skin imperfections and evens out its color. Read more about the procedure and technique for its implementation in our article.

History of technology

Air makeup has long been used in the film industry, but has recently become available to ordinary consumers. It was first used in 1959 in the feature film “Ben-Hur”.


Then, in a very short time, numerous extras needed to apply an artificial tan, because the events in the film developed in the Roman Empire. Armed with airbrushes, the stylists quickly turned pale-faced people into tanned Romans.

Then airbrushing was remembered in the 70s. 20th century, when cinema and television began to develop by leaps and bounds, and a light make-up had to be applied to numerous actresses, actors, presenters and guests of programs.

Currently, the service of applying air makeup has appeared in beauty salons and cosmetology centers that keep up with the times.

Features and benefits of the procedure

The following features and benefits of air makeup are distinguished:

  • Hygiene. In the process of applying cosmetics, the makeup artist does not touch the client’s face with either his hands or any cosmetic accessories. Special pigment substances are sprayed with a so-called air brush (airbrush) at a certain distance.
  • Naturalness. Aeromakeup looks more natural than decorative cosmetics, since a thinner layer of the product is applied to the skin. This preserves the natural tone of the skin.
  • Application speed. Spraying foundation on the face or legs to hide cosmetic defects, such as a vein network, as well as to touch up a tan, occurs almost instantly. The tool, with skillful possession of an airbrush, lies flat.
  • Gentle cosmetics. Any cosmetic product clogs the pores of the skin, which sometimes leads to negative consequences. When using air makeup, the skin breathes and is saturated with oxygen.
  • Suitable for all ages and skin conditions. The composition of the funds may also include therapeutic components, so makeup applied with an air brush can be sprayed onto skin with acne, inflammation or psoriasis.
  • Makeup durability. Foundation lasts up to 20 hours; blush, shadows, lipstick, as well as eyebrow correction – up to 12 hours. This eliminates the need to constantly correct makeup.
  • Water resistance. Aeromakeup is not afraid of water, so you should not be afraid that it will flow in the rain or be washed away with tears.


The non-contact makeup procedure also has disadvantages:

  • High cost. The device itself, as well as special cosmetics for it, are not cheap. This is exactly the case when beauty requires tangible financial investments.
  • Dependence on power supply. An airbrush is an electrical device, so just “powdering” the nose here and now will not work.
  • Sprayability. Since makeup is applied with an air brush at a certain distance, the spray radius is very wide and small drops of cosmetic product can get on nearby objects, as well as clothing.
    Therefore, before using the airbrush, put on an apron or a change of clothes. The airbrush room should ideally be spacious and well ventilated.
  • The need for an assistant. Applying air makeup to yourself alone is very problematic. Either you will need the help of a second person, or you will apply it with your eyes closed.
Do air makeup

The question still remains open, how it affects and how much a cosmetic product gets when sprayed into the lungs.

Types of airbrushes for makeup

Depending on various indicators, several types of airbrushes are distinguished. So, according to the type of control they are divided into devices:

  • Single action . The control is carried out by moving the trigger only “down” (air supply).
  • Double action. Here the trigger can be moved in 2 directions – “down” (air supply) and “back” (material supply). Such devices are used in professional activities, and they require certain skills.

According to the method of supplying the material and the location of the paint container, airbrushes are distinguished:

  • Bottom type . The supply of material occurs exclusively due to vacuum forces.
  • Top type. It is carried out due to the vacuum and the weight of the material, compression occurs.
  • Under pressure. Used for high viscosity materials.

The method of supplying material can be combined.

According to the type of nozzle landing in the airbrush body, there are devices:

  • fixed, threaded;
  • tapered fit, fixed;
  • with combined self-centering fit, fixed;
  • with floating, self-centering fit.

By the presence of presetting mechanisms, devices are distinguished:

  • with limited supply of material;
  • with preliminary adjustment of material supply;
  • with pre-set air supply.

Instrument design

The airbrush consists of the following parts:

  • compressor;
  • hose;
  • a pen on which a removable ink tank is placed and a button, by pressing which, start the operation of the device.

Which airbrush to choose?

The most popular brand that produces not only devices for air makeup, but also products for it, is the American company TEMPTU. The cost of the PRO Airbrush Makeup System portable set starts from 11,000 rubles. The package includes:

  • airbrush;
  • compressor;
  • stand;
  • connecting nylon tube;
  • adapter.

