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Properly done daily makeup allows a woman to look fresh, well-groomed and irresistible. It does not burden the face with cosmetics, but creates the impression of natural beauty. Let’s learn more about the techniques and possibilities of a daily make-up.

The difference between daytime makeup and evening makeup

When applying daytime makeup, the main difference between the dark and light hours of the day is taken into account – exposure to sunlight. Evening make-up is distinguished by its brightness and even extravagance; when creating it, rich shades are used, achieving an attractive and elegant play of color.

Nude makeup

Unlike the evening make-up, the daytime “coloring” relies on maximum naturalness. Such makeup is universal – suitable for any occasion, and its main task is to hide defects and emphasize natural beauty. The colors are soft, the lines are simple.

The daily make-up is light and almost “transparent”.

Daytime cosmetics should be practical, durable and reliable, and look flawless throughout the day. Along with naturalness and modesty, the daily make-up is distinguished by rigor, femininity and efficiency.

Rules for everyday makeup

The daily make-up is soft and natural. Its purpose is to create the impression that the skin of the face is absolutely healthy and well-groomed. The techniques used when applying cosmetics allow you to give the skin an ideal look – the skin should radiate freshness, be even and have a pleasant tone.

Competent makeup

When creating a daytime make-up, skin type, lighting and other nuances are taken into account.

Daily make-up rules:

  • Color. Use muted and light colors – ivory, white and beige, sand, golden, peach, pink, gray, blue and mother-of-pearl shades.
    Do not apply too bright shades on lips and eyes. When using black pencil or eyeliner, use moderation and accuracy.
  • Lighting. When choosing colors and shades of cosmetics, consider the situation. For a walk in the air, use colors of the same temperature tone, otherwise the sun’s rays will clearly highlight the imbalance between warm and cold shades.
    For an office where the light of lamps falls on the skin, it is better to choose the colors of a warm palette. Blush will help to complement the harmony – without them, the face in office lighting will look pale and painful.
  • Special effects. Their use should be very moderate and thoughtful. It is worth overdoing it and the makeup will become vulgar.
  • Tone. It is not recommended to apply primer to the entire face. Apply the primer locally – for example, on the eyelids so that the eye makeup does not float.

When choosing means for tone, shadow, lipstick, it is necessary to take into account individual characteristics – first of all, the color of the skin and eyes. Redheads, blondes, brown-haired women and brunettes need different cosmetics as their skin looks different with the same colors.

It is believed that the use of bright lipstick in daytime makeup is a sign of bad taste. A dark foundation is also contraindicated – it gives the impression that a mask has been applied to the face.

Day makeup

Choice of funds

Today, there are a huge number of make-up products, and a set of cosmetics for women often consists of dozens of cosmetic products. But for daytime makeup, you need a minimum of cosmetics, the main thing is to choose it correctly.

How to choose cosmetics for a daily make-up:

  • Gel for eyebrows. Fixes the hairs, gives the eyebrows an elegant shape. If the hair is dark, a colorless product is suitable, if it is light, a tint.
  • Tone cream. The main stage of the make-up is the creation of a tone. When choosing cosmetics, skin type is taken into account – for oily, dry products are recommended, for non-greasy – liquid.
    Choose light moisturizers – BB and CC. They even out the tone well and do not weigh down the makeup. If there are bluish circles around the eyes, mask them with a concealer (corrector that hides spots, pimples, wrinkles and other defects).
  • Highlighter. It can be used, but with very small reflective particles. With its help, highlight certain areas of the face. The skin after applying the highlighter shines, looks fresh and healthy.
  • Lipstick or gloss. Recommended nude versions, emphasizing the natural shade of the lips. The perfect combination is a matte lipstick with a colorless moisturizing gloss. They are used both individually and simultaneously.
  • Shadows. They are recommended to buy in palettes, where the shades are selected by makeup artists. Tones in such sets look perfect side by side.
  • Ink. It is selected depending on the desired effect. The proposed options are voluminous, lengthening, separating.