The purchase of a more extended set, which, in addition to equipment, also includes special cosmetics, will cost 23,000 rubles or more.


Another model – NEO CN for Iwata – is offered by a Chinese company that makes equipment under the control of Anest Iwata (Japan). The compressor for the device will cost 7,000 rubles, and the pen itself with a 0.35 mm nozzle will cost about 5,000 rubles.

Types of cosmetics for airbrushing

Decorative cosmetics is made on a different basis:

  • Water based . Such cosmetics are suitable for daily use. In them, microscopic pigment particles disperse in water, but they are the most unstable.
  • On a polymer-water basis . The products consist of a polymer mixture, water and pigments. After drying, the polymer forms a continuous coating.
  • On a polymer-alcohol basis . Water is replaced with alcohol. Such makeup is more resistant and dries faster.
  • Alcohol based . As a rule, such products are used to create long-lasting makeup that lasts up to 24 hours on the face. You can not use such cosmetics on a daily basis.
  • Based on silicone . These funds are used for theatrical or cinematic makeup, as well as for celebrations, corporate parties, weddings or photo shoots. Such makeup is more dense, does not fade, but it is constantly forbidden to apply it.

Prices for air makeup products are higher than for standard decorative cosmetics. So, for a foundation with a volume of 10 ml, you will have to pay 1,200 rubles or more, although there is nothing unusual in their composition.

Aeromakeup products differ from ordinary decorative cosmetics in structure and consistency. The special texture allows the pigments to break down and pass through the thin nozzle of the atomizer.

It is not worth experimenting with ordinary cosmetics by adding it to the airbrush tank. Large particles will instantly clog the nozzle and lead to breakage of this expensive device.

Special cosmetics for the airbrush are produced by companies such as Dinair, OCC, Luminess, TEMPTU and others.

Air makeup technique

Step-by-step instructions for applying makeup with an airbrush:

  1. Before starting the procedure, find yourself an assistant. It is very problematic to spray paint on your face with your eyes closed on your own, and the end result after such an adventure is unlikely to please.
  2. Before use, dilute all cosmetic products with a small amount of water. On the packaging, the manufacturer always writes instructions and the necessary proportions. Make it a rule to read the recommendations first, and then take action.
  3. Be sure to cleanse the skin of the face, and in order to avoid clogging the pores, apply a product suitable for the type of skin: for dry and sensitive skin – a nourishing agent, for normal – a moisturizer, for oily – a light mousse.
  4. First, apply foundation – primer, foundation, bronzer to give the skin a tan and shimmer, or an illuminator to illuminate the skin if necessary. Keep the airbrush at least 8 cm away from your face.
    All movements should be smooth, circular, without delay in one place. Start applying foundation from the nose.
    If you need to mask skin imperfections, then apply several layers of foundation. However, each layer must be allowed time to dry. It takes 3-5 minutes. After applying cosmetics, the skin may shine, but once it dries, the shine disappears.
  5. Next, move on to eyelids and blush. If you have one airbrush, then in the process of applying makeup, you will have to thoroughly rinse it and dry it well before each use. This will help to avoid mixing shades and different cosmetics.
    Spray shadows on the upper closed eyelids. To prevent paint from getting on other areas, use napkins to limit part of the eyelid on the side and top. Blush is applied on the cheek to the ear. If you are not satisfied with the result and the color does not seem very saturated, repeat the procedure.
  6. Finish your lips last. Here you need to be careful.
    You can always wipe off the excess, but there is a high probability that you will remove the base along with the lipstick, and therefore, you will have to repeat the whole procedure again from start to finish. To make the contour clear and even, be sure to limit the “field of action”.
  7. When spraying paint on the upper lip, place a napkin on top. Working with the lower lip, cover the bottom with a napkin. At the final stage, correct the lip line with a pencil or liquid lipstick with a brush.
Doing makeup

After each use, the airbrush must be thoroughly washed, especially the nose – nozzle. If the paint in it has dried up, then it will be very difficult to remove it from the microscopic hole.

To clean the airbrush, use ordinary warm water. It is poured into the tank and sprayed until the outgoing water is clear.

Aeromakeup is a fairly well-known procedure in cinematography, television and among professional photographers. Its main advantage is durability and naturalness. If a significant event is coming in life, then such a make-up will come in handy.

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