When buying cosmetics, look at its expiration date. The larger it is, the higher the concentration of preservatives.

Types of day makeup

Despite the minimum of cosmetics and a modest palette, daily make-up can become a means of self-expression. By changing the nuances, they create makeup with a touch of romance or efficiency, seriousness or carelessness.


The trend is maximum lightness and naturalness – a super-light make-up is fashionable, which is almost imperceptible on the face. It seems that the face shines with natural beauty and only a slight lip gloss can betray the presence of cosmetics.

How to create light makeup:

  1. Apply foundation to skin. Use a cream with a light texture.
  2. If there are defects on the skin, hide them with a corrector.
  3. Apply highlighter to your cheekbones. Smear it also on the back of the nose, above the lip, in the area of ​​​​the eyebrows – above and below them, on the inner corners of the eyes. This technique allows you to refresh the look, “brush away” fatigue from it.
  4. Comb your eyebrows with a colorless gel. Apply it on the eyelashes – the gel will serve as the base for the mascara.
  5. And the final touch – apply mascara to the eyelashes. Ready.
light makeup

Business style

Business style is applicable not only to clothes. To look harmonious in a work environment, you need to use the appropriate makeup – more rigorous than the previous version. Shades are moderate, not bright.

Features of creating a business make-up:

  1. Apply toner on your face. Preferably matte – it is especially suitable for oily skin.
  2. Draw arrows with liquid eyeliner. It stays on better than pencil and shadow.
  3. Pick a lipstick to your taste. It can be quite bright – if the dress code allows.
business style


Invisibility is not a prerequisite for a daily make-up. If you want to become brighter, you can use more saturated shades.

Bright makeup features:

  • lipstick – juicy berry shade, terracotta, hot pink;
  • shadows – saturated, brown or pink shades;
  • you can apply a bronzer – to give the skin an artificial “tan”.
Bright makeup


This is a super soft version of the make-up for daylight. Ideal for outdoor activities and shopping trips.

Features of the romantic version:

  • use tonal products that have a creamy texture – they look more natural on the skin than analogues in the form of powder;
  • optimal shades – pink, peach, beige;
  • do not draw clear lines and arrows – use soft shading;
  • emphasize the beauty of the lips not with lipstick, but with gloss or tint (coloring pigment on a water or gel basis).
Delicate makeup


In nude makeup, shades are selected as close as possible to the natural skin tone.

How to do a nude make-up:

  1. Apply foundation. Use a sponge for this purpose. Try to blend the cream thoroughly. To better distribute the product, moisten the sponge with water, and then wring it out well.
  2. Apply eye shadow from the eye palette. Pick a color that is calm, close to natural tones.
  3. Apply nude lipstick on your lips. The main thing is that it differs in color from the skin, and does not merge with it. Otherwise, the face will look like a mannequin.

Day makeup based on eye color and size

Eye color is one of the most important factors influencing the choice of tone when creating makeup. Let’s find out how the color of the iris affects the choice of the color of shadows, lipstick, etc.

Day makeup for green eyes

There are not so many green-eyed girls. They attract attention and look unusual. With the help of cosmetics, you can emphasize the beauty of green eyes without going beyond the daily make-up.

Features of makeup for green-eyed:

  • The contrasting color for green is purple. Also suitable are shadows of warm shades – golden and copper.
  • To emphasize beauty, use bright blush – peach or pink shades.
  • With green eyes, shadows and a pencil of red shades look beautiful . But eyelashes must be painted over with dark mascara, otherwise the face will look painful.
Nude for green eyes

An example of applying daytime makeup for green eyes:

Day makeup for blue eyes

Blue eyes are beautiful on their own, but skillful makeup will make them irresistible.

Makeup tips for blue eyes:

  • Shades of terracotta, pink and brown shades will look good in the office . Purple shadows enhance the beauty of blue eyes. Gold, bronze, peach colors are also suitable.
  • If the skin is light , apply a mixture of chocolate, orange, purple and powder shadows on the eyelids.
  • Line your eyes with brown or charcoal pencil / mascara. They will emphasize the lash line and the shape of the eyes.
For blue eyes nude

An example of applying daytime makeup for blue eyes:

Day makeup for brown eyes

Almost all existing shades are suitable for brown-eyed women. The choice depends on the tone of the eyes.

How to choose the color of the shadows:

  • Plum, green, charcoal, bronze, and gold hues work well with dark brown eyes .
  • Almost any shade is suitable for eyes with a color of medium and low intensity , purple and green colors look best in a daytime make-up.
  • It is recommended to avoid black eyeliner. The best option is dark brown, burgundy and purple. To highlight the shape of the eyes, use a bronze or brown liner.
For brown eyes

An example of applying daytime makeup for brown eyes:

Day makeup for gray eyes

Gray eyes can have different shades, depending on the combination of colors – there are options with the addition of blue and green, with yellow splashes.

Makeup tips for grey-eyed people:

  • shades of brown, copper, peach, salmon, melon and bright orange make gray eyes more blue ;
  • for eyes with a greenish tint , red-brown, pink, wine, plum, burgundy and purple are suitable.
For gray eyes

An example of applying daytime makeup for gray eyes:

For small eyes

In makeup for small eyes, various techniques are used to increase them. This is achieved with the help of bright colors, glitter, eyeliners.

Makeup example:

  1. Cover the imperfections under the eyes with the corrector.
  2. Draw along the mucous membrane with a light pencil.
  3. Blend the light brown eyeshadow in the creases of the upper eyelids.
  4. Treat the corners of the eyes and the area under the eyebrows with light shadows.
  5. Draw thin arrows. Apply them with an angled brush.
  6. Color your eyelashes with dark mascara.

Makeup for small eyes:

For big eyes

Large eyes are showy, but they can be overly protruding or rounded, close or far set. When performing makeup, the size of the eyelids, the shape of the eyes and the distance between them are taken into account.

Features of big eye makeup:

  • use black pencil;
  • carefully paint over the upper and lower eyelashes;
  • carefully and correctly distribute the shadows, taking into account the shape of the eyes.

Makeup for big eyes:

Day makeup for hair color

When choosing make-up products, lipstick and eyeshadow colors, a variety of factors and conditions are taken into account, one of them is hair color. Next, consider the features of makeup for women with red, dark and blond hair.

Day makeup for blondes

It’s no secret that blondes love to use bright and juicy shades for makeup. Red lipstick especially suits them. But the eyes should be concise – it is enough to bring the upper contours and tint the eyelashes a little.

Recommendations for blondes:

  • Platinum blondes are most suitable for cool shades of green, terracotta, silver. Such shadows will look perfect on the eyelids. Bronze and copper tones are not recommended.
  • Suitable mascara is brown.
  • Lipstick – all shades of pink, as well as cold reds. Orange palette options are not suitable.
  • Blondes with caramel and honey shades of hair are recommended cherry lipstick and golden shadows.
  • The lightest blondes will suit any color, but more than others – orange-red shades. Peach shine and purple shades are suitable for hair with a reddish tint .
For blondes

An example of daytime makeup for blondes:

Day makeup for brunettes

Brunettes go for a bright make-up – rich colors of lipsticks of bright scarlet and terracotta shades.

Makeup features for brunettes:

  • The bronzer is applied on the cheekbones and near the eyes.
  • light pink blush is applied to the cheeks.
  • eyebrows should be a couple of shades lighter than hair.
  • if there are light strands, pink shades will do.

The rule for brunettes is that red lipstick should be offset by light eye makeup.

For brunettes

An example of day makeup for brunettes:

Day makeup for brown-haired women

Brown-haired women are different – hair color varies from dark chocolate to light brown. Makeup options are endless. It is recommended to experiment and select suitable color combinations.

Makeup features for brown-haired women:

  • It is recommended to focus on the eyes .
  • The ciliary edge is slightly let down.
  • You can draw arrows and shade the shades of pearl shades from the “nude” palette. Brown, green, purple, pink and golden shadows are also suitable.
For brown-haired women

An example of daytime makeup for brown-haired women:

Day makeup for redheads

Red-haired girls are bright seven by themselves, so conciseness and any shading techniques are welcome in makeup.

Makeup features for redheads:

  • Lipstick is better to replace tint. You can use light pink shades, but if you want to focus on the lips, take lipstick in coral, scarlet or brown tones. If the emphasis is on the eyes, then it is better to take a “nude” lipstick.
  • As a foundation, use light CC and BB creams – they even out the tone and at the same time do not paint over the main decoration of redheads – freckles.
  • To maintain the effect of lightness , it is recommended to use brown mascara.
  • Apply blush on your cheeks , which contains reflective particles.
For redheads

An example of daytime makeup for redheads:

Video tutorials for beginners

How to do nude makeup:

Day makeup with arrows:

Step by step daily makeup tutorials

There are many ways to create a daily make-up, differing from each other in technique and the result obtained. Any makeup requires the preparation of the skin of the face – it must be cleaned with a cleanser, apply foundation, tonic, moisturizer.

It is recommended to use products with SPF 30 or 50 as a moisturizer.

Casual smoky eyes

Smokey ice is an eye makeup technique in which a dark shade smoothly turns into a light one. Moreover, the first is applied to the moving eyelid, the second is placed closer to the eyebrows.

For makeup you will need: foundation, bronzing powder, double eyebrow pencil, shadows, mascara, highlighter, concealer, matte lipstick, fixing spray.


  • Apply foundation in a thin layer. 
  • Powder the area where the shadow will be applied.
Powder your eyelid
  • With a thin brush with shadows, circle the bottom of the eye with a soft line from the inner corner to the outer. From above, the line should be slightly thicker.
  • Blend all contours with a thick brush. Correct your eyebrows with a pencil. Do not bring the lower contours, otherwise the look will be heavy.
Blend shadows
  • Take the darkest shadows and emphasize the arc line with them from the outer corner to the inner one with wide strokes. 
  • Tint the lower eyelid with the same dark shadows from the outside to the inside, making the color less noticeable.
Color with dark shadows
  • Apply shadow along the lash line on the upper and lower eyelids. Stretch the arrow in the direction of the temples. Apply light shadows on the moving eyelids and blend with a brush, achieving smoothness.
  • On the under-eye area, apply the corrector directly on top of the foundation.
  • Apply mascara to your eyelashes.
Make up eyelashes

Makeup with arrows

Arrows are a sure way to draw attention to the eyes. They make the look more expressive and mysterious. The arrows are perfectly combined with a daytime make-up.


  • Apply a base on the eyelids so that the shadows do not smear on them. Put pearlescent light shadows on the moving eyelid.
  • Choose a base makeup color, such as brown, and apply it along the orbital border. Nude and light brown shadows will naturally shade the eyes.
light shadows
  • Using a flat brush, emphasize the outer corners of the lower eyelids with shadows of the same shade – nude or brown.
brown shadows
  • Apply a thin line of helium or cream eyeliner that visually continues the line of the eye. Work with a synthetic brush. Keep your eyes open while drawing lines.
thin line
  • Emphasize the upper eyelid. Draw the arrow line closer to the ciliary edge. Pull the eyelid to the side with your finger to smooth out small wrinkles.
  • Make the tail line of the arrow thicker than the rest of the line. Connect it to the eyeliner line.
eyeliner arrow
  • Fill in the gaps between the lashes with a special pencil.
  • Apply highlighter to the brush and paint over the inner corners of the eyes and the area under the eyebrows. The look will become more expressive and fresh, raise the eyebrow line.
  • Gently tint your eyelashes with mascara, after curling them with a curler.
Make up eyelashes

What is the fashion daytime makeup?

The trend of 2020 in makeup is maximum naturalness. This year, eyebrows are again under a special eye. Naturalness is welcome, without any tattooing and other excesses. Soft lines are in fashion, dramatic breaks are a thing of the past.

The optimal shape of the eyebrows is arched, the color is natural. They must be well maintained and well dyed. In the trend, another solution is discolored eyebrows. Make-up is as natural and effortless as possible. Another trend of 2020 is a light blush on flawless skin.

Day makeup secrets

The subtleties of age makeup

With age, not only the elasticity of the skin changes, but also the rules of makeup. Its task is to give the face bright colors and hide defects, including age ones.

Day makeup after 35

Proper daytime makeup will make women 35+ look 5-7 years younger.

Makeup rules for those over 35:

  • use as a tone a product that combines the properties of a cream and a masking base;
  • find a highlighter and concealer that matches the shade and consistency;
  • focus on the eyes, not the lips;
  • use lipstick in calm, natural shades;
  • start eye makeup with a primer;
  • use mascara with a lengthening effect;
  • eyebrows should be natural, without tattooing and painting;
  • give up powder – it mimic wrinkles.

Day makeup after 50

Many women follow the trends in makeup, but at the same time forget to adjust for age. After 50 years, make-up has its own secrets that are not relevant for younger age categories.

Makeup features after 50:

  • The skin at this age loses its radiance , acquires a gray tint, the contours lose their boundaries, so it is important to apply the base correctly – thinly and evenly. The base color is light. Contains peptides and moisturizing ingredients.
  • The eyebrow line is natural . Not thick, but not barely noticeable either. Color – one tone with hair.
  • The lip line is outlined with a contour pencil. Color – muted pink, peach, other nude tones.
  • The main principle is moderation. You can not apply cosmetics in thick layers – it must be carefully shaded with brushes and sponges.
Day makeup secrets

10 mistakes that make us older

Mistakes in makeup can not only bring disharmony to the appearance, but also add years. We will find out what actions during a make-up make a woman older.

Makeup mistakes:

  • Large layer of foundation. The wrong color of the cream also ages. He can focus on wrinkles.
  • Applying mascara to lower lashes. If there is a lot of mascara, it will draw attention to the wrinkles around the eyes.
  • Dark lipstick on thin lips. Visually, they become even thinner.
  • Dark shadows. Shadows applied all over the eyelid make a woman look older, they should be applied only to the outer corners of the eyes.
  • Black eyeliner on the lower eyelid. This approach narrows the eyes.
  • Saturated eyebrows. They give the face an untidy look and add age.
  • There is no corrector. Dark circles under the eyes age, and the foundation cannot hide them.
  • Bright blush. Choose light colors – peach or pink.
  • Unshaded outline. You should carefully expand the natural contours of the lips, otherwise there is a danger of getting a “mustache” drawn by the liner.
  • Lots of powder. It is needed in minimal quantities. It is applied in a thin layer on the T-zone to remove oily sheen.

Photo examples of day makeup

Day makeup 1
Day makeup 2
Day makeup 3
Day makeup 4
Day makeup 5

Proper make-up removal

Make-up removal is an obligatory ritual that should not be neglected. The procedure is a process of cleansing the skin from make-up, allowing you to maintain its beauty and health.

How to do makeup removal:

  • Perform the procedure before going to bed. The sooner you remove your makeup, the better for your skin.
  • For dry skin , alcohol-based products are not suitable, for oily skin – with oils, any options are suitable for normal .
  • Start cleansing with eyes and lips. Wash off the lipstick, then remove the shadows from the eyelids, eyeliner. Remove makeup with cotton pads soaked in makeup remover. Press the pad against your lashes to dissolve the mascara.
  • Remove makeup from all other areas of the face. Rinse off the foundation and blush thoroughly. Movements should be smooth, careful. Rubbing the skin is prohibited.

Many people believe that if the product does not remove makeup instantly, it is of poor quality. It’s a delusion. No gel or milk can instantly dissolve several layers of cosmetics.

You can’t leave cosmetics on your face at night – at this time of day, skin regeneration processes are activated.

Correct make-up:

The right daily make-up will allow you to feel confident throughout the day. Observe moderation and the rules for choosing colors, listen to trends, do make-up removal in time and do not forget about skin care.

